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1999/6/27-7/15 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16023 Activity:nil

   * Secure password software will be REQUIRED starting July 15th, 1999   *
   *     Starting July 15th, all remote logins to CSUA Computers will     *
   *      require an ssh enabled program for login over the network;      *
   *                                                                      *
   *        -=  STARTING JULY 15th TELNET WILL BE DISALLOWED. =-          *
   *                                                                      *
   *                   For detailed information see:                      *
   *    /csua/adm/doc/ssh-howto   or                                      *
   *                       *
   *             If you have questions, please mail help@csua             *
1999/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:16024 Activity:insanely high
6/27    So who is kidding who?  Sun withdrew from ISO because
        it did not want ISO to control Java
        \_ Bottom line: Sun invented Java, Sun owns Java, end of story.
           \_ That's fine.  They shouldn't try to pretend it's some sort
              of standard then.  If they want it to be a standard, they
              need to play by the rules of the standards bodies.
              \_ Idiot. saying "it isn't a standard unless a 'standards body'
                 owns it", is like saying "It isn't software unless it
                 is copylefted".
              \_ What part of "they own it and can do whatever they
                 want with it" don't you understand.  It's called
                 intellectual property.  They invented it, they own
                 it, it's theirs.  If we didn't have this kind of system
                 there would be no incentive to create new things.
                                \_ that's nonsense.  "sub-optimal incentive
                                   according to mainstream economic models",
                                   sure.  "No incentive", no way.  There
                                   are all kinds of reasons to create new
                                   things without exclusive govt-backed
                                   IP rights in them; there's just an
                                   argument that it's more "socially optimal"
                                   to make up stuff like copyright, patents,
                 This isn't communism.
                        \_ ** Insert your bh-GNU-RMS comment here **
                          \_ At least RMS lives his beliefs.
                 \_ You didn't actually answer the previous person, who
                    merely said that Sun "shouldn't try to pretend it's
                    some sort of standard", which IS an impression that
                    their marketing has been conveying of late.  To be
                    more specific about what kind of standard we're talking
                    about: open industry standards developed through
                    standards bodies or technical working groups with
                    some kind of open participation, public comment, or
                    peer review.  Sure, Java is a Sun proprietary standard,
                    and it's cool, but it doesn't have the status of
                    something like TCP/IP or the SI.
        \_ Of course they withdrew.  Duh.  What point do you think you're
                \_ Java to die as fast as other proprietary technology.
                   \_ You mean like the way all the MS crap has done so
                      poorly as a proprietary system from top to bottom?
                      Has MS ever released a single line of code for
                      *anything*?  I want Open Bob.  I had some ideas for
                      MSBob improvements.
                        \_ MS Bob is dead!
1999/6/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:16025 Activity:nil
6/25    Does anyone know if the movie "Twice Upon A Yesterday" is still shown
        anywhere in Bay Area?  I did search but to no avail.
1999/6/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16026 Activity:insanely high 50%like:14667
6/25    /csua/pub/afterlife
        \_ There is nothing but death after life.
                \_ and you know this because...
                   \_ Been there.
                      \_ Go back and stay there then.
                         \_ Hyuck!  You're *so* smart!  Learn to quip like
                            that in third grade?  Hyuck!
                            \_ And "Hyuck!" is a paragon of clever retorts?
                            \_ It's called "returning a lame response with
                               another lame reponse," idiot.
        \_ Good idea -- whose idea was this?
                \_ It's a lame idea.  The real afterlife points go to those
                   who have enough afterlife to not log into soda anymore and
                   fill out their afterlife points total and update it as
                   their situation changes.
        \_ Is the out of county rule different from the one for life -- you
           don't get a point if you're in the same county?
           \_ Yup.  And it's even more ridiculous when applied to adults than
              to students.  The self appointed afterlife god is either still
              a student or still living a student lifestyle.
        \_ exactly which afterlife points are you not getting because
           of the out-of-county rule?  House?  Domestic Partner?  Home
           Networking?  Home Reasonable Multi-Tasking OS?  Retirement?
1999/6/27 [Uncategorized] UID:16027 Activity:nil
6/27    Troll about ssh and EECS vs LSCS deleted. Let's talk about bike.
        \_ Play it one more time for me Sammy.  Play it one more time, for
           for old time sake.
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