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1999/6/25 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16015 Activity:low
6/24    anyone have a list of the %? escapes used by netscape's
        application customization settings?  when you add an external
        viewer, what's the escape for the local filename or stream url?
        i was trying to help a computer-phobic set up mpg123 as an app...
        i'm not able to plumb their horrid online docs for such
        useful info.  --karlcz
        \_ mpg123 %s
        \_ what?
           \_ the "preferences" menus for navigator lead to a section
              where you can add apps to view media types defined by
              file extension, eg .mp3
              the existing app entries i saw are for telnet etc. and
              have command-lines "telnet %h %p".
              i tried the obvious "mpg123 %f" for mp3 files, but it didn't
              work.  similarly, "gimp %f" for viewing RGB files didn't
              work.  it started gimp, but didn't pass the web-image as
              input.  is there a better way to do this?  --karlcz
1999/6/25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW] UID:16016 Activity:moderate
6/24    Wow, Trevor Buckingham got into the major. For those who haven't
        heard of our illustrious friend, his saga can be found at
        \_ Sounds like a true a-hole (and a pretty incompetent and rude
           one judging from his emails).  He truely belongs in another major.
           \_ a-holes in other majors are more discreet, hip, and get more
        \_ Wow.  That guy's pretty amazing.  If I were Clancy, I would
           have beaten him to death with my Birkenstocks.
        \_ interesting. But it is a .txt file. it should be formatted to
           80 cols
                \_ Formatting fixed -brg
        \_ At least I finally found out about the JERK who almost
           F*CKED over Han Shen last semester. If I had know that this
           guy was such a prick, I would have lent Han my shotgun...
           \_ what happened?
           \_ Han is The Man. We should appeal to have that guy kicked out of
              the major just for being rude to Han. Come on, he must have
              violated SOME UC code of conduct.
        \_ I'm so glad I graduated and can now fire/not hire pricks like that.
1999/6/25 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:16017 Activity:high 66%like:16014
6/24    It's about time EECS instructional finally enforced an ssh only policy.
        \_ Report them to the Commerce Dept.  They're allowing foreigners to
           use encryption!  That's illegal, the unamerican scum.
           \_ Fuck you.  --sowings
           \_ Oh no, we wouldn't want that to happen would we?
        Now for every other machine on campus to follow suit.
                                                        \_ ^suit^suite
                                                        \_ it's suit, dumbass
        \_ Funny, it's rare that we're in the vanguard.  You should check
           "finger @cory.eecs" though--lots of lusers still stuck with telnet.
           \_ What the hell is so hard about using ssh? ^telnet^ssh
                \_ Part of it may be that users are at a commercial site with
                   a non-SSH-friendly firewall.  --sowings
                \_ Not everyone uses an OS that has ssh.  Not everyone has
                   an OS.  Don't be so OScentric.
                   \_ Everybody IS using an OS that can run ssh (no I'm
                      not talking about Palm Pilots).
                        \_ I work at a secure site that has a terminal/modem
                           that I use to dialout to an annex box on campus
                           and then telnet to soda.  Who the fuck are you to
                           tell me my OS supports ssh?  I don't have an OS,
                           \_ will EECS install an s/key server?  we do that
                              here for cases like this, because we don't
                              trust users to protect their reusable passwords.
              \_ Furthermore, some of us work behind a firewall which
                 does not have ssh enabled (I know how stupid that
                 sounds, but it's true).
                 \_ I use ssh behind a firewall all the time.  Mail root
                    and tell him what a moron he is for configuring a
                    firewall improperly.
        \_ I would love to use SHH -*BUT*- there is *NO* free ssh for windows
                I know you'll all say use linux, but I don't - so there!
                \_ There have been free versions for quite a while loser.
          Get a new excuse.
                   \_ And given that Window$ versions are already compiled
                      they have less of an excuse not to use ssh than Unix
                      people do. Yet the statistics reflect the opposite.
                      \_ WinBlows twits are stupid.  proof: axiom 1.
           \_ Windows:
              Mac: --dim
           \_ TeraTerm? always has free stuff.
           \_ Why is ssh free for UNIX but not for Win or Mac? Is it a patent
              \_ porting stuff across unix tends to be very easy (ie. almost
                 nothing to do) whereas writing a port for Win or Mac is a
                 total pain in the ass to do.  Hence, people who do write
                 the ports ask for $$$.
                 \_ They must be evil for not doing it out of the GNUoodness
                    of their hearts and for the love of technology.
           \_ A free port at
        \_ just a random check on soda:
           netstat -n | awk '($4 == "") {print}' | wc -l
           netstat -n | awk '($4 == "") {print}' | wc -l
            \_ what is port 22 for?
                \_ ssh moron
                   \_ why did this deserve a "moron"? i'm sure at one time
                      you didn't know what port 22 is for, or even what a
                      port was.
                        \_ look in /etc/services moron
                           \_ Wow, you're a real asshole.  The guy knew what
                              the command line did, but didn't know a lousy port
                              number and isn't a linux s00per g0r0 like you
                              so he's a moron?  Are you Trevor Buckingham?
                              \_ No, *I* am Trevor Buckingham!
                                 \_ Please start smoking pot instead of crack.
                                \_ I am Jean Valjean
                                   \_ My name is Paolo Soto, you got into the
                                      LSCS major, prepare to die.
1999/6/25 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:16018 Activity:high
6/25    Using perls LWP it's trivial to 'download' html file
        and parse it, but what if I want to download something like a
        *.gif file where I dont want to capture standardout like
        with HTML. In other words I just want the file. Any pointers?
        \_ getright.
        \_ hint: the gif files on a web page have unique urls.  good luck.
           \_ more specifically I was looking for the right functions
              of LPW to download as an object.
        \_ Jeez. why use a crane to pick up a bowling ball?
           you can use "wget" or other executables compiled for
           "Get this http file". Or if you insist doing it in perl,
           then just use the http get routines. Or open up the socket,
           send "GET /file HTTP 1.0", and ignore everything until
           the first empty line.
1999/6/25 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:16019 Activity:high
6/25    Grade distributions for  LSCS and EECS undergrads:
        \_ Looks like L&S CS kick EECS big time.
          \_ I would believe the report had it been done by a  CS and EECS
             professor. Since it is done by a CS professor, I do not trust
                \_ THAT IS NOT TRUE, EECS people take more classes and
                   are sexier than you soda-drinking high-school
                   drop out hackers!!! EECS REWLS, HKN REWLS, CS STUPID!
             \_ Name:     HILFINGER, Paul
                Title:    Assoc Prof
                Dept 1:   EECS/Cmptr Sci
          \_ EECS can be more rigorous, depending on the option. There are
             a lot more requirements. That said, I don't see a big
             difference between the two except in lower division CS
             courses. A larger percentage of EECS students got A's in
             upper division CS courses than L&S CS students did. --dim
                \_ There are more L&S CS with A's in upper EE courses
                   than EECS students.
                \_ A larger percentage of EECS students flunked in upper
                   division CS coures than L&S CS students did.
        \_ EECS people need to take more classes, so obviously they have
           less time to concentrate on all the technical classes.
                   the average EECS GPA.
                \_ What?  Did you fail your basic logic and analysis class?
                \_ We all take 120-130 units you dweeb.  Stop complaining.
                   I took CS 61ABC, EE42, EE 43, Math 1AB/54/55, Physics 7,
                   EE 122, EE 141, EECS 150, EECS 152, CS 162, CS 164 w/
                   Hillfinger, CS 170, CS 184 and yet my GPA is higher than
                   the average EECS GPA. And I'm sure there are other LSCS
                   majors who have more rigorous classes and a higher GPA
                   than I do.
                   \_ Funny.  I always gave my list of courses as "X, Y, Z,
                      A, B, C, 60c with Hilfinger, D, E, F".  :-)
                \_ excuses excuses. just admit it, CS rewls, EE sucks
1999/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:16020 Activity:very high 50%like:16637
6/25    Trevor Buckingham vs. David Cash: Who would you rather have as a
        lab partner?
        \_ My right hand.
        \_ Doug Young
        \_ Ian Crew
           \_ or Ian Goldberg
        \_ alicia silverstone
           \_ for inspiration?
                \_ For blow jobs and sex.
                   \_ What? Alicia the wistful virgin?!
        \_ yelena novikova
           \_ that's so not fair!
             \_ Fear a cog.sci. partner.  Trust me. -- ilyas
                \_ hey, i resemble that remark.  -lila
                \_ Never take a cogsci person as your partner.  -cogsci alum
        \_ donald horton
           \_ Man oh man, I second that one.  I remember having to do all
              of his portion of a class project because he found Tcl/Tk
              too difficult to learn . . .
        \_ Kevin Chang
        \_ I had a partner (forgot his name) who was in jail for the last
           week of class, which was also when our CS164 project was due.
1999/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:16021 Activity:kinda low
6/24    Anybody know where I can find info httpd specific attacks?
        \_ aaron, asian chic, lila, immigrant, psb
1999/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:16022 Activity:nil
6/25    Anybody know how much the Seattle to Great Britain Concord flight
        costs (for 1st class and coach)?
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