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1999/6/19-21 [Industry/Startup] UID:15986 Activity:nil 55%like:15998
6/18    Unix sysadmin job at pre-IPO startup Yodlee in Sunnyvale.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/Yodlee   -cdaveb
1999/6/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15987 Activity:low
6/18    /csua/pub/life - you know the drill.  Recent grads record their "final"
        scores, others update their progress (before or after graduation).
        \_ The "out of county" rule is moronic re: jobs.  %99 of good jobs are
           "out of county" from reasonable housing.
        \_ if your time is worth $100/hour, and you spend an extra hour
           a day commuting because you want "reasonable" housing, the
           cost of your commute is over $2000/month.
1999/6/19-21 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:15988 Activity:high
6/18    Anyone following 3D video cards nowadays?  Any
        recommendations?  I've heard good things about the Riva TNT2.
        Which model would I want to buy?
        \_ the DiamondMM card is cheap... under $190
           \_ I'd go for a Creative TNT2 Ultra... diamond's drivers
              are rather lacking. (i've got one)
        \_ If money no object, and speed primary concern, a TNT2 Ultra.
           Sacrifice some speed and get more features (multi-monitor,
        \_ Not just any TNT Ultra.  Get the Hercules if money is no object and
           raw speed is all you care about.  The Matrox G400MAX is also likely
           to be really good but it's slower than the Hercules and is likely
           to be more expensive.  The rest is crap.  If you're on a budget,
           try the Savage 4.  Don't bother with anything else.  Same prices
           with lesser performance.  Death to 3dfx!
           better image quality, bump-mapping), go for matrox g400 out in
           a coupla weeks. Or ignore me and go to
        \_ Ok, again: If you're a speed freak and have the bucks, get the
           Hercules brand Ultra TNT2.  The Matrox G400Max is also coming out
           in the US in the next few weeks if you can wait.  If price is a
                   bury useful content and have gone on to deletion.  -tom
           concern, get a Savage 4 Pro+.  Note that you need a higher end
           CPU to 'feed' the TNT2 and G400 properly.  Maybe the next thing out
           from 3dfx will be ok but the current v2000/3xxx stuff is nothing
           special compared to the competition.  You get higher speed and more
           features from the TNT2 Ultra and G400max and more bang/buck from
           the Savage4.  (Please don't delete this again)
        \_ Why was my more detailed and accurate answer deleted?  Have you no
                \_ I think the trollers have gotten tired of just trying to
                   bury useful content and have gone on to =[CENSORED]=  -tom
            \_ sincere, helpful posts on the motd tend to disappear.  this
               is why i just take potshots at people on the motd.
               \_ I sincerely want to help you with your problem, but I can't
                  since you won't sign your message!
1999/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15989 Activity:nil
6/18    Anybody know where I can find "The Ode to Partha".  One of Partha's old
        roomates wrote it a while back.  It was really funny.
1999/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15990 Activity:nil
6/18    *** is a ==[CENSORED]==.  --cm1ee
1999/6/19-23 [Uncategorized] UID:15991 Activity:nil
6/19    Anybody want to go to the opera? Have extra ticket for each of 4 operas
        in Wagner's Ring Cycle in SF. Starts Sun 2pm. -tcmoore
1999/6/19-21 [Uncategorized] UID:15992 Activity:nil
6/19    Re: Chinese Chess that I asked a while back.  It's at  You can only play against other human players
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