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1999/6/2-4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:15901 Activity:nil
        \_ No wonder I always got good services.  Man, I love this system.
        \_ Someday they will be able to figure out on the fly who is a
           csua member too, and then you'll never get through to a real
           person in customer service - "forwarded to /dev/null"
1999/6/2-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15902 Activity:high
        \_ I was the monster in the Death Star Trash Compactor. -=Aubie
        \_ I was Obi Wan Kenobi! --chris
           \_ So was I. --richard
           \_ So was I. --richard
                \_ shouldn't chris be leia and richard be luke?
           \_ "Obi Wan Kenobi, come to bed, you are my only hope"
        \_ I would have never guessed I am Boba Fett, but it makes sense.  -ax
           acount)... c3po... the horror.
        \_ All Yes' gives "Princess Leia".  However, I too am an Obi-Wan.
           "Only a master of evil, Parth."  --sowings
        \_ Waaah!  I got "error on page"!!!  What does that mean???
        \_ I always knew I was a loser ('sides the fact that I have a soda
           account)... C3PO... the horror.
           \_ does it surprise anyone that I'm Han Solo?  -tom
                \_ He had a better hair cut and didn't twiddle around on a bike.
        \_ Waaah!  I got "error on page"!!!  What does that mean???
        \_ I'm Boba Fett!  Yes!  Ruthless bounty hunter, or glorified UPS man
        with a few scalps on his belt? Yes, your match is a bad-ass fan
        favorite and amoral gun-for-hire. But he also ends up hauling
                \_ Why don't you ask the newly elected _strong_ leader of
                   the CSUA, Paolo Soto, otherwise known as my apprentice,
                   Darth Paul.
        carcasses around and delivering them to his boss of the moment.
        \_ Anyone get Vader?
                \_ If you reverse the Obi-Wan answers you get Vader ;)
        \_ Toggling the "good with guns" seems to turn you into Chewbacca :(
           \_ so chewie is bad with guns?
        \_ boba fett as well.  fuckers.  -sky
        \_ obi wan --appel
        \_ Luke Skywalker --dim
        \_ salicious crumb - danh
        \_ obi-wan -alan-
        \_ obi-wan -mogul
           \_ what the heck are the general criteria for obiwan, I wonder?
              I dislike their use of javascript. I dislike the way
              they did the score code even more. They should have
                   \_ I wouldn't realy call this group "slacker hackers";
                      I see a bit more of a mentorship type quality in that
                      group.  --sowings
                      \_ I'd expect that coming from princess leia...
                         \_ Hi.  Reading lesson.  "However" is generally
                            used to indicate contradiction.  I am an Obi-Wan
                            \_ Now, now, don't get all prissy on us...
              had independant arrays for each trait.
                \_ Looks like the slacker hacker answers lead to that.
        \_ Luke, which makes me wonder about their criteria  -goetz
        \_ Another 3PO.  Dammit.
        \_ Another @#%$ obi-wan -bz
        \_ Chewbacca.  --marc
        \_ Han Solo --drex
        \- Did anyone get Moff Tarkin by any chance? "You may feieh when
          \_  How about any Lando?
          \_ No Tarkin, but I got Biggs.  WTF???
        \_ Luke -kube
           \_ "Nazi posterboy, blonde hair, blue eyes... gets a hold of a
              lightsaber and decides HE's gonna run the fucking universe."
              ("Leave it to a white boy to invoke the Holy Trilogy.")
           \_And Darth Vader...he's a spiritual brother. He be down with
             the Force.  He's The blackest brother in the universe...when
             WHAT is revealed?  That underneath, inside he's nothin' but a
             crusty, old whitey cracker!  His visage is SULLIED!
             \_ What's a 'Nubian'?
                \_ It's like Nubile, except George Lucas didn't want to let on
                   that he's a pedophile like mlee.
                \_ short for "Naboobian"
        \_ Han Solo -- ilyas
        \_ I am the true Han Solo. But I'm hiding from Jabba
                                    -- mysterious sodan
        \_ obiwan - sameer
        \_ It's all crap.  Proof: I got Luke.
           "NOOOO!  That's impossible!" -geordan
        \_ Yoda. -raytrace
                \_ Magic 8-Ball Yoda is all-knowing and only 99 cents at
                   Pizza Smut!
        \_ If you answer YES to every question, you get Princess Leia.
           If you answer NO, you get C3PO.  There must be some sort of
           spectrum going from Leia to C3PO depending on number of "NO"
           answers... anyone want to do more research?
                \_ Are you *that* bored?  Who cares?  This is one of the
                   more stupid motd entries.  Who cares WTF character you
                   got from filling out a yes/no questionaire?  Go do something
                   useful like watching commercials or sending spam.
                \_ The source code with all the javascript is there for
                   you to analyze. Use your brain and figure it out
                   \_ I can't believe you didn't.. it has to be said..
                      "USE the SOURCE, Luke!"
                \_ Looks like the slacker hacker answers lead to that.
        \_ Luke, which makes me wonder about their criteria  -goetz
        \_I AM Darth Vader, watch out.  --cody
        \_ I guess being chewbacca isn't all that bad --joeking
1999/6/2-3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15903 Activity:very high
6/2     question: I moved & now use netcom - and can't send email from pop
        clients like I could using the ucb hip account... soda complains
        about "relaying" email... - is there any way to fix this? -noah
        \_ Use Netcom's SMTP server in your pop client settings. --sowings
            \_ send mail to postmaster@csua and tell them that their
               sendmail is misconfigured.  netcom probably doesn't
               allow you to use foo@csua as your "From" address; netcom
               is correct and csua is wrong.  -tom
               \_ Neither is wrong, and neither is tom.
                  \_ Tom is right or wrong?  And about what?  And who says?
                     \_ Penis
                  \_ Both soda and likely netcom are using different ways to
                     keep people from abusing their mail server.  Tom doesn't
                     like soda's because he thinks it unlikely the spammers
                     would figure out they could then spam through soda simply
                     by forging a 'From: ' address,
                     and wants us to change to allow that.
                                \_ Not if you set it up to check for valid
                                         user names.
                        \_ Last place I was at allowed that shit and we were
                           used that way.  Tom is a know nothing and an idiot.
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