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1999/6/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15911 Activity:nil
1999/6/6-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:15912 Activity:moderate
6/5     The station didn't blow up like B5.
           \_ DS9 was good enough to stay on broadcast TV.
                \_ B5 was planned to run only 5 years when it was written.
                   \_ and both ST:TNG spinoffs were scheduled for 7, like TNG.
                        \_ And with rare exception, both spinoffs sucked.
                        \_ DS9 had nothing.  Voyager has the robo chick in
                           the corset.  The rest is a big zero.  One chick in
                           a corset a 7 year show does not make.
                           \_ She's not an ordinary chick.  She is The
                              BimBorg (tm)!
                                \_ Beg forgiveness.  BigBorg, robochick, it's
                                   all a bimbo in a corset to me.  A very good
                                   looking bimbo in a great corset, but it
                                   won't make me watch for 7 years.
                           \_ DS9 had Dax.
        \_ The show sucked, unlike B5.  The entire series sucked, unlike B5.
           It was never anything more than a cheap attempt at doing a better
           show in the star trek universe.  It was bound to failure as the
           series finale demonstrated.  Consider that the lounge singer got
           more time than the space battle, such as it was.  That sums up
           the entire series nicely.  A pox on the fools who turned a great
           space cowboy western into a cheap space soap opera (not space
           opera).  DS9 was not B5 and never could be.  They can't blow up
           the station or how would they make 9 shitty movies on it?
           Wanna start taking bets on how long before you get a DS-9 movie?
           Or how about titles?  "DS-9: The Movie".
           \_ Watching B5 is watching a tutorial on bad acting.
           \_ DS9 was good enough to stay on broadcast TV.
1999/6/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:15913 Activity:nil
6/6     Anyone have any idea how much billboard adds cost?  In L.A.?
        \_ $5.95/sq ft/day.
        \_ In the Bay Area, they're around $50K/month.
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