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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1999/5/31-6/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15895 Activity:high
5/31    After how many dates can a man ask rightfully to have sex with
        the woman?
        \_ Just by asking this shows you have a looooong way to go in terms
           of dating know-how. But here's a hint: There is no "rightfully"
        \- Hmmm...whoever needs to ask this kind of question on the Soda
           motd is really clueless about sex, or about where to get information
           about sex, or both.
           \_ Not really.  It was a troll but since I agree with you that the
              typical sodan is clueless about life, I provided real answers
           \_ I raped YER MOM! She said NO NO NO I SAID YES YES YES
        \_  it's not about how many dates, it's about how good a troller you
            are.  show her this post, and provide a sample from your usenet
            posts which are probably of a similar caliber, and she will do
            anything for you.
        \_ Never.  You have no right to demand sex.    Doing so is rape.
           \_ moron. rape = "forced physical xx".
              Saying "Give me sex now", is NOT rape.
              Saying, "give me sex now, or I'll kill you" is assult.
                But it STILL ISN'T RAPE.
                \_ Demand != ask rightfully.  However, the entire concept of
                   having a right to ask is nonsense.  You have the right to
                   ask to have sex with anyone at any time.  However, in this
                   troll's case, the prospects of any sex are looking rather
                   dim.  Asking is not rape, however.  Rape is rape.  Duh.
                   Interesting to see a troll reply to a troll.  As a serious
                   \_ are you refering to my troller post?  to respond to such
                      a post is to be pathetic flamebait. h0zer.
                        \_ I was aware it was bait as I said, however, there
                           *are* young boys on soda who need an answer, thus
                           I went ahead and answered, knowing, as stated, that
                           I was replying to a troll.  What your thought was a
                           I was replying to a troll.  What you thought was a
                           troll was really something a number of people here
                           need to understand more clearly in their daily
                           lives.  Thank you for raising the issue and providing
                           that opportunity even if you had only ill intentions.
                   answer to the original troll, however, it depends on what
                   kind of girl she is.  Some girls expect sex on the first
                   date.  Others, nothing before marriage.  What sort of slut
                   whores are you dating?
                        \_ In this country, it doesn't matter what the
                           circumstances are. If a woman says it was rape,
                           it was rape.
                           \_ No, only in bizarre places like Berkeley.  In
                              the rest of the world, some sort of actual
                              physical act is required.  Only in Berkeley are
                              you a rapist for asking for sex.  Of course
                              she'll think you're a faggot if you don't so
                              maybe you just shouldn't bother trying in this
                              city.  Other places I've been are far less fucked
                              up when it comes to sex and relationships.
          IN YA FACE!
       \_ Summation of all deleted posts: there is NO "rightfully".
                \_ Fuck you.  Don't read the motd if other people's trolls
                   bother you, asshole.
       \_ I think the original poster misses an important point. If you
          do not have enough of a common vibe with the person you're dating
          to tell whether or not they want to have sex, you should probably
          wait until more intimacy develops.
          \_ There can't be any misunderstandings if you ask her first.
             Ask her when you think she'll say yes.
       \_ Neuter your sodan today, before it's too late!
                \_ someday, some sodan's kid is gonna get a soda account.
          \_ By definition, it's already too late.
       \_ It doesn't depend so much as which date, as how much money you
          spend on the dates.
1999/5/31-6/2 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15896 Activity:nil
5/30    I want to rip an audio track from CD but I encountered errors while
        using windac and similar programs. I can't seem to play tracks beyond
        7 using my cdrom drive (which includes the track I want to rip), but
        I could play those tracks on cd players and with other cdrom drives.
        Anyone knows what's up? Thanks.
        \_ The CD could have slight flaws.  I had this problem once, but
           it was solved when I: 1) slowed the rip speed to 1x, 2)
           increased the redundancy, and 3) closed all other apps and
           ran the ripper in the foreground.
1999/5/31-6/1 [Uncategorized] UID:15897 Activity:nil
5/30    Stop the War in danh's Pants!
1999/5/31-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:15898 Activity:high
5/31    So what's everyon doin for new years eve? better make plans now!
        every place is being booked up..
        \_ It's all about penis size.
        \_ I'll be sitting in front of my computer making sure I'm the first
           person to write to the motd.public in the year 2000.
                \_ Is wallall Y2K compliant?  Will it make soda explode
                   when everyone tries to wall the first wall of the new
                        \_ The first wall of the new millennium won't happen
                           until January 2001.
           \_ Just with the same old chick huh??? Day in day out..
                        \_ get a fucking clue.
                   millenium simaltaneously?
        \_ who cares?
        \_ At 11:59:59 I'll be in my shelter pointing my shotgun out the
        \_ Like the above said, who cares?  I plan on getting laid like any
        \_ I'm doin' yer mom. Again and again.
           other random night.  Not making a BFD out of it.
        \_ There is only one place to be:  New York City.
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