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1999/5/14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:15807 Activity:very high
5/14    So if vi is the editor of choice for sysadmins what is the mail prog
        that sysadmins most frequently use?
        \_ the ones who are tall enough use mh.  the ones who aren't?  who
        \_ far too many use netscape, stuck with calendar.  As for mh, that's
           fine for the ones that haven't left the 80s yet.
           \_ Kids today... thinking some ridiculous childish gui is better
              than config file based rules oriented unix driven command line
              power.  You the kind of kid who can't wait for win2k to arrive
              and show the true superiority of NT over unix?  I feel badly for
              you.  I wonder if you're just backlashing against older and more
              talented sysadmins because you couldn't get a handle on the
              tools they use, such as mh.
        \_ Nowadays, I see a whole gamut from mh/mh-e/exmh to Netscape to
           Elm, Mutt, self-written wrappers to Mail, even, gasp, pine. --jon
           \_ You don't see real sysadmins using toys like pine or elm or NS.
                \_ get a fucking life; it's a tool for reading mail, it's
                   not that complicated.  -tom
                \_ Wanna say that to Rob McNicholas' face? --jon
        \_ Locally, I *still* use vi:  vi /var/spool/mail/<luser>
           For outside people, I telnet to port 25.
1999/5/14 [Recreation/Media] UID:15808 Activity:high
5/14    I can't take anymore. After Star Wars Episode One opens, I'm going
        to kill myself. There's nothing else in life worth living for.
        \_ we appreciate your thoughtfullness!
        \_ Star Wars Episode 2 -- The Jedi Demise
        \_ What a pathetic person!  His/her life revolves around Star Wars
           Episode One.  Oh, puh-lease...this person deserves to die after
           \_ Can you say "sarcasm"?  Can you say "ragging on SWEO drones"?
           \_ what a pathetic excuse for a troll.
           \_ agreed. if you're gonna take an *obvious* flamebait, at least
              make the flame good.
              \_ ok, buddy i'll show you how it's done. see above.
                  you see? my troll got lame-brained responses
                  within less than 5 minutes.  this is the Way.
           \_ are you watching the news.  Lots of 24 year old dorks talking
              about how ROTJ changed their life.  'I saw vader turn from
              evil to good and it was my new life philosophy.
                \_ That was me!  How'd I look on camera?
1999/5/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:15809 Activity:very high
5/15    i am a sysadmin at a startup, and my female boss tells me
        if i give her sexual favors she will increase my salary from
        120k to 150k plus options(she is the ceo). i dont know what to do
        she is really hot, but married. please help.
        \_ Obviously it's a lie.
        \_ ask her for a 3 way with her husband -- it's ok if her husband
           is involved.
        \_ Yeah right!  As if anything that great could ever happen to a
           Cal geek....
        \_ So sue for sexual harassment and take 10 years of salary to
           the bank.
           \_ My NT sysadmin makes more money than that.
        \_ Oh come on.  This is such an obvious troll, although congratulations
           for ensnaring the few people above who are too stupid to see the
           blatant troll for what it is.  Come on people, wake up.
           \_ i predict that your comment will have no effect and the blathering
              will continue until deleted. -thetroller
                \_ I'm sure you're right.  It's just somewhat surprising
                   anyone could read that and believe it and reply in even a
                   semi-serious way.  Even our discussion of the trollish
                   nature is unlikely to prevent others from adding to it or
                   stop them from thoughtless replies re: future trolls.
                   \_ huh. i guess we both underestimated the inteligence of
                      the flame wariors(hard to do). apparently making direct
                      reference to the troll nature of a post repeatedly and
                      admitting you were the one responsible for the post is
                      enough to shut them up.  worth remembering this...
                        \_ Guess so.  I'm quite amazed, but yes it's worth
                           remembering and far more effective than the
                           typical "troll deleted" replacement.
        \_ I'm a petite young asian fantasy dreamboat 36-21-36, and
           my cs61A TA wants to cum in my face for an A on the final exam.
           what should I do?
           \_ Take drugs.
1999/5/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Sports] UID:15810 Activity:nil 53%like:15834 61%like:15823
5/14    Internet game internship: /csua/pub/jobs/Skotos
1999/5/14 [Recreation/Humor] UID:15811 Activity:nil
5/14    Dumb jokes deleted.
1999/5/14 [Uncategorized] UID:15812 Activity:nil
5/14    If anyone here has experience with the Connect Corp backup
        system (in house version, not the service), please
        contact me. -smurf
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