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1999/6/17 [Uncategorized] UID:15976 Activity:high
6/16    Response to ~psb/TPM.commentarii:
                \-rather than asking you if "i may retort" i'll just say
        "i'm glad i feel no inclindation to defend TPM because that aint
        a ditch i want to die in". suum cuique [that is latin for YMMV].--psb
        \_ I waited 10 days to see it after it came out.  I suspected before
           anyone saw it that it would suck, then everyone I knew said it
           sucked.  I fully expected it to be one of the worst films I'd seen
           in years.  I was disappointed.  My expectations were not fulfilled.
           It was one of the worst films I'd ever seen.  I've seen a lot of
           B and Z quality sci-fi and this was down there at the bottom of
           the lot.  TPM just plan sucked.  I've got a bridge for anyone
           who thought there was a good movie in there somewhere.
                \- so do the people who actually work for lucas feel
                like chumps? or do the people who worked onthe film and
                the peopel who didnt work on the film now have bad blood
                between you? i mean you guys work for lucas because of
                star wars, right? i wrote my commentarii before seeing the
                colonel sanders with the lightsabre commercial,so i was more
                inclined to be forgiving. now i think he has totally lost
                touch and has really sold out. when when is di caprio going
                to be cast as the new "young skywalker"?
                \_ Better yet: Keanu Reeves as Skywalker
                \_ Hey, Leonardo . . . that's a pretty good idea!
                   You should mail that to George Lucas.  Or copyright it,
                   or something.
1999/6/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15977 Activity:moderate
6/17    Here's my dilemma.  When I resigned from my job last week, I
        cleared my desk, by accidently left behind a floppy with some
        random personal letters saved.  I asked a friend who works in the
        office to retrieve it for me.  He did, but my former boss chased
        him down and confiscated the floppy from him.  The floppy is not a
        big deal, but I am pissed about my boss's childish behavior.
        Short of going to the office and cursing her out, is there
        anything I can do?  The floppy is my own personal property.
        \_ Go in there and claim it.  Tell her off.  She's already going to
           give you a bad rec. anyway.  She has no more right to it than if
           you left some desk toy doo-dad in a drawer and she kept it.  Women
           managers are generally more insecure and stupid than male managers.
           \_ this was 80% gratuitous, and 20% helpful
           Go in there and set her shit straight and she'll back down.  She'll
           talk shit about you forever and lie and etc but she was already
           doing that anyway.
        \_ chalk it up as manager psychosis.  my manager still hasn't sent
           the final paycheck of the last employee who quit three months
           ago, even though it's kind of small since he did dock his
           (not commision-based) salary by 2/3 for the month he gave notice.
        \_ My broker still hasn't received all the stocks now even though I
           exercised my options when I quit my last job half a year ago.
                \_ Call up and harass them.  They've stolen from you if you
                   paid for those options.
        \_ simply having a lawyer contact them should be sufficient.
        \_ Why did you resign?
                \_ Who cares?  It isn't relevent.
1999/6/17-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Consumer/PDA] UID:15978 Activity:kinda low
6/17    Palm Pilot V for sale.  Brand new, still in the box.  It has Sun's
        kJava installed on it, so you can develop limited Java apps
        and run them on it.  $350 obo.  Send email to peterl.
        \_ You picked this up at JavaOne for $200 didn't you?
        \_ You can get a brand new one for $200 at JavaOne.
           \_ Not everyone can get into JavaOne. I'll sell you mine for $275...
                \_ sign your name!
                \_ This is contrary to the BH Laws of Computer Hacking!  You
                   must provide the PP5 for free and then charge for phone
                   \_ People who can't be funny shouldn't make bh jokes.
1999/6/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:15979 Activity:low
6/17    Hi, I'm a loser with no social skills.  I'm always asking for advice
        on the motd on social or work situations.  What should I do?
        \_ hire a high-class hooker. She'll make a... Well, she'll help,
           \_ Any recommendations on a high-class hooker?

           /- uh huh.
         _ lifeless soda lusers suddenly became experts on real life.
        /  you people should stop talking what you learned from Ally MacBeal.
1999/6/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15980 Activity:insanely high
6/17    I'd like to breakup with my gf, but I can't get rid of her. She
        keeps insisting that the breakup is invalid. Help. Please. This
        is not a troll.                                 -desperate man
        \_ You can get a brand new one for $200 at JavaOne. --psb
        \_ sounds like a sienfeld episode.
        \_ Ok, kids, in short the story is that nothing that happens to you
           in college, socially speaking, is life long or important.  youre
           *supposed* to have numberous bf/gf's in college.  theyre *not*
           important.  youre *not* marrying any of them and a college fling
                                \_ Unless you're a csua geek like shyguy,
                                   marco, alanc, etc. who have married their
                                   college gf's.
                                   \_ Yes, it can happen, but it isn't happening
                                      with someone you're breaking up with!!!
                                      >DUH!<  It sure as hell isn't happening
                                      as a common event and it isn't happening
                                      more than once per college stint and it
           \_ avoid getting into relationships with people like this
                \_ Good call, but you never know til it's too late.
                                      isn't typical by any means.  You are *not*
                                      marrying someone you 'trying' to break up
                                      with!  sheesh.
                                   \_ shyguy is married??
              advice like this
                                        \_ to ivy
                                           \_ whee!
           \_ this has not been my experience
                                              \_ really??
           is not the same on the scales of life as being married or anything
           else that occurs post-college.  dont take this shit that seriously.
           go party, get laid, have a number of fling things and dont get into
           the teenage angst thing.  dump and walk.  end of story.  this is
           *not* the right time in your life to practice being a "90's" man.
                   \_ avoid getting into relationships with ppl like this
           you wont feel good about it, she won't, no one will.  90's angst
           is bullshit.  it's a lie.  it causes pain, it does not relieve it.
           if you're at the point where you're telling someone you're leaving
           then they just need to deal with that.  dragging it out over some
           stupid dinner and trying to "just be friends" afterwards is bullshit.
           On the JBF crap: so you've got 6+ ex-gf's hanging around all the
           time and you think it's just great, huh?  Ok, how great does your
           current gf feel?  Think about it: how great would you feel if your
           gf was hanging out all the time with her last 6+ bf's?  If this
           doesn't or wouldn't bother you, then you're a fool.  It does/should
           bother your current gf that you're doing the same thing.  Dump and
           walk.  Live in the future, not the past.  You're not life-bonded
           with someone you met in college at a dorm party or in the library.
                - been there, done that, long past it, glad it's gone.  I'm
                  about 12 years beyond the bullshit.  Pray you make it here
                  too.  Don't listen to your same-age peers, they don't know
                  jack more than you do.  How could they?
        \_ I once spent 20 minutes explaining to this chick I was sleeping
           that I was no longer going to sleep with her (for various reasons)
           Nodding with understanding all the way through, at the end she
           said, "Oh, ok.  Well, that means we can still sleep together
           though, right?"  Speechless, I gave up, kicked her out and never
                         \_ Agree.  There's is only 2 way, spend the time
           talked to her again.  *That* message got through to her.  Takes
                            over this ridiculous and moronic concept immediately.
           two to tango, son.  Never feel bad breaking up.  You're doing both
           of you a favor.  Just don't break up somewhere a knife might be
           nearby or anywhere in public like the fools below who suggest a
           \_ assumption has been gf/bf are not just sleeping together,
              value each other in other ways, and have been seeing each other
              for some time (not just "going out")
              \_ He obviously doesn't value her so much anymore, so it doesn't
                               \_ Obviously he is trying to be a nice guy.
                 matter.  Don't be a wuss or a hypocrite.
                                  looking like an asshole.
                 \_ "obviously"?  I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt
                        \_ He's breaking up with her.  How much can he really
                           \_ kids, watch out for folks like this!
                                \_ Kids, watch out for folks who use personal
                                   attack instead of saying thing applicable.
                                        \_ Kids, watch out for folks who use
                                           the English language in such a
                                           horrible fashion.  You too might
                                           start saying things as nonsencical
                                           as "saying thing applicable."
                                           \_ "There you go again!"
        \_ Just refuse to see or talk to her. She'll get the hint sooner
           or later. And if she's living with you, look no further than
           that Carl's Jr. commercial with the girl tossing the guy's
           belongings out the 2nd story window.
           \_ avoid getting into relationships with people who would give
              advice like the above
              \_ obviously sarcasm is not within your grasp.
                \_ Not enough angst in that sort of break up for you?
                   \_ ?
        \_ how come it seems that girls have a harder time accepting
           the break-up than guys?
           \_ this has not been my experience - I'd say guys have ~ or >
              psychoses when dumped
                \_ Then you only know little boys.  Men don't give a shit.
                   It sucks, you bitch about her to a few friends, you find
                   another one in a few days (at most), life goes on.
                   \_ Fine.  That's your perspective and that's your life.
                      I'm just here to say that I have no doubts about what
                      I think.
                        \_ Of course you have no doubts about what you think
                           because you don't think about it.
                           \_ I'm darn confident about it because I've had
                              some experiences, thought about it, and laid
                              things down as to what's "right" in life.
                              (waiting for more comments about having no
                              doubts because I don't think)
                              \_ Ok, I'll bite: you think dragging out the
                                 inevitable is "right"??  You're an unthinking
                                 and very selfish fool.  I'm glad it makes
                                 *you* feel better to think you broke some
                                 one the "right" way.  You can't do a not-nice
                                 thing nicely.  You're a damned fool.
                                 \_ this thread was re Men not being little
                                    boys and Men not giving a shit, bitching
                                    for a few days.  The whole macho crap,
                                    women having a harder time with break-ups
                                    is what I disagree with. [psychoanalysis
                                    voluntarily expunged. didn't know you were
                                    that quick in the editor. I was deleting
                                    it until you overwrote the motd again.]
                                    \_ Don't psychoanalyse me.  You're a child
                                       and a 90's pussy know-nothing.  Tell
                                       your self-help book crap to someone
                                       who cares.
                                       \_ A child?  A 90's pussy know-nothing?
                                          My self-help book?  A very selfish
                                          fool?  A damned fool?  Okay.
                                          This has to do with the macho crap,
                                          not psychoanalysis.
           \_ Girls aren't used to rejection.  They mistakenly think they can
              have any guy any time.  Mostly, it's true, but the few times it
              doesn't happen their way, they can't deal.  Need more rejection
        \_ at one time I thought a breakup was invalid, because it was
           over the phone.  Are you LDR?  You should really have a nice
                \_ A break up can not be "invalid".  Where'd this idiotic
                   crap come from?  There's not a set of rules to follow.  You
                   say "CYA!" and it's over.  Via email, phone, letter, in
                   person or radio waves transmitting to her brain via the
                   fillings in her teeth.  "CYA!"  Practice it.
                   \_ it is fucking wonderful if done right.  Whether you
                      think she deserves it, whether you think it's worth
                      your time, whether you think it's worth anyone's time
                      says a lot about what you value
                        \_ What's wonderful?  Breaking up in such a way that
                           you remain "just friends" and this baggage is there
                           at all your social events forever making all future
                           gf's nervous and upset?  I value the future, not
                           the dead and best-forgotten past.
                           \_ it was great, I have no baggage, and I think
                              she's cool
                                \_ And your current gf thinks its cool that
                                   your ex-gf is around all the time?  Uh huh....
                                   \_ um, did I ever say that I hung out with
                                      the ex?  No, I just think she's cool.
                                        \_ Then it doesn't matter how you broke
                                           up beyond soothing your own ego.
                                           \_ No, it matters insofar as this
                                              is another cool person I've
                                              ID'd that is on the planet
                                              earth.  When the shit hits the
                                              fan, this person does it right,
                                              and I find someone I trust.
           dinner over it, or really just be face to face and up-front.
           In the end, honesty really really matters, and the other person
           will respect you for it (as well as the officialness of the
                \_ I DID TRY an official break-up. However, I feel like
                   George in that break-up episode in Seinfeld. Everytime
                   George says something serious, the gf says "nope,
                   invalid, nope." and continues her life as if nothing
                   happened. HELP.
                   \_ LOSER!  You're now broken up.  _Act_ like it!
                   \_ face-to-face?
                   \_ it doesn't matter. A relationship takes two.
                      If you've told her it's over, then it doesnt matter
                      if she lives in denial for the next 20 years. Get on
                      with your life.
                      \_ I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and
                         say that sodan is not "properly" dumping her -
                         \_ no such thing as "properly dumping" someone.  Get
                            over this ridiculous and moronic concept immediate!
                            \_ there is, and it's a good thing I don't have
                               to prove it to you
                                \_ Or you'd dump me properly?  Stop babbling.
                                   He's not getting divorced from his wife of
                                   many years.  It's a college gf.  Dump and
                                   walk.  The faster, the better for both.
                                   \_ "it's a college gf" wtf?
                                        \_ meaning: you're not married. youre
                                           just experimenting.  it isn't a
                                           real relationship.  youre too young
                                           to take this shit seriously.  now
                                           is the time to experiment and figure
                                           it out so you dont make the same
                                           mistakes later when/if you marry
                                           someone.  your wife wont be interested
                                           in knowing your college flames, so
                                           why are you practicing that skill?
                                           youre wasting your time on that.
                         spend the necessary amount of time for a dump she'll
                         accept - after all you were bf/gf and she does
                         deserve the time
                         \_ Agree.  There's are only 2 ways, spend the time
                            and emotion necessary, or just be a total asshole
                            to her.  No way you can dump her easily and
                            still want to feel good about yourself as a
                            nice guy.
                            \_ He didn't say he wanted to be nice about it.
                               He just wants to break up.  Well, he *did*.  He
                               just needs the balls to act like it.  If the
                               situation were reversed, she'd have called the
                               police already to get her "stalker" ex-bf away
                               from her.
                               \_ Obviously he is trying to have it both ways.
                                  It's easy to breakup if you don't care about
                                  looking like an asshole.  Just do like in
                                  "Dangerous Liasons": Keep repeating "It is
                                  beyond my control", and just walk away.
                                  \_ I *LOVE* that movie!  Awesome!  So this
                                     guy is a little hypocritical pansy prick.
                                     She's obviously a psycho.  They deserve
                                     each other.  Better for everyone else if
                                     they've pulled each other out of the pool
                                     of actively available people.
                                     \_ Ja, how about Michelle Pfeiffer.
        \_ So, basically, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE are the keys to breakup?
           \_ no, honesty, giving her time, and trying to be fair about it
              - same thing that applies in any non-dysfunctional human
           \_ No.  The key is honesty and a clean break.  Don't drag it out li!
              some teenage party-of-five soap opera.  You're not married.  Just
              move on.  You said it.  It's her choice to accept it or not, but
              you shouldn't enable her psychotic control fantasies by dragging
              it out.  Girls: same thing goes for you.  Break his heart fast,
              walk away and never play games.
              \_ ...except for xtrek.  THat's a cool game.
        \_ Damn, how come my topics never generate such interest?
1999/6/17 [Uncategorized] UID:15981 Activity:nil
6/17    Oh, COME ON, what's up with not having PING for crying out loud?
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