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1999/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:15828 Activity:nil 58%like:15800
5/17    "Star Wars the Phantom Menance" is the biggest disappointment of
        all time.
1999/5/18 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:15829 Activity:insanely high
5/17    Bike or take public transport.
        \_ I used to bike to work ... but then the co. was very small and
           now I share the room with several other employees -- how do you
           deal with showers/sweatiness/stench?
                \_ It's not a problem for reasonably short rides.  For
                   longer ones, bring a change of clothes.  -tom
           \_ if you live in an rv or bus in the parking lot you can shower
                 in your vehicle and walk to work and not pay rent. bikes suck.
                \_ get job somewhere with showers at work.
                        \_ where?
                                \_ soda hall
                                \_ sun
                                \_ Any company in Marina Village, Alameda
                                \_ LBL
                                \_ organic, vivid, wired
                        \_ Showers at work is a major career choice maker for
                        \_ Showers at work aren't really necessary if you're
                           riding 5 miles or less (and depending on personal
                           tendencies, possibly much more than that).  Just
                           bring a change of clothes.  -tom
                           me.  In fact, being able to bike to work is the
                           only factor in choosing a job, apartment, and
                           girl friend.  Biking is all.  Kill all drivers.
                           \_ yes, kill 'em all, but don't let god sort
                              them out. let me sort them out. i have some
                              special things planned for the non users of
                              turn signals and those who defile the crosswalks.
                                \_ I was being sarcastic.  What kind of moron
                                   centers his whole life around a bicycle?
                                   There's a special place in Hell for bikers
                                   who don't stop at red lights or stops signs
                                   and treat pedestrians like crap.
                                   \_ I used to buzz pedestrians crossing on
                                      a red.  Was I evil?
                                      \_ Peds *always* have the right of way.
                                         Period.  *Always*.  Yes.  You fucked
                                         up.  You did wrong.  *Always* no
                                         matter how stupid they are.
                                \_ Don't forget those who think turning on
                                   their hazard lights exempts them from
                                   obeying all traffic laws, common courtesy,
                                   and common sense.
                                   \_ I drive to work every day with my hazards
                                      on doing 90+ mph.  The cops and everyone
                                      else leaves me alone, I don't pay bridge
                                      tolls and it's a damned fine way to avoid
                                      accidents since everyone avoids a car
                                      they think might be about to explode.
                \_ Buy your co-workers nose-clips for Xmas presents.
           \_ lick yourself off like a cat
1999/5/18 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:15830 Activity:low
5/17    A few years ago the 61C web page had this really cool looking
        banner but unfortunately it has since disappeared.  Does anyone
        know if there's a copy of it lying somewhere?  I think it was done
        by Charles Ying but I'm not sure.
        \_ It was me, I have it somewhere, mail chucky.
1999/5/18 [Recreation/Media] UID:15831 Activity:high
5/17    "Star Wars - TPM" really sucks.  I know this  post will get
        erased by someone, but I just have to say it because I
        feel this is the greatest disappointment in my life.
        \_ If that is your greatest disappointment then you either need to
           get a life, or already have a pretty awesome one.
        \_ Of course it does, you need only to see how much the movie is
        being hyped to know that it sucks.
1999/5/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:15832 Activity:insanely high
5/17    I've been asked the following question in an interview.  What
        should I have said?
                "Name 3 things you don't like about Java"
                \_ It's slow.
                        \_ this is no longer true.  See "HotSpot" JVM
                           for details.                 -brain
                \_ It doesn't have pointers.
                   \_ you're an idiot. almost everything is pointers
                \_ It is not C++
                   \_ that's a plus, moron.
        \_ 1. Doesn't have proper closures; 2. Doesn't have parametric types;
           3. Really crappy development environments (except VA Java),
            because you can't support incremental compilation without
            seriously hacking the VM.
            \_ Inner classes are semantically equivelent to slightly
               restricted closures (with ugly syntax).  My answers would be
               a)  A dismal compilation model which takes a language which
                   is the correct compromise between performance and usability
        \_ Real Men (tm) don't write code.  Much less answer stupid questions
           about Java.
                   and makes it run like a slug.
                        walls "asian chic".  (At least real men like
                        kchang who don't know the difference between
                        chic and chick.)
               b)  A bytecode which is an exercise in poor design, which
                   further degrades performance and makes it really hard
                   to analyze.
               c)  Some REALLY REALLY ugly syntax when higher order
                   operations are desired.  -nweaver
        \_ Caffeine is bad for you, it tastes bad, and it's snobby
        \_ There's no way to be sure that resources (not just memory)
           have been given back when an object should be garbage
           collected (i.e. when you set ptr = 0).
           \_ I believe that there is a finalization mechanism when
              objects are garbage collected.
              \_ That's right, but you never know when this method will
                 be called.
           \_ does java have weak pointers these days?
        \_ Real Men (tm) don't write code.  Much less answer stupid
           questions about Java.
                \_ Real Men(TM) write filters that beep whenever anyone
                   walls "asian chic".  (At least real men like kchang
                   who don't know the difference between chic and
                   \_ Real Men (tm) != kchang. 'nuff said.
1999/5/18-19 [Industry/Startup] UID:15833 Activity:high
5/17    Has anyone here ever moonlighted in a 2nd job on the weekend?  I'm
        considering doing that. I like my regular job, but I want to do
        something else as a freelance on my free time.  What should I look for?
        Should I asked to be paid in cash?  Or stock options?  Any advice is
        greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
        \_ You're saying you have no life outside work, right?  And don't
           want one?
          \_ That should be obvious from the existence of a soda account.
                \_ No, it's all about penis size.
1999/5/18-19 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15834 Activity:nil 53%like:15810
5/17    Internship opportunity at Ciena/Lightera.  See /csua/pub/jobs/ciena.
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