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1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:15922 Activity:nil
06/08   inr-181, soda's router, will be down this thursday morning,
        10 june 99, 06:00-06:20 AM, for a software upgrade. please read for details. -brg
1999/6/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:15923 Activity:low
6/8     Does Soda's httpd allow personal cgi-bin's?  Thanks.
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ The answer is hazy.  Ask again later.
        \_ `man www`
1999/6/9 [Uncategorized] UID:15924 Activity:nil 66%like:15921
6/8     What exactly is this ThirdVoice?
        \_ if you need to ask, you don't know.
           \_ That's exactly why he asked.
           \_ ... dont know how to look at <DEAD><DEAD>  A poorly
              designed website if ever I saw one.
1999/6/9 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:15925 Activity:nil 55%like:15933
6/9     Looking to trade a new copy of Starsiege: Tribes for something
        more strategic.  Preferably StarCraft/Broodwar, but I'll take other
        offers.  Won the game in a contest, but has never been played.
1999/6/9-10 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:15926 Activity:high
6/9     Warp drive coming soon to a planet near you...
        I love science.  Every couple of months you hear something like: "We
        thought it would take us 100000000*X to do Y, but with this new
        discovery we can now do it in only X!"  Once in a while I get giddy
        thinking that every wildly positive sci-fi conjecture will be reality
        in my lifetime (assuming that life-extension technolgy keeps up with
        everything else!)... -mogul
        \_ This is some awesome news!  However, did Chris Van Den Broeck also
           researched on what kind of effects the distortion of the
           time-space continuum has on other things, such as our universe?
           I was going to post this question at the site, but couldn't find
           the right place to do so there.
        \_ This is by someone from a Catholic University?  I thought they're
           still busy arguing that human didn't evolve from apes.
        \_ what ever happened to that dude (it was Rivest I think) that
           came up with some factoring algorithm - I saw some legitimate
           wire reports a month ago but didn't follow up on them - although
           I imagine if it were true media info was quickly squashed
           I imagine if it were true media info was quickly squished
           \_ if I remember correctly, he had a linear speed-up that simply
              pushed the crackable key size forward a few years. there was
              no real theoretical breakthrough that would invalidate
              public-key technology.  the moral of the story was to start
              using >1500 bit keys today.
1999/6/9-10 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics] UID:15927 Activity:nil
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/Rants] UID:15928 Activity:nil
6/8     Does anyone have experience with outsourcing software projects?
        Is it worth while?
        \_ How about outsourcing to foreign countries (such as India,
           Singapore, Philippine, or China)?
           \_ at my last job international outsourcing turned into a big
              joke, with crap code, communications problems (the problems
              you'd expect) - but ymmv
        \_ No, but I've read only bad things about it in IT mags.  They said
           it sounds good on paper until you get the broken code and spend
           numerous times on the phone at 2am to try to talk to your Indian
           counterpart.  Never read anything good about it.  This was an
           article for execs trying to get rid of their high priced, lazy,
           over paid American programmers.  The answer was: don't.
1999/6/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:15929 Activity:nil
6/8     Did anybody recognize any other CS references in the 3D Homer
        episode beside the P=NP and Fermat's Little Thm?
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:15930 Activity:nil
6/8     Our very own Thirdvoice fan club!
        \_ Christian fundamentalists. Need I say more?
        \_ And control freak webmasters/html coders.
1999/6/9-12 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:15931 Activity:kinda low
6/9     Yet another Nobel prize for Berkeley:
        \_ nobel prize, huh?  possibly, but unlikely i think.
        \_ wel gee, I could get a nobel prize too, if I had an
           umpty-billion-dollar  cyclotron, and free license to play around
              as I see fit.
           \_ D00D!!!1!!!!  CYKLOTR0NS R 4 PUSS13Z!!!!1!!!1!!!!!  ALL U N33D
              2 G3T A N0B3L PR13Z 1Z A TRUSTY C=64 ---- 1F UR *DAMN G00D*!!1!
                \_ I had a cyclotron once, but then the aliens came and took
                   it away just as I was about to discover The Truth.
                   \_ That's right -- and they gave it to *me*, because they
                      liked me better!  Nyah!
        \_ Go Bears
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15932 Activity:very high
6/9  See
        the book burners and other control freaks take on Thirdvoice.
        Do all web designers think surfers are morons?  A wd quoted in the
        "If somebody attached such a note to my site and a visitor is running
        Third Voice, they will see that note," Pastras said. "Because most
        general surfers are ignorant, they will think I'm supporting
        How common is this "surfers are ignorant monkeys" concept among web
        \_ in general, not really.  i wouldn't say they are ignorant,
           but when doing mass-appeal sites, one often has to consider
           the audience.  some sites and online businesses have target
           audiences that are not net-savvy at all.  what we take completely
           for granted is a new concept, a concept *at all* for someone
           who is 42 years old in their second month on aol or webtv.
           i had to teach my paents to use a mouse, and menus.  i took
           it very for granted, but if you have never used a computer,
           and don't understand *remotely* what the internet really is,
           then you're not going to understand that thirdvoice is
           a completely different thing than the site you are
           looking at.
           their comment is out of line, it's not ignorance, it's just
           inexperience.  and at the end of the day, i think thirdage
           is fine and dandy and wouldn't think of whining against it.
           it's fun to grafitti sites.  having been in this industry
           for years and years now, though, i certainly know the types
           of people who are going to shit a brick over this. -caliban
           \_ Hmmm... ok I can see that after trying to get my parents on the
              net.  However, people who are inexperienced to such a degree
              are likely to be completely incapable of finding a place like
              thirdvoice and installing the plugin.  Is this an honest concern
              or are the designers just being pissy and controlling?

              \_ both.  designers are pissiy and controlling - it's
                 why i am stuck trying to impliment things in html that
                 the language was never meant for.  pixel perfection?
                 feh.  anyway.  the clients tend to be very controlling.
                 they are spending $2m for this project and they do not
                 want any aspect to be out of their control.  clients
                 are rabid, insane beasts.
                 i can also see it being an honest concern.  i show up
                 at mom & dads to install software for them - i have
                 done this a few times.  anyway, i install all this stuff,
                 including 3rd voice.  mom & dad could then have no idea
                 the extent of the seperateness of these things, so could
                 reasonably assume that it's all one package, and that
                 the people on put the notes there.  did
                 i happen to mention that made my day hell
                 today?  --caliban
        \_ Surfers aren't *just* igorant monkeys -- they're ignorant monkeys
           looking for schoolgirl porn!
           \_ Well then we should use thirdvoice annotations to help them
               find their schoolgirl porn!
                \_ help them? Help MEEEEEEE!
                  \_ hmm, try <DEAD><DEAD>
1999/6/9-12 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Finance/Investment] UID:15933 Activity:nil 55%like:15925
6/9     Looking to trade Starsiege: Tribes for a more strategic game.
        Preferably Starcraft/Broodwar.  I won tribes in an online
        give-away, but I don't play networked games much. -seidl
        \_ Are you willing to trade a "backup" copy?
        \_ maybe.  since I'm not using the game at all now.  I would
           like documentation though.  mail me and we'll talk.
           \_ WAREZ!
        \_ Yeah.. sure.. I'll trade you StarCraft, which requires the CD in
           the drive and the exclusive use of a license key for Tribes, which
           doesn't require the CD after installation and has no license key..
           \_ Starcraft runs with license key 1234567890123..whatever,
                except that you can't play <DEAD><DEAD> with it.  And assuming
                you don't have an ethical problem with warez hosing, there
                are plenty of key generators on the net.  -John
        \_ If you don't trust the person you're trading with, don't
           trade with them.  I have no interest in networked games right
           now (in fact, my PC currently has no way of connecting to the net
           except through floppy-net) -seidl
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