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1999/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:15863 Activity:high
5/24    The Phantom Menace rocks!  I don't know what the critics wer
        complaining about.
        \_ So, tell me what you like about it.  I saw it and was disappointed.
           \_ The action sequences were excellent.  We got to see a
              glimpse of the old republic.  The actors were convincing
              IMO.  Yes, the plot is pretty simple, but I thought it
              sets up Eps. 2-6 very well.
              \_ I thought the plot was slow.  At times, I was yawning.
                 Yes, it does setup Eps 2-6 very well.  I am looking forward
                 to watching Eps 2 & 3 already.  Overall, I didn't think
                 it deserves all that hype and I was disappointed with the
                 plot and special effects.
        \_  i think what it comes down to is this: there is alot wrong with
             that movie, but there is nothing wrong with it thats not wrong
             with the other three either, and i like the other three, so i
             like this one.  for people our age, dissapointment is inevitable
             since that kind of movie is just more fun when you're five.
             \_ Yup, the other three were far from perfect (ESB coming
                closest). And they mostly appealed to kids (esp. ROTJ), which
                Lucas has stated over & over again is his primary audience.
                We're all 20 yrs older now. Of course it wouldn't have the
                same appeal to us.
        \_ i agree, it rewled.. the only part i didn't like was that C3PO
           was created by him (don't want to give away too much), but the
           rest was great., sword fight scenes great, characters appropriate.
           critics don't really know what the force is about..
           \_ "critics don't really know what the fouce is about"... HELLO??!?
              THERE IS NO 'FORCE'!  It's a MOVIE!  This isn't religion!  There
              is no God!
              \_ I find your lack of faith disturbing.
        \_ DEATH TO JAR-JAR^H^H^H^H^H^H^HEWOKS! --jon
           \_ Better yet, Jar Jar Ebonics
1999/5/24-25 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:15864 Activity:high
5/23    My friends and I want to start a E-commerce company.  Can anyone
        think of products that are not being sold on the Internet yet?
        \_ Human slaves.
        \_ mixed drinks
        \_ Soiled diapers.  Somebody out there must have a fetish for baby
           shit.  -
        \_ porn
        \_ Fresh tofu, for one.  For now you have to drive all the
           way down to either Sacramento or to San Jose to get the
           really good stuff.  And what if you move to Arizona?  No
           options, there.
        \_ human organs
        \_ Ice cream.
        \_ Promise me 50% of your revenue and I'll give you ideas.
           \_ That's it. Sell fresh ideas! Intangible product, yes, but
              potentially profitable.
        \_ Sexual services - become an e-pimp.
           \_ Been long since done.
        \_ Set up shop in amsterdam shipping marijuana around the world.
                \_ been done already
                \_ Just because you can use/buy/own/sell/etc the shit in a
                   dump like amsterdam (only parts of it at that), doesn't
                   mean that, oh say, US Customs is going to let your shit in
                   this country.
                   \_ dork
                        \_ Whoa!  You sure put me in my place!  You are *SOOO*
                           cool!  Try selling a
                           "how-to-be-cool-like-a-csua-geek!" kit on the net!
                           Train everyone to be like Mr. I-can-type-d-o-r-k!
                           Guaranteed big money!  Who wouldn't want to be like
                           Mr. I-can-type-I'm-a-big-boy-now?
                           \_ dork
                                \_ How can anyone argue with such logic?  You
                                   are truly Master Of Flames!  I bow before
                                   your vast and overwhelming intellect and
                                   general superiority!  All hail dork!
        \_ books/cds/videos
        \_ used condoms.  Especially those that are filled completedly
           with cum.
           \_ Damn, if i knew i could make a profit, i would've kept mine.
                \_ I can fill up half a condom with cum per orgasm.  Who
                   needs my cum?  -peter north
1999/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:15865 Activity:very high
5/23    Anyone had Fateman for 264 (or even 164)? How is he as a
        \_ I had him one of the times I took 164.  He's a smart guy
           but I didn't really jive with his teaching style.  When I
           took 264 under Savage Sue, I felt that I was getting a
           much much better experience.  -blojo
           \_ Seconded.  Sue Graham rules.
           \_ I had Sue Graham for 164 and thought she was really good.
              Why do people have horror stories about her?
              \_ Because she is boring.  And because she generously only
                 takes away 3% of your grade per hour (as opposed to the
                 usual 5%) when she finds out cochise died 3 hours before
                 the project deadline.  -- ilyas
                 \_ She isn't nearly as boring as most profs and though
                    yes she is though, she is at least fair, which is
                    yes she is tough, she is at least fair, which is
                    more than I can say about some others.
           \_ You don't want a smart teacher.  You want a good teacher.  IE:
              someone who can teach the material well.  There's nothing in any
              of those classes any of the profs teaching them shouldn't already
              know sufficiently.
        \_ I had him for 164 in Sp '92.  His lecture wasn't exciting,
           although he seemed smart.  I think he gave easy grades.  -- yuen
                \_ Easy grades are important (not being sarcastic).
                  \_ yah avoid a prof who gives easy grades.  His class
                     will probably teach you nothing.
                        \_ Yeah you should do what I did and take all the
                           really smart, hard grading profs, learn a lot, and
                           see your gpa drop a full point.  Good idea.  Tell
                           the corporate recruiter that your 2.8 from Cal is
                           the same as another Cal student's 3.8 or a Farmer's
                           4.0 beause you took really hard profs!  Yeah right.
                           \_ "We have a saying at Berkeley: 'If they want
                              to know your GPA you don't want to work for
                              them.'"  My advice is go to a few interviews
                              for jobs you don't want sometime when you
                              aren't obviously hungry to practice being
                              a bit cocky.  Sure some interviewers will
                              gag and not want you, but you didn't want
                              that job.  In the long run you will find
                              yourself doing more interesting work for
                              more pay.
                              \_ Yup.  That's exactly what I did.  Why?
                                 Because I didn't have the gpa for grad school.
                                 Thanks for the tip.
                                 \_ I gotta admit under a 3.0 is pretty
                                    sad.  (Which is what you need to get
                                    over the grad school cut)  Hell even
                                    I managed that.
                                    \_ You didn't take all the harder teachers
                                       like I did and learn as much as me.
                                       As I said before, take easy teachers,
                                       get a good gpa.  The rest is bullshit.
                                       Don't fall for the idealism crap about
                                       learning more.
                                       \_ oh i didn't realize you knew
                                          what classes I took.  Sorry.
                                          (As a matter of fact I tried to
                                          avoid the easy classes cause I was
                                          here to learn.  I'm just saying
                                          a 3.0 really isn't that hard to get,
                                          at least not if you consider yourself
                                          grad student material)
                                          \_ You wouldn't have a 3.0+ gpa if
                                             you took all the harder classes.
                                             Maybe you missed the basic
                                             concept that it *isn't* easy to
                                             get a B or higher in a hard
                                             class.  Or maybe Cal has just
                                             watered it down in recent years
                                             to keep the grade inflated
                                             self-esteem raised weeny kids
                                             of the Baby Boomers from going
                                             off the deep end and suiciding
                                             when they get less than a 4.0
                                             for the first time ever?
                       \_ Manuel Blum teaching 172 is a counterexample.
                          He is a very easy grader.  I probably learned
                          more in his class than in any other undergrad class.
                          -- ilyas
        \_ he's great if you get misty-eyed over Algol 60 stories
1999/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15866 Activity:moderate
5/23    And now for something completely differerent....
        <DEAD><DEAD>  (etc, follow links at the bottom)
        \_ wow you are a couple of months slower than my coworkers.  Congrats
           you win the prize.
           \_ you forgot to mention that this shit isn't even remotely
              different.  it's as trendy as n'sync.
           \_ Next time I'll check on the "Fun things csua alum coworkers have
              already shown them" web page.  Until I get the url for it, I'll
              have to continue posting things I find amusing that someone
              other than your arrogant prick self may not have seen yet.
              \_ the point is that if my coworkers have sent it to me almost
                 everyone else has seen it 3 months ago.
                 \_ "everyone else".  Your coworkers represent the world of
                    all internet people?  They are the last to see anything?
                    I'm online all damned day at work and never saw it.  The
                    point is that if your coworkers sent it to you almost
                    everyone else *in your company* has seen it 3 months ago.
                    It says *nothing* about anyone else having seen it.
                    \_ well I always thought my coworkers would be the last to
                       find out aobut some stupid over done internet trend and
                       think it was cool.  Obviously I was wrong.  You are.
                       That is why you win the prize.
                        \_ Oh ouch!  I'm in such pain!  Where's that web site
                           of stupid over done internet trends so I don't have
                           to waste your time any further?  URL, please.
1999/5/24-25 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:15867 Activity:nil
5/24    I have to recommend a laptop for an old friend.  The consensus
        seems to be buy ThinkPad.  Are these reasonable?
1999/5/24-25 [Finance/Investment] UID:15868 Activity:high
5/24    Anybody know of a site that offers non-split adjusted stock charts?
        It's almost impossible to see the historical prices for a stock like
        DELL or AOL because of the number of splits.  BigCharts doesn't do that
        BTW.  Thanks.
        \_ this is a tough stat to nail down.  You're probably better off
           computing market capitalization divided by number of shares, er
           or some other number
        \_  -- yuen
           \_ I knew that yahoo has table version of all the numbers. But
              I am looking for a graph of all the numbers.  Please don't
              say something like d/l the numbers and run it through gnuplot.
              I don't have time to do that for all the stocks I track.
                \_ Write a script and put it in cron and have it email you
                   the results or put them on a private web page.  Or don't
                   use cron if you only need it once.
1999/5/24-25 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15869 Activity:kinda low
5/24    Roadmap to what your next computer should be:
        \_ Hardly.  They're rating a p5-60 the same as a p3-550.  This is
           worthless as a power measurement.  It's all averaged in.  Go take
           Stat 2 or Math P or something like that.
        \_ That "rating" also doesn't take into account (in the PC case) how
           many processors your PC has.  On my dual Pentium NT machine it
           uses both CPUs (even though the FAQ says it can't) and reports
           10 hours CPU time per work unit, whereas if I limit it to run on
           one CPU it reports 20 hours CPU time per work unit.  -- yuen
           one CPU it reports 20 hours CPU time per work unit.  By the way,
           David Anderson himself uses an iMac.  -- yuen
        \_ Many OS'es report any intel-arch chip as "i386" so you can't
           tell from that chart which are 386/486/Pentium/PPro/K6/K6-2/etc.
                \_ Yes, but how fast does it run Microsoft Word?
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