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1999/6/20-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15993 Activity:nil
6/20    <DEAD><DEAD>
         \_the sex survey there (at hecklers) is much funnier.
1999/6/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:15994 Activity:high
6/19    Star Wars TPM on a digital projector looked very 'clean'..
        oh wait.. most of you people CHOOSE to live up in the Bay Area with
        only 3 multiplexes and no digital projectors.
        \_ fuck the bay, fuck the valley, fuck L.A., fuck california and all
           its highways, and fuck you and your fucking attitude.
           \_ By the way, don't you mean "its" instead of "it's"?
        \_ wtf cares if it looked very 'clean'? clean or not, that movie
           is still crap.  and you think multiplexes improve the quality
           of life? but... 20 screens!!! who cares how many screens there
           are since the vast majority of movies that are released suck.
           \_ then of course there's some of us who just go to these
              multiplexes and watch movies to be entertained and not try to
              be critical of lame plots or shoddy acting or cheap thrills.
              has there been a movie that hasn't had a problem? no. but i've
              still enjoyed most of them.
              \_ hey, if you don't need a decent plot or decent acting to
                 be entertained, more power to you.  most of us don't like
                 to pay to see something crappy; we have better things to
                 do with our time.
        \_ Oh yes, here in Silicon Valley we are very technologically backward.
        \_ A cleaner image would only rub in just how bad it was.  No thanks.
        \_ Yes, I CHOSE to live in the Bay Area primarily because of the
           movie theaters here. You are brilliant.
           \_ yeah no kidding.  this twink must be pretty insecure about
              where s/he lives.  woo, i'm really upset about the movie
              theatres here.  from the metreon to point reyes, there's
              just somethingmissing from my life because i cannot watch
              a digital movie out in the suburbs somewhere.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:June:20 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>