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1999/5/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:15835 Activity:nil
5/19    Jobs at Siebel. Please send your resumes to
        [please do not post long job descriptions.  put them in /csua/pub/jobs]
1999/5/19-22 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15836 Activity:nil
5/19    Web Development Internship opportunity at Siebel.
        Email for more details.
1999/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15837 Activity:nil
5/19    The Phantom Menace absolutely sucked!  The critics are all shit
        smarter than us.
        \_ even without a shred of a decent story, and some of the worst
           child acting in history?
                \_ There was acting?
                \_ I have put a long commentary in ~psb/TPM.commentarii
                I seriously recommend NOT reading it if you have any plans to
                see the movie. --psb
                        \_ psb, did you take notes during the movie?
1999/5/19 [Transportation/Car] UID:15838 Activity:nil
5/18    Happy 25th Birthday, nevman.  Woohoo!  decreased insurance rates!
                \_ Thanks.  Too bad California doesn't seem to be on
                   the "25 and huge insurance drop" plan anymore.  -nevman
        \_ Just get married and watch your insurance rates drop without
           having to wait.
           \_ I'm sure he's working on that part too.
1999/5/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15839 Activity:nil
5/17    [motd is more interesting when it's about women and sex.  Boring
        shit about java and biking deleted]
1999/5/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15840 Activity:high
5/19    Dear root
            It would be really cool if you could remove all the old job
            listings from /csua/pub/jobs, I'd be more than happy to do
            it myself but my BSD security compromising fu is lacking.
            You see I need to find a job so I can afford an NT license,
            I can't get any work done without that wonderfull paperclip
            helping me along the way. Thank you very much and may god
            love you for ever.                  job-less on CSUA
            \_ find a headhunter.  try
            \_ Wired is hiring.  good luck.
            \_ ls -l will tell you when a company's job listing was
               last fiddled with.  Old listings' job openings probably
               don't exist, but the company probably still does.  If
               the company sounds interesting, try their website.
1999/5/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15841 Activity:kinda low
5/19    Is there an elisp package that can make xemacs read html mail?  I
        looked at the info pages for VM and it didn't say anything about HTML
        support.  Thanks.
        \_ nobody knows anything about this?  I really need a html mail reader
           other than netscape or IE on solaris.  If not an xemacs package is
           there anything else that can read HTML mail?
        \_ It shouldn't be too hard to hack in to pass html mail to the w3
           xemacs html browser.
        \_ what about reading your mail file with lynx?
1999/5/19-20 [Recreation/Media] UID:15842 Activity:very high 66%like:15884
5/19    Fuck, Star Wars really sucked.
        \_ I liked it. Yes, it was campy, yes it was for kids,
           yes it had bad acting, yes it had bad dialogue,
           \_ so you're saying that the movie was shite but you liked
           \_ This is CNN.
           \_ Bell Atlantic
              it anyway?
        \_ It's just not the same without James Earl Jones
                \_ Another poor casting choice was Liam Neeson(sp?). He's
                   just not convincing as an old experienced jedi. They
                   should have got someone with style like Sean Connery.
                   \_ no, that would make it too Highlander-ish.
           \_ $ more ~psb/TPM
                        \-liam neeson wasnt brilliant brilliant casting perhaps
                \_ Use the * luke.
                        \_ May the * be with you.
                           \_ Do not taunt the *.  - *'s #1 fan.
                \_ Use the * luke.
                   \_ % more ~psb/TPM*
                      more: No match.
                      % ls -l ~psb
                      ls: psb: Permission denied
                but for this movie, he's hardly the first thing i'd coment
                upon. still trying to avoid spoilers in public. --psb
                \_ Thank you psb for avoiding spoilers.
           \_ They should have cast Catherine Zeta-Jones as the queen.
              \_ too bad the rumors from a year or so back about Nina
                 Brosh getting the part were only rumors
                   \_ What!?! My Girl Natalie was one of the few good
                      things about this crappy movie.
              \_ They could have had her slither between the lightsabers.  -John
                 \_ If Anakin can stop jedis, think of what Catherine
                    can do to them. That would be work $7.
                     \_ I'm sweating already.  -John
        \_ See psb review in ~psb/TPM*
              /home/sequent/psb/TPM: No such file or directory
                \- it is in ~psb/TPM.commentarii. there are spoilers --psb
                        \_ psb eats ass. (#1 psb hater)
        \_ Most overrated movie of all time.
           \_ no, that would be Saving Private Ryan
           \_ Most critics rated this movie lowly already.
              \_ TITANIC. Got awful ratings. Still made ~1G$.
        \_ Was it as bad as Lucas' other brilliant film 'Howard the Duck'?
                \_ i've said it before, and i'll say it again:
                   howard the duck fukn rocked!
           \_ Almost. I would not have paid $7 for it had I known how
              bad it was going to be. I would have just downloaded it
              using HotLine.
1999/5/19-20 [Consumer/Audio, Industry/Startup] UID:15843 Activity:very high
5/19    Does anyone else also get charged $4 by some company called
        USBI for 800 service on their phone bill? WTF is up with that?
        How about the $6 FCC charge for interstate calling?
        \_ how about getting billed $7 for that, even when you don't
           make interstate calls, and have no longdistance carrier.
        \_ No, but I got charged $19.95 by a company called Entertainment
           Unlimited. Maybe it was something like that.
           \_ You damn sheep. Call up the phone company and complain about it!
               They have a procedure to report, and challenge fraudulent
               charges like this, but you have to follow them.  Its you sheep
               that don't do so that allow those companies to get away with it.
                \_ Will you get punitive damage?
                \_ Sprint slammed me and was ordered by FCC to reimburse
                   me $200 by FCC although the actual damange was close
                   to $400!  Now they refuse to honor it, what can
                   I do? Can I sue for punitive damage since it has
                   cause A LOT of stress on me?
                   \_ Sprint is allowed to ignore the FCC so you're screwed.
                      No, dumbshit, keep complaining to the FCC, duh.
                      \_ FCC takes months to reply, might as well get a lawyer
                        \_ For $200?  So it takes months, so what?
                           \_ you should see Payback.
                          \_ so you have -$2000 after legal fees
                   \_ Try your state's PUC.
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