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1999/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:15934 Activity:nil
6/9     Anybody know any good autoconf/automake/aclocal references?
        \_ the texinfo docs that come with autoconf are a pretty good
           reference - not so good tutorial though.
1999/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:15935 Activity:nil
6/9     What is the difference between the software "network sniffer pro"
        and something like Etherpeek?
1999/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:15936 Activity:nil
6/9     I need help!  I am a married manager who had an affair with a person
        working under me.  Now she threatens to expose me to ruin my
        marriage unless I give her unreasonable raise and perks.
        How do I get out of this mess?
        \_ I can't believe you'd have an affair with a Bay Area woman,
           moustache and all.
1999/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:15937 Activity:nil
1999/6/10-11 [Transportation/Bicycle, Science/Space, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:15938 Activity:nil
6/10    SQUIRT RIDE TOMORROW!!!!  100 water pistols, a couch, and you and
        your bike!  Gatehr 5:30 pm to leave around 6 pm, downtown BART
1999/6/10-16 [Uncategorized] UID:15939 Activity:kinda low 55%like:15974
6/10    RECLAIM THE STREETS next Friday, June 18th
        \_ do you think that changing the name of Critical Mass every
           week will make you less of a crackpot?
           \_   uh, he's not changing the name of critical mass.
                reclaim the streets is a separate movement that
                started in england and has events around the world.
        \_ where do I go if I like corporate globalization? \_ muchandr
                \_ The Gap, Virgin MegaStore
                    \_ He said without a network.
1999/6/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15940 Activity:very high
6/10    Attention clueless wonders.  Do *not* use an editor to _view_ the
        motd.  There's a rash of cluelessness (extra) around here lately
        where people are using an editor the _view_ the motd, go idle for
        hours, then exhibit the total lack of brains to _save_ their unmodified
        6 hour old copy over what everyone else has been adding throughout
        the day.  Stop it.  You know who you are and so does anyone else who
        can type 'w' or 'ps'.  Thank you for ceasing this obnoxious and rude
        behavior.  -not the management.
        \_ you could try "more /etc/motd"
                                \_ /etc/motd.public
                                   \_ /etc/motd.official
                                      \_ /etc/passwd
        \_ Sorry soda was super slow and I got called away before
        it came up.  Exited w/o saving.  Anyone else:  no excuse!! :)
        \- if people would use the OneTrueEditor ...
           \_ pico
              \_ d00d, th3y n33d M$ Werd f0r 3un1chs, 3r, UNIX!!
        \_ In case somebody doesn't know, it's not even necessary to be on
           soda to view the motd.  finger motd@csua to see it from anywhere.
        \_ Is it ok to have rm -f /etc/motd* in my .login ???
        \_ This motd edit brought to you by ed, the standard text editor.
        \_ I suggest we post the names of those cluless wonders here.  -- yuen
                \_ No need to point blame.  I just want it to stop.
                   Embarassing people won't fix anything or improve anyone's
                   "motd viewing experience".
           Who needs locking anyway, the file is bloody world-fuckable.
        \_ you could try "more /etc/motd"
                                \_ /etc/motd.public
                                   \_ /etc/motd.official
        \_ finger motd@csua
        \_ When flock(2) is outlawed, only outlaws will call flock(2).
        \_ one more reason why we need a journal'ed motd
                \_ No.  We just need a tiny amount of clue.
        \_ source .login
1999/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:15941 Activity:nil
6/10    Third Voice: Menace or just evil?
        \_ is that the roar of deafening silence and apathy i hear?
        \_ apathy apathy apathy apathy annoyance apathy apathy
1999/6/10-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15942 Activity:moderate
6/10    Pretend I'm four years old.  I just want to setup a script to send
        an SNMP message (or PDU or whatever it's called) to a machine every
        X minutes.  It could be a fake message that's dropped.  I just want
        the sockets opened and closed to simulate a real-world setup.  I have
        root access.  What's the simplest way to do this without having to
        re-invent the wheel?  My machine is running Solaris 2.6 .
        \_ Go to your room.
        \_ There's snmp perl code.  Try cpan.  I've read snmp values but never
           tried traps or setting values or anything like that.
           \_ even easier is the ucd-snmp package, grab it compile it, and
       you can do snmp gets sets and whatever with simple command lines. -ERic
        \_ FYI, here's how I did it:
                #! /usr/local/bin/scotty2.1.5

                set s [snmp session -address mymachinename]
                set result [$s get "sysDescr.0 sysName.0 sysContact.0"]
                puts $result
                after 15000
                $s destroy
1999/6/10-12 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:15943 Activity:moderate
6/10    Anyone have a flat-panel? Any praises / gripes? Thinking of getting
        \_ i have played around a bit with the sgi and apple ones.
           very nice, sexy gear.  -caliban
           \_ The ones from SGI are arelly nice, but the ones from Apple
              are too slow. -mikeym
        \_ I use the LCD in my laptop without an external, and also have
                an LCD in my mac. Both work great. Fewer headaches due to
                no scanning. No radiation. Crisper. Glare can be an issue,
                but I'm not sure it's worse than a CRT. Colors may not be
                precise depending on where exactly you're sitting. I'd
                be reluctant for a graphics production machine, but otherwise
                I'd whole-heartedly suggest an LCD if you can afford the
                price difference. I don't plan to buy any more CRTs, and
                suspect they will be largely relics in 5 years.-appel
                \_ more like 15 years.  Flat panels look cool and certainly
                   the active matrix models kick a CRT's ass any day but
                   they're still pricey.  Check out SGI's flat panel.  It
                   apparently won some "best LCD" award or something.
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