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1999/6/14-16 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:15952 Activity:high
6/14    How can I hook up 3 computers to 2 printers so that any of the 3
        computers can print to either of the 2 printers - NOT using a
        network. One printer is USB or parallel, and the other is parallel
        only.  -jkwan
        \_ Without a network? What do you plan to use? ESP?
        \_ Use a multiplexer. --dim
           \_ so I guess that's a box where you can plug in 3 parallel
              cables from the PC side and 2 cables from the printer side?
              \_ Yeah, and you turn a mechanical dial to connect a certain
                 computer to a certail printer.
                 computer to a certail printer.  -- yuen
                \_ No no, this makes a network. I must do this without a
        \_ a parallel cable is a simple network. so is a crossbar switch.
                   \_ By "no network" do you mean no physical wires or no
                      logical network?  If the former, how about IrDA
                      connection?  -- yuen
           what do you really mean?
        \_ 2 printer ports on each computer.  Run cables from all port A to
           box A.  Run cable from box A to printer A.  Same thing for B.
           This won't actually work, but its probably good enough for your
           hw assignment.
        \_ Can you use an automatic switcher on the parallel printer, and
           a parallel-or-sereal-to-USB automatic switcher on the other?
           Then choose which printer you want each time (what?  you don't
           have seven parallel cables?)
        \_ Well eithe ruse a switch box ( theres lots of parallel port
             switch boxes on the  market, to basically do what you want to do).
             Or you can take the old-fashioned low tech route of just having
             to change the cables on the machiens whenever you want to switch
        \_ Get external Ethernet -> Parallel devices and plug them into your
                \_ He said without a network.
        \_ Or run Windows on each box, just hook up a printer to any one
           box and then hook up each box to the other through a mini hub
           and have each box share its printer with other machines (you
           can do the same with any flavour of unix)
                \_ He said without a network.
        \_ D3WD!!!1!!!  LAUNCH A PR1VAT3 SAT3LL1T3 AND K0NNEKT A SP3C1AL
           TRANSM1TT1N" B0X D1R3KTLY 2 TH3 PARALL3L P0RT UV 3ACH D3V1C3!!1!
           TH3N TH3 K0MPUT3RS S3ND M3SSAG3S 2 TH3 SATT3L1T3, AND TH3
           PR1NT3D!!!!1!!!!  THAT"D B3 T0TALLY K-RAD, AND S1NCE 3ACH
           D0N'T HAV3 W1R3Z -- S0 U D0N"T HAV A NETW0RK!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!
1999/6/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:15953 Activity:high
6/13    Hey are there any movies out there esp. about computer programming?
        \_ Triumph of the Nerds? Pirates of the Valley is coming out
           in about a week. Not about programming, but about computer
           \_ I can't remember any specific titles, but if you go to
              the media library in Moffit they have lots of videos
              related to computers.     --sly
        \_ Collosus: The Forbin Project is partly filmed in berkeley at
           the lawrence hall of science and is similar to the wargames plot,
           but with some sophisticated twists, especially considering it
           is form 1969.  whacky computer terminology like calling the que
           \_ *sigh* He is so *dreamy*! *giggle*
           \_ Whatever your opinion of his looks, his Reality Distortion
              Field is a wonder to behold firsthand.
           the job sack also help to make this into a kickass computer movie.
         \_ Hackers, The Net, Sneakers, War Games
        \_ Speaking of Pirates of Silicon Valley, it will be on this sunday
        \_ Workspace.  It's a very god comedy about left in a software
        \_ Workspace.  It's a very good comedy about left in a software
           company.  There was a preview in SF a few months ago, but I didn't
           see it being advertised afterwards.  -- yuen
           at 8pm on TNT.  Anybody else think that Steve Jobs is one of the
           most handsome man alive?  I think he's gorgeous.
           \_ The man who has forced the PC industry to go in his direction
              of the past 25 years with the sheer power of his personality,
              his will, and his charisma.  He is a living legend and a
              living myth.  He will forever be on my eternal heroes list.
                \_ I have his number.  Would you like to have phone sex
                   with him while you're at it?
                \_ Is Hitler also on your eternal herpes list?
        \_ fuck the guy who deleted my post
                \_ I don't think you want to fuck a fat nerdy boy like Tom.
1999/6/14-16 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Reference/History/WW2] UID:15954 Activity:high
6/13    Garbage's Version2.0 kicks ass! Are there any other albums out
        there that I should check out? (i.e. not neccesarily by Garbage)
        \_"happy hours, golden showers"
        \_ 101 Incoherent Communist Drinking Songs, by Bryan Harvey
           \_ Most people who think they're commies really don't know what
              communism really is.  Most people are really just egalitarianists
              like John Locke.  Communism is actually about achieving
              industrialization through totalitarianism, mind control, and
              ruthless beatings like what Stalin (and to some extent, those
              McCarthy dipshits) did.  At any rate, BH isn't a commie, no
              matter how much he thinks he is (and neither is GNU or FSF).
           \_ BH isn't a true Ruskie commie.  They were smarter than that and
              understood communism is a failure and *can't* work.
                \_ Communism works. Disneyland is a communistic entity.
                   You pay for the rides you want to be on with time.
              \_ idiot. communism works. ENFORCED communism doesn't.
                \_ Silly.  Communism is contrary to human nature.  It only
                   works in text books and eco-political theory classes.
                   Where has your unenforced communism ever worked for a
                   substantial period of time?  In fact, other than the drug
                   culture created sex oriented pseudo communes in the 60/70s
                   in this country I can't think of an unforced communist
                   community anywhere.  It's non-functional.  Put up or shut
                   up.  And no, don't try to pin the counter point on me. I
                   never said I was in favor of free for all zero-control
                   capitalism.  Where's your successful unenforced communist
                   \_ works better on a smaller scale.  like collective
                      businesses, co-op organizations.  i have direct
                      experiene with this stuff.  and yes, enforced
                      communism sucks ass and won't work.  in recent human
                      experience, what's called communism has really been
                      a totalarian state - not a recipie for success in a
                      world with such global communications as today.
                   \_ saying "theres no country that does this, so
                      it doesn't work" is NOT a proof against it.
                      And your "against human nature" stuff is just as valid
                      for nixing welfare, charity tax credits,
                        \_ It was stated "communism works".  Prove it.  I'm
                           in favor of "nixing" welfare.  What of it?  Humans
                           in general are greedy and selfish and jealous
                           (like me and proud of it).
                           \_ welfare is so easy to hate when you're a
                              privlidged berkeley student.  ++clue please.
                              \_ the opposing viewpoints are: 1) getting
                                 shat on is a great motivator because there's
                                 no welfare, vs. 2) you couldn't help it,
                                 welfare is a safety net
                           \_ be sure to recognize the warning signs, kids!
                                \_ Yeah, like viewing the world as it is might
                                   be a bad thing.  Better to stay in the
                                   \_ it's not (a bad thing)
                                   Ivory Pot Sticker Tower Of Self Deluded
                                   Stupidity.  Get out those rosy glasses.
                           \_ prove communism doesn't work.
                              saying "china,USSR, etc failed at communism" is
                              like saying "The USA is a prime example of
                              why democrasy can never work".
                              None of the above countries are truely an
                              example of the policical scheme they claim
                              to be.
                           This is contrary to the needs of communism.  Find
                           a few hundred thousand Saints and communism might
                           work.  Personally, I've been trying to get Angels
                           to dance on the head of a pin which seems more
                           useful than trying to make a functional communist
                           state.  So far, I've gotten as many as 8 Angels to
                           dance at the same time which is a better track
                           record than communism has.  Still waiting to see
                           an example of working unenforced communism.
                      \_ INFIDEL!!!  HERETIC!!1!  I fondly remember taking
                         162 from bh.  Especially those nights when we'd all
                         gather around the big, silent bulk of the PDP-10 in
                         the machine room, heads bowed to its greatness . . .
                         then bh would pour the vodka, and we'd munch on
                         potstickers and talk for _hours_ about the imminent
                         coming of the Glorious People's GNU-LISP Revolution
                         that would sweep like a cleansing wave!  Some nights
                         we'd watch Animanics and listen to the Beatles until
                         dawn.  Then we'd shatter our vodka glasses against
                         the wall and weave our way home, staggering up the
                         middle of Hearst singing Russian peasant drinking
                         songs . . . I didn't learn much about operating
                         systems, but damn, I learned about _life_.
                         \_ This always summed it up perfectly.  Thanks.
                         \_ yes, whether communism works or not is less
                            important than the humor value it provides now
                \_ on a kibutz where everyone agrees to be there communism
                   has worked!!  The key is that the people involved must
                   agree to it.  Your family could be considered a small
                   version of communism, one goal for all of you with a
                   common pot of money . . .
                   \_ family is a dictatorship, not communism. It IS
                      sort of socialism, though.
        \_"Complete", Minor Threat
                \_ URL please.
                   \_ let's get your login and froge a mail to BH!!
                        \_ That won't make communism work.  Does he now
                           require his students to adopt his failed
                           philosophies to get an "A"?  When I was in school
                           we only needed to eat pot stickers with him.
                   \_ Kinda makes you wish we live in a theoretical world.
                      There would be no physics problems left in that case.
         \_ Oneida Community.  Look it up.
            \_ When did they release this album?  I went looking for it on
               amazon and cdnow, and couldn't find it . . .
        \_ Wasn't this thread about a rock band?  Anyways, someone should
           buy "Looking Out for No. 1" by Robert J. Ringer and put it in the
           CSUA library
        \_ Their first album
        \_ Cardigans' new album. It's not really anything like their one-hit,
        \_ I don't know what this "Garbage" is, but you should check out
           "Don Ho Gold", by Don Ho.  It's got *all* the hits!
1999/6/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:15955 Activity:nil
6/13    What day is father's day?  Is it today?  HELP!
        \_ Next Sunday
1999/6/14 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:15956 Activity:kinda low
6/12    new name!
        Computer Association of Undergraduate Students
        aka CAUSe
        whaddya think?
                \_ Ohmigosh! Thats like the best name ever! Why dont
                   you sign yer login so that we can send you an award.
                        \_ because it's cmlee
                                \_ CMLEE YOU BITCH ASS! GO OVER THERE AND
                                   MAKE ME A PIE BEFORE I SMACK YOUR ASS!
                \_ Students for Undergraduate Computing --
                     aka SUCk
                   \_ or "Assocation of Students for Undergraduate
                      Computing". ASUC, that's a unique one!
                      \_ It's interesting how many student organizations
                         have acronyms which are anagrams of "CSUA":

                         CSUA, Computer Science Undergrad. Assoc.
                                \_ us
                         UCSA, University of California Student Assoc.
                                \_ meta-student government, lobbying group
                         USCA, University Students Co-operative Assoc.
                                \_ the co-op people
                         ASUC, Assoc. Students of the Univ. of California
                                \_ local student government
                \_ so does the e stand for empowerment?
        \_ sounds like you'ld get confused with the anti-spam lobbying group
            already named CAUSE (Coalition Against UnSolicited Email)
                \_ CAUCE (coalition against unsolicited commercial email)
1999/6/14-17 [Uncategorized] UID:15957 Activity:nil
6/14    What is a good site that does what does but for
        books? and CD's?
        \_ crawls for books, music, and movies. -jwang
                \_ <DEAD><DEAD> comparison-shops also
1999/6/14 [Uncategorized] UID:15958 Activity:nil
6/14    Tawei Liao was here.
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