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1999/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16031 Activity:high
6/29    Enough of the ssh crap. Take it to or csua@csua.  Anon
        flames on the motd only makes both sides of the issue look like
        \_ you're attacking my freedom of speech!!! I've been violated!!!
           \_ First Amendment only protects you from the govt., not from
              your fellow Americans.  The ACLU won't give a crap.
              \_ Does the First Amendment protect ep-sample.avi?
              \_ But the CSUA is an organization under the umbrella of
                 the University of California, and hence receives
                 funding from the gov't.  I'm sure they could make a
                 case if they felt like it.
                 \_ The CSUA isn't doing any censoring (which is why the
                    web server has so much gay porn, but that's a different
                    issue) - they just aren't stopping other users from
                    editing the motd.
                    \_ So I assume there was adequate CSUA representation
                       at last weekend's Gay Pride parade?
                        \_ kchang marched in the Drag Queen parade dressed
                                as an asian chick
        \_ yes mommy
        \_Linux Rulez!  Ride BIKE!
                \_ Linux sux.  Go FreeBSD!
                   \_ Linux Rulez!  Ride BIKE!  Fuck you for thinking anything
                      different from me!
                   \_ FreeBSD sux.  Go vxWorks!
                      \_ does vxworks support mmu's?
                         \_ what, mmu's? don't all os's have memory management
                                \_ No, CPU's have MMU's.  (And not all, just
                                   those that want to support virtual memory.
                                   For instance the 68000 & 68020 didn't have
        \_Open Source! Standardize Java!
                \_ Java is standardized - it's just that the standards are
                   set by Sun, not some international organization.
1999/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:16032 Activity:nil
6/28    Does anyone have Linux code for accessing the Pentium performance
        counters?  I want to do some high resolution timing.  tx.  -phr
        \_ how about gperf (must compile with -p option)
        \_ Ride BIKE!
1999/6/29-7/1 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Media] UID:16033 Activity:nil
6/28    "After Life" is finally coming to the Bay Area.  The movie opens
        July 23th.  See for details.
1999/6/29-30 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:16034 Activity:insanely high
6/28    I want to join the USAF. I am only 26 years old. However, to
                \_ There's your real problem right there.
        be eligible to be a pilot, I need to finish the cadet training
        before I am 27.5. Why 27.5? Isn't it usually better to be older
        (and more experienced) than some inexperienced young guy?
        \_ You also have to have 20/20 vision in both eyes (which I guess
                you probably don't, by virtue of the fact that you
           \_ I'm 29.  Does it happen like magic when I hit 30?
              \_ Yes. Ask your girl/boyfriend.
                use the CSUA).  A friend of mine is on a USAF military
                scholarship in medical school, and when she got
                her eyes checked, one eye was 25/20, and the other
                \_ You'll be laughed out of court since there's a valid
                   medical reason.
                   \_ Medical reason being I'm not in my sexual prime anymore.
                was 20/20, and she wasn't eligible, not that it
                mattered, since she's going to be a doc and not a pilot
                anyway.  --pcjr
        \-it might be economics ... they feel it isnt worth investing the
        big$ in someone who will be a pilot for less than N years...and the
        age you start is a predictor of how long you will be a AF pilot. --psb
                \_ Considering all flying is done by computer, why do
                   you even have to have eyes to fly anymore?
                   \_ Actually, very little of the avionics is controlled
                      by computers at all.  Many are fly by wire which means
                      that humans still have complete control.  On planes
                      that look completely outragous (like man of the stealth
                      planes in the US arsenal) the planes would simply fall
                      out of the sky if there weren't any computer assistance.
                \_ According to, it must be no worse
        \_ because when you hit 30, you become slow and stupid and you are
           not as physically buff as before
                   than 20/50 correctable to 20/20 with eyeglasses.
                \_ the navy required 20/20 to enter flight training around '90
                   but would allow some correctives for operational pilots.
        \_ How does it help to be "more experienced" in anything other than
           flying a plane? sheesh... this isn't a programming position...
        \_ so sue the USAF for age discrimination.  Good luck on the suit.
        \_ The govt. doesn't want to waste money training pilots who will
           be too old to fly in a couple of years.
                \_ Wait, isn't this age discrimination?
1999/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:16035 Activity:high
6/28    Say someone gave me a mystery ethernet card with no info on it, no
        docs, and no drivers but I want to make use of it.  The only thing
        I can find out about it is this /proc/pci entry:
        Ethernet controller: Macronix MX98715 / MX98725 (rev 32).
        and a MAC address 0080C6F7EF3F
        Is there a way to find out compatible popular drivers for this card?
           And obviously, for general info. -ax
        \_ will give you
           the vendor of the card.  If it's generic, the NE2000 driver will
           probably work.  -tom
[the below was saved from my anti-censorship motd archives.  -not ax]
           And obviously, for general info. -ax
        \_ stick it into a win98 machine and pray it doesn't load up Bill
           Gates drivers

1999/6/29 [Uncategorized] UID:16036 Activity:nil
6/28    Does anyone know who sang the song in the volkswagon commercial?
        it goes something like ... "thank you very much mr. robato for
        helping me escape...."
        Styx --ramberg
        \_ music available:
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