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1999/6/3-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:15904 Activity:high
6/3     Can you name this sci-fi show series finale?
        The captain, who has been viewed by some as a religious leader
        (while others refuse to believe this), leaves to "live" with the
        ancient race of aliens who gave him life. The people who see him
        off are:
           - The abrasive female second in command who grew to like him over
             the course of the series.
           - The wife he married in the last season after spending several
             seasons getting over the death of his previous wife (who came
             back, but wasn't really herself).
           - The security chief who finally got together with the woman he
             loved from afar in the next-to-the-last season, and who had
             to regain the trust of those who viewed him as a traitor who
             colloborated with those they were waring against and then had
             to overcome a "sickness" during the final season.
           - The station doctor, who has been recruited by people back on
             Earth to go work for them.
           - The now-leader of the alien race who has alternated between
             ally and enemy during the course of the series (and flipped
             again during the last season) and who was originally the
             underling of the previous leader whose rise to power we saw
             during the series (again with the help of the other alien
             race who eventually took control after promising to help them
             rebuild the glory of their former empire)

        Tune in tonight for "DS9: The Final Ripoff" on UPN44 (Cable 12)
        from 8-10pm.
        \_ I'm guessing either "Friends" or "Caroline in the City"
           \_ No way, dude.  "King of the Hill".  Totally.
                \_ The guy leaving his wife sounds like Mad About YOu,
                   but the blowing things up is definetly Home Improvement

        Tune in tonight for "DS9: The Final Ripoff" on UPN44 (Cable 12)
        from 8-10pm.
        \_ Yes, we all know it's a ripoff of babylong 5.  Oh well....
           \_ It's not as if JMS thought up all those plot elements
              independently on his own.  But, he did have a better show
              that managed to have those plot elements before DS9 ever did.
                \_ it does seem a bit strange that DS9 has so _many_ of the
                   same elements though, doesn't it?
                   \_ If B5 has aired a decade ago, would you be saying the
                      same things; but yes, it is a bit of a stretch, but
                      perhaps there are other plot elements that not common
                      and just as significant, ones that make this list
                      incredibly trivial.
1999/6/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15905 Activity:moderate
6/3     Could anyone here related to the seti@home project, kindly
        either make the source available, or make the solaris x86
        binaries public. I see stats on that config, so obviously,
        SOMEONE is running it on that platform. But no publically
        visible binaries?!!
        \_ Use lxrun to run the linux binaries.
           \_ Im' having difficulties getting lxrun to work.
        \_ I could say the same about netbsd binaries, but netbsd's binary
          emulation is working fine for me.  (running solaris binary on
          netbsd/sparc and freebsd binaries on netbsd/x86) -ERic
        \_ Solaris x86?  Loser, run it on windows like the rest of the world.
           Note the times turned in for the dec/NT boxes.
           \_ Wow.  The latest dec/NT boxes can actually
              keep up with 8 year old intel boxes running
              Solaris x86.  Remind me to be impressed.
        \_ Run the Linux ones with lxrun
        \_ Don't ask us - ask them.
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