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1999/6/4-5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15906 Activity:moderate
6/4 wanx.  Amazon lets the publishers have access to
        customer reviews two days BEFORE they are actually posted,
        giving them time to write up two or three 'good' reviews
        the same day the 'not-so-good' review comes out.  Eg., look
        for books written by Steve S. Miller, published by McGraw Hill.
        His books absolutely suck, but he somehow has all these
        totally cheesy reviews posted by anonymous readers who all
        say the same overly complimentary things.  Stuff you'd never
        find on the Soda motd.
        \_ sounds legal and like standard business practice to me
        \-while i think this kind of disclosure/discussion is useful, i dont
        look to amazon for book reviews ... i want one thing from them and
        that is cheap prices and decent customer service. in my experience
        "truth" comes out of a dialectic ... from reading multiple sources.
        generally you shouldnt look for "one relaible source" ... unless
        it is me or the ecomonist. --psb
        \_ Uh, The Economist has its idiosyncracies too (e.g., declaring that
        Clinton should resign the week Monica-gate broke: a little
        premature, as they themselves later admited) --Economist Reader
1999/6/4-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15907 Activity:low
6/4     Anyone know of an easy way to get pine to read html?  (like
        using lynx as a viewer, etc.)
        \_ put the following in your .mailcap file:
        # Handle text files in HTML format:
        text/html;/usr/local/bin/lynx -force_html %s; needsterminal
        \_ Still looking for an HTML mail package for Xemacs...
        \_ thanks for the tip.  i don't have a ~/.mailcap - is there
           another location for this?  -caliban
           \_ Just create the file. It'll still work with Pine.
1999/6/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15908 Activity:nil
        \_ Marilyn Manson on Littleton -- chris
           \_ Seeing as this is the MOTD: Marilyn Manson WANX!
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