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1999/6/21-22 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:15995 Activity:very high
6/21    What is the best text editor for Windows?  I need it to be small, fast,
        unlimited file size, syntax highlighting, and not Emacs.
        copy con file
        \_ WinEdit. Can search text in a file using Perl regex. Beat that!
        \_ Lemmy... vi for windows and does syntax highlighting and a bunch
           of other cool things...
        \_ without a doubt: gvim/vim 5.3 -- full executable is 500K.
           Download at
           \_ Hm. Forgot to say "not Vi either." No way am I wasting the
              braincells to memorize 2 billion unintuitive commands and
              enter a special mode when I want to type them.  Actually
              forget about "small" too.  This is America.  I found
              UltraEdit32, seems good 'nuff, and has a hex editor.  I
              would use Emacs but I find its Windoze integration
              \_ Ah, using gvim you don't have to use the VI commands if
                 you don't want to (thought they're worth learning--I
                 used emacs until I switched and found the vi commands
                 easy to learn).  Use mouse-highlight, cursor keys, etc.
                 Easy to make macros, too.
        \_ Much smaller Norton Editor (old old runs in dos but works) but it
           doesn't do syntax highlighting.  It matches parens and braces but
           that's it.  Full executable is about 30k.
                \_ Whatever happened to QEdit?  -tom
                   \_ Never used it.
                   \_ still use it as DOS editor of choice for batch files
                      QEdit became commercial TSE (The SemWare Editor?)
                      I still have QEdit Advanced v3.00, one of the last
                      versions that was still shareware
        \_ well, you could use jove. Dunno about unlimited file size.
           and no syntax sytuff. or jed, I suppose.
        \_ Write your own in MSJava!
1999/6/21 [Uncategorized] UID:15996 Activity:nil
6/21 Am I strange if I buy figure skating for dummies just for the pictures ?
        or does that mean I am just a fetishist ?
1999/6/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:15997 Activity:moderate
        \_ anti what-what?
           \_ people who refuse to evolve
           \_ people who refuse to stop casting porosity
1999/6/21-23 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15998 Activity:moderate 55%like:15986
6/21    Unix sysadmin position available at http://Yodlee.Com in Sunnyvale.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/Yodlee for details. -cdaveb (reposted)
        \_ There's only one thing you have to know about being a sysadmin:
           echo 'root: "/dev/null"' >! /etc/aliases; sendmail -bi
        \_ are there any senior-level development position open?
           \_ I don't know but I'll check.
           \_ We do but nobody's been able to survive the interview.
              E-mail resume to if you're any good.
                \_who cares?you're just another "me too" company.-ex-candidate
        \_ Is the senior interview one of those "I have a list of 25 obscure
           technical questions that a real person would never memorise because
           they have man pages, but since I can't interview for real, I'm
           using obscurity as a mis-measure of competence"?  If so, then
           "ex-candidate" shouldn't be too bitter about it.  A company that
           doesn't know how to interview is going to fill slots with morons
           you don't want to work with.  Be glad you got turned down if this
           is the case.
                \_ case in point: cdaveb.
           Of course, if "ex-candidate" was truly unqualified,
           then hey, you just suck.  hah!
           \_ hee hee, I still remember "What is a 404?" at
              (not obscure technical but funny) It still makes me think
              I'll get to an interview with "Are you 1337?"
                \_ You told them, "that's what you'd have to pay me per hour
                   to work here!", right?
           \_ Dude, if I'm in an interview and they try to pull that "are
              you elite??!?" shit on me, I just pull out the VIC-20 I brought
              along with me, splice an RS-232-to-120-volt-electrical-plug
              cable right before their eyes, and proceed to hack into their
              "elite" firewall on the spot, using their building's electrical
              system for a network.  Then I spit on them as I walk out the
              door on my way out.
        \_ !Yodlee go Taos!
1999/6/21-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Rants] UID:15999 Activity:moderate
6/21    Opinions on "Pirates of Silicon Valley"?  I thought it was good, but
        too short.  We didn't see the official introduction of the Mac and
        the subsequent decline of Apple.  Plus it focuses too much on Jobs and
        the baby girl he tried to disown.  The image of bill gates doing
        a Travolta "saturday night fever" was great though.  :-)
        \_ Plot line: Jobs is a bastard.  Gates is a bigger bastard.  Gates
           won.  Pity neither bastard, they're both scum.
        \_ That wasn't really Steve.      -someone who works for Steve.
        \_ The casting was great for most of the characters, but the
           story was poorly handled, poorly presented, and was missing too
           much detail to appeal to anyone who knew the story and wasn't
           coherent enough for people who didn't know it. But I didn't
           expect anything else. They could have phrased Microsoft's Apple
           stock purchase a little less misleadingly too.  -cdaveb
        \_ Darn!  I missed it.  Will there be a re-run it on TNT?
                \_ tonight 11pm and weds. 8pm.
                        \_ Anyone offering a place to watch it? -jnat
                                \_ 306 soda.  this weekend.  If interested
                                   email prole@soda
1999/6/21-22 [Academia/GradSchool, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16000 Activity:very high
6/21    Divx, Beta (tape), OS/2, etc are all failures form the beginning.
        What are other examples of failed formats?
        \_ motd postings like this which are obvious troll attempts.
        \_ DOS, Windows
                \_ No, I think we all *wish* it failed.
                \_ NNNNNN!!!!  DOS was a fantastic success.  So was windows.
        \_ Minidisc, DCC cassettes, VCDs, CDi, Cable Modems, Vanilla Ice,
           (Lynx/GameGear/TurboExpress), Sega 32x, Alcohol-free college
           campuses, XL Spandex, men's hairpieces.
        \_ American Cars
                \_ Keep telling yourself that the next time a Corvette
                   passes your loud exhausted Honda wanna be ass.  -ax
                   \_ and promptly runs outta gas.
                        \_ Anyone who can afford a corvette can afford a tank
                           of gas.  don't be bitter Mr. Econbox-Driver.
                           \_ I've driven a Corvette.  You hit the accelerator,
                              and the gas gauge dips.  You gotta admit, a
                              CRX gets a lot more miles in 10 gallons than
                              a Corvette in 16, unless the driver thinks it's
                              a Porsche (why *do* CRX drivers do that?)
           killed for non-technology related reasons.
        \_ Beta is very much alive, albeit not in the consumer market.
           The television / media industry still extensively uses it.
           And last I checked, OS/2 is still breathing, if not 2 heartbeats
           a minute.
           \_ isn't there a difference between Betmax and Betacam?
              Besides, ED-Beta is to Betamax like SVHS is to VHS.
           \_ Long's Drugs in Alameda still sells blank Beta tapes.  -- yuen
        \_ OS2 is also alive, but not in the consumer market.  You're confused.
           It was certainly not a failure at the beginning and isn't a failure
           today.  It's still a better OS than anything MS made.  It was
           killed for non-technology related reasons.
           \_ That is correct, OS/2 is a huge seller in the embedded market.
              Most of the time when you go to an ATM machine or use voice
              mail at work, you are using OS/2... -SMurF
                        \_IBM doesn't even use OS/2, at least at Almaden.
                                      for thinking it.
                          I think this is the definition of dead, at least
                          in this case.
                                \_ No it doesn't define anything.  IBM isn't
                                   the same kind of business that's using OS2.
                                   Certainly a single site's lack of use means
                                   nothing.  It's a *HUGE* company.
                           \_ I worked at Almaden in 1991 and I was using OS/2
                              2.0.  Can't believe it's been dropped.  BTW
                              MS-owned hotmail doesn't use MS web server
                              either.  Is MS web server dead?  -- yuen
                        \_ Sorry to burst your bubble, but OS/2 1.0 was made
                           jointly by IBM & MS, before MS pulled out to work
                           on NT instead.
                           \_ You're not bursting anything.  Why do you think
                              you're clever posting known and ancient info
                              that isn't relevent?  Why the need to feel smart?
                                \_ It was claimed it was better than anything
                                   MS made, but it was made by MS, therefore
                                   you are claiming it is better than itself?
                                   \_ Uh oh, wannabe deep thinking philosopher
                                      on the prowl!  Look out!  MS didn't make
                                      it.  An IBM/MS product is not a MS
                                      product.  OS2 v1.0 is not the version in
                                      use today.  v2.x is which had even less
                                      to do with MS, namely nothing of note.
                                      MS has yet to develop anything original
                                      in their corporate history.  The idea
                                      that MS has *made* anything is a
                                      laughable lie.  Be ashamed of yourself
                                      for thinking it.  How much M$ do you
                                      own?  It's clouding your judgement.
                                      \_ You probably think Shakespeare never
                                         *made* anything either, huh?
                                        \_ Hahahhahah You think BG is
                                           Shakespeare?  My God!  You *are*
                                           incredibly stupid!
                                        \_ "Bob" was original.  Damn stupid,
                                            but still original.
                                          \_ Ok, you got me.  MS made Bob. I
                                             retract previous statements about
                                             total lack of MS creativity.  MS
                                             made Bob.  Can't argue with that.
                                            \_ how does "Bob" run on today's
                                               faster/bigger hardware?  (it
                                               was _Mrs_ Gates' project, btw)
        \_ Ford Edsel.  (Okay - it's not a "format", but then neither is OS/2)
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