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1999/6/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16028 Activity:very high
 6/28   Should I buy TA: Kingdoms?
        \_ I liked DK2 better (yes I tried them both).  Someone else likes
           TA:K better.  ymmv.  There's a Best Buy ad in today's paper for
           $29.95 straight up for TA:K, so you can price match if you bring
           it with you to your local EB.
           \_ I like TA:K.  The single player is very good storytelling,
              multiplayer is fun, the graphics are cool (especially dragons).
              Only problem, when 200+ units are running around, the game tends
              to slow down.
                \_ Well, hmm, let's see... you plus 7 computers with 200 units
                   each (when 150 is the default) adds up to 1600 units and
                   you think it's slow?  I'm on a P5 and its still ok like
                   that.  You can't possibly be playing on a shittier
                   computer.  Oh yeah, P5 running NT4 while doing other shit
                   in the background.
        \_ TA:K sort of has Starcraftish visuals with the far superior
           TA interface and controls.  Buy it if you like SC and TA.
1999/6/28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16029 Activity:high
6/28    The CSUA account is mainly for social use, and it's not a
        mission-critical system. I've been using the Soda account for
        almost 6 years, and have found it's very convenient since it does
        not impose many of the restrictions of regular ISP accounts.
        Therefore, I was quite puzzled by the SSH stuff -- I understand
        the importance of security, but isn't the CSUA system is a
        hacker's system? The decentralized nature of Soda is what made it
        wonderful. If the current CSUA leadership wants to impose the
        security measures, can you at least ask for feedback and inputs
        from the users? I was surprised to see the login message without
        hearing anything about the merit of this decision. I suggest for
        now, the decision to shut down telnet should be postponed.
        \_ I second that motion (even though this thread already ran a few
           days ago)
        \_ Need to have the rms:rms account turned on.
1999/6/28 [Transportation/Car] UID:16030 Activity:high
6/28    What's the difference between winter gasoline and summer gasoline?
        \_ winter gas has stuff in it to prevent your engine from
           \_ In most states summer gasoline is cheaper than winter gasoline
              but those fuckers in California's oil companies think
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