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1999/5/12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:15797 Activity:nil
5/11    US officials have visited the Chinese embassy before at its current
        location, before they "bombed the wrong building", according to
1999/5/12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:15798 Activity:nil
5/11    BOMBAY (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said
        Tuesday the threat to world peace posed by NATO's ''naked aggression''
        in Yugoslavia further justified India's nuclear testing program.
1999/5/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15799 Activity:low
5/11    BERKELEY (Reuters) - Some idiot keeps flame baiting in the MOTD.
        \_ No way?  Political, religious, ethnic, sexist, and generally
           offensive flame bait on the motd!  Say it isn't so!
        \_ I didn't know Reuters practice censorship.
                \_ shut the fuck up, cmlee
1999/5/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15800 Activity:very high 58%like:15828
5/11    Movie critics report that "Star Wars I: Phantom Menance" is a
        *MAJOR* disappointment.  See
        \_ Well gee, what do you expect when it gets all this pre-hype
           blitz? Perhaps if it less of an event it would get fairer
           \_ Stop with the excuses.  Most of the bad reviews that I've
              seen have nothing to do with the movie not living up to
              hyperbole but point out shortcomings in dialog and plot
              and call it a movie that tries to slide by on special
              effects.  Shocking, isn't it?
        \_ My worst fears realized.  Saw it coming.  First teddy bears destroy
            our Glorious Empire... then the prequel is called "The Phantom
            Menace".   We've been screwed.
        \_ If you'll recall, the original star wars movies did not get
           good reviews either.  They became classics anyway.  Overhyped
           movies tend not to get very good reviews anyway (ie. Titanic).
                \_ Titanic got bad reviews because it was a bad movie.  -tom
                   \_ Kate Winslet naked.  What more do you want?  I would
                      care less about the movie.
                     \- You really think Kate Winslet is anything near "good"?
                        Have you been getting any lately? Sounds like
                        desperation time...Now, I can agree with the line
                        below, but Kate Winslet??
                      \_ Catherine Zeta-Jones naked! That's what I want
                         from a Movie. Entrapment almost delievered...
                         \_ almost? you just saved me 8 bucks.
                         \_ Just rent the Mask of Zorro DVD and you see
                            part of her naked.
        \_ Advices I heard from movie critics are to lower expectations in
           order to enjoy the movie.
           \_ huh? I dunno about you, but I expect to:
              1. learn about star wars "history"
              2. see lots of special effects, and things blowing up.
              I doubt my expectations need to be lowered.
            \_ I expect to see a bunch of talent less hacks try and
               deliever poorly written dialouge as if it was the greatest
               and most revolutionary material ever presented.
               I have given up hope that SW:TPM will be entertaining.
               The stupid fools seem to think that it is drama!
               \_ Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Porman
                  talentless hacks?
               \_ That's like saying Olivier was just an amateur actor.
1999/5/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15801 Activity:high
5/12 - hahahaha - go ahead and try it
        \_ Some of my friends said they bought tickets to 'The
           Phantom Menace' through the Century Theatres web site just
           after midnight Wednesday. Normally you can buy tickets online
           one week in advance from that site, and for some reason it
           didn't block their orders even though technically they weren't
           supposed to be on sale for another 12 hours.
        \_ all showings for century21-23 sold out for wednesday. luckily,
           got mine thru 777-film though, so i'm happy =)
           \_ It's not THX.  Doesn't make sense to see Star Wars in a
              non-Lucasfilm THX screen.
              \_ There are no THX screens playing SW in thee south bay
                 (to the best of my knowledge). Isn't JLS the closest one?
                 Anyway, those seats (JLS) are hella uncomfortable and not
                 really worth it. At least Century 22 will be using the
                 new Dolby Surround EX format.
                 \_ Century Berryessa screen 2.  UA Pavillion.
                    I saw The Mummy in Century Berryessa THX screen and
                    was quite impressed compared to other century theatres.
                    \_ Hmm, they must've really improved it. Last time I was
                       at that screen was the 2nd Batman movie, and it
                       sounded as if it were in stereo.
                       \_ You probably didn't see it in a THX screen.  You'd
                          know it if it's THX right before the movie starts.
                          \_ Yeah, I know. I did see the THX trailer thing.
                             Must've been a faulty day. I haven't been
                             back there since.
                 \_ There will be an grand opening of Century 25 in Union
                    City.  I think all screens are THX.
              \_ I thought the Century theaters on Winchester had THX.
                 \_ checkout
                 \_ Century 21 definitely is not THX.  That one sounds awful.
              \_ What is so special about THX anyway?
                 \_ Ask George Lucas.  He invented it. :)
                    \_ WRONG. one of his Engineers for Lucasfilm did.
                       THX is NOT named after that movie he made. it's
                       stands for Thompson Experimental.
                       \_ says it
                          was named after THX 1138.
1999/5/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:15802 Activity:nil
5/11    People who want lots of EE components should check out "Haltek"
        (not the same as Halted) which is in Mountain View.
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