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1999/6/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:15909 Activity:high
6/4     Our CS dept doesn't seem to have any research projects related to call
        processing (the kind that happen inside a Layer 3 switch or ATM
        switch, not the telephone kind).  Anybody know of research in this
        area?  Or more generally, of a site that aggregates research topics?
        Yahoo is sparse on this area.
        \_ That sort of research is more usually done by EECS people at UCB
           \_ perhaps "The Cory Hall" side of the eecs family is a better
              way to put it or EE division, since EECS encompasses all of
              EE and CS.  There is no CS department.  There is an EECS
        \_ Or by firms like Lucent. You might check their website. -brg
                \- it depends what you are looking for. i might have some
                pointers. sally floyd has some papers with lbl nrg. i suspect
                the new research group van@ee is involved with will be working
                \_ I can recognize that partha-post in 3 lines.
                        \_ bully for you?
                                \- what is your point? in this case, not
                                exactly hard to do. besides if people think
                                i have a strong signature, it's easy to fool
                                people when i need to. --psb, naturally
                                \_ I think he was trying to say he's an ass.
                on some of this at cisco. i dont know much about ACIRI but
                considering where their $ is coming from, they might also.
                certaingly SIGCOMM and such are places to look. this is the
                kind of academic stuff yahoo/altavista etc arent necessarily
                good for. i think there is an organization called the ATM forum
                or something like that. look for them too. --psb
1999/6/5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15910 Activity:high
6/4     The Top 14 Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love
        14 "Mmmm... Why they call you Deep Space Nine, now I know.' "
        13 "How big they are matters little -- handles my ears are not."
        12 "Play with the one, but jiggle the two, you will."
        11 "Over you must bend, and your dark side show me."
        10 "Well, actually, a snake, that *is*."
         9 "About to spew like Mount St. Helens, I am!"
         8 "Fake not. Come or come not -- there is no fake."
         7 "Into you like a freight train I am, yessss. Oh, my little
           slutpuppy you are, mmmm?"
         6 "Now you know why they put one of me in every Happy Meal, you do."
         5 "Cuddling, afterplay-a Jedi craves not these things."
         4 "Early must I rise.  Leave now must you!"
         3 "Happens to every guy sometimes this does."
         2 "When 900 years old you get, Viagra you need too, hmmmmm?"
         1 "Who's your Jedi master?  WHO'S your Jedi Master?"
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