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1999/5/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15787 Activity:high
5/11    I want to donate a couple of old Sparc 2's to the csua
        via my company. Is there an offical process? Who should
        I talk to?
        \_ ms. treasurer
           \_ Who is the current treasurer? Email id would be best.
                \_ treasurer@csua or READ THE TOP OF THE MOTD MORON
              There is this form that I have to fill out, etc.
        % expn treasurer@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
        Rhys Cheung <reeser@soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>
        \_ Thanks.
           \_ What the hell's wrong with just emailing "treasurer" in
              the first palce. sheesh...
              the first place. sheesh...
        \_ You know you really shouldn't bother.  Look at the attitude.  Last
           time I donated something, it was a huge hassle and no one gave a
           damn.  The kids all make noise about wanting more stuff to play
           with but I really don't see it.  A busy alum doesn't have time to
           read the motd to find some alias and asks how to donate and gets
           shit for it?  Hey kids, time to wake up. - aaron
                \_ Nothing new about the ASUC making donations a bureaucratic
                   pain in the ass.
                        \_ I was more commenting on the CSUA attitude than the
                           UC paperwork.  Calling him a moron?  Really....
                           \_ It's the attitude of a single hozer. You
                              really ought not count that as being the general
                              attitude of the CSUA.
                           \_The ASUC has managed to lose the reimbursement
                             papers at least twice already, and are now
                             working on it again.
        \_ By forcing others in the computing community to go through our
           own bureaucratic institutions, not helping them, and insulting
           them, we only propagate something all of us detest. Maybe we
           don't want to look like kids desperate for hardware; we
           aren't, but we don't have to insult others to prove our worth.
1999/5/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:15788 Activity:moderate
5/11    got meth?
        \_ METHWARRIOR (cf. www.csua./~geordan/smackwarrior.html)
                - (fucker)
                \_ ???
                        \_ ask aspo, i hear he's the man
        \_ I can't get the chunky monkey off my back. --sky
        \_ Is it finals time already?
1999/5/11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:15789 Activity:insanely high
5/10    Outdated map my ass!
        \_ What is the greatest irony is that the epitome of war criminal
           of the 20th century since Hitler is accusing the U.S. of war
           crimes.  Deliberately killing people is a lot different than
           accidental ones (though both should be condemned).
           - anonymous
           \_ the greater irony is how we vilify so many other people and
              countries, when in fact the world probably hates US the most
              and we don't even care
           \_ I think the BIGGER irony is that when Japanese kill
              100k-300k people in Nanking is considered a war crime,
              yet when US toss atomic bombs upon civilians which kill
              100k-300k people in Japan is perfectly justified (ohh, I
              forgot, it save lives... whose lives again?).
           can't find the URL where I read this.)  Don't you think when an
              Base upon this logic, I conclude that if Serbia use
              air force instead of army do the ethnic cleansing, then
              it will not be considered as crime against humanity.
              \_The atomic bomb saved lots of Chinese, Malay, Vienamese,
                Indian, British, Australian, American, Korean lives.
                It may even have saved some Japanese lives.
                China did not invade Japan.  Japan did attack the US.
              a racist asshole who kills).
                Ideally, US should have demonstrated the atomic bomb
                on an uninhabited island as suggested by the late
                Berkeleyan Glenn Seaborg, among others.  But what do
                you expect?  You expect the Americans to initiate a
                lengthy diplomatic process to invite the Japanese
                militarists to an atomic bomb viewing party, and give
                them a few weeks to make up their minds, while the
                Japanese are killing, raping, torturing people, doing
                medical experiments on human beings, and sinking American
                \_ Actually, the US did just that, but the Japanese govt
                   declined.  But then so did the Soviet Union.  go figure.
           \_ Are you talking about Milosevic or the Chinese Communists?
              I would guess it's the Chinese Communists cause compared
              to Mao, Milosevic, though just as nasty, is still a small fry

              The problem is the Chinese do not believe in Nato's action
              against Yugoslavia, so they don't consider it just an
              accident.  They consider it collateral damage caused by
              an unjust war against Serbia.

              For me, I think the US has to interfere in Kosovo.
              What Milosevic is doing is a slap on the face of the US-led
              west.  If he is allowed a free rein, a huge question mark
              will be place on all the achievements of the 20th century
              against fascism and totalitarians.  Milosevic should be
              put on trial for ethnic cleansing (in short for being
              a racist asshole who kills).  Yes, a racist asshole is
              a racist asshole no matter where you are.
                \_ A huge quesion mark to join Guatemala, Nicaragua,
                Chile, Panama, Granada, Vietnam, ...
                U.S. Corporations DEMAND dictatorships, death squads,
                and genocide.  It's called "STABILITY".

        \_ obviously it's a serious blunder.  imagine what would have
           happened if it was the russian embassy that was targeted.
           the matter must be investigated thoroughly, including the
           possibility of sabotage at lower-level decision makings.
           i predict that in the end, heads will roll.  -- anonymous
        \_ According to a Chinese official, some US official have already
           attended events at that Chinese embessy during the past few years
           after the embessy was moved to its current location.  (Sorry, I
           can't find the URL where I read this.)  Don't you think when a
           US official has a chance to enter a foreign embessy, one of his
           jobs is to scout the building?  And now they still can't even
           get the address right?
                \_ Amazingly enough, the millions of people who can be called
                   "US officials" don't all communicate with each other.  The
                   diplomats who visited the Chinese embassy are not the
                   military leaders who decide what/where to bomb, and
                   probably assumed the multi-trillion dollar defense budget
                   included buying up-to-date maps for the milittary leaders.

        \_ How come that at the same time they have detailed satellite
           photos of ethnic-cleansings, they have outdated targeting maps?!
           \_ Technology can make up for only so much human stupidity.
              One might say that technology can even magnify the impact
              of stupidity. --Jon
        \_ It's a dumb mistake. Dumb mistakes almost always happen
           during war.  There is simply no good reason for US to
           intentionally bomb China's embassy, embarassing itself the
           world over.  Twisted theories about provoking China to start
           a war just doesn't hold well.  If they can cut an Italian
           ski lift cable, they can bomb a Chinese embassy.  By the
           way, dumb mistates are not limited to the US.
           As for China, it should stop fanning nationalistic and anti-
           US sentiments.  That would be another dumb mistake.  After
                   \_ Not that apologies from Clinton really mean much. I
                      doubt that people internationally are taking him
           all the US has already apologized.
        \_ Sorry, you are wrong.  Clinton used the word "regret" instead
           of apology.  Regret can be "I regret not bombing Beijing at the
           same time so that no one will voice out."  Also, verbal regret
           is different from written apology.
                \_ Maybe you should watch/listen to/read the news.  He
                   sent a written apology yesterday.
                   \_ Who in his or her right mind believes a Clintonian
                      apology?  Besides, Beijing wants to relieve the
                      tension on the 10th anniversary of Tienanmen.  The
                      bombing gave them a convenient excuse.  Anyway, now
                      they're finally airing the apologies.  Think anyone
                      will believe Clinton?
                      \_ What do you mean about believing and not believing?
                         It's irrelevant in any case.
                         Clinton is the elected President of the United States.
                         He still is the representative for the United States,
                         and he has apologized.  What more do you want?
                         Lives lost cannot be brought back.  Compensation?
                         Sure.  A dumb mistake should not change US policy
                         on Kosovo.  If they believed they should have
                         intervened in Kosovo before, they should continue
                         to do so.
1999/5/11-12 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15790 Activity:nil
5/10    /tmp/q3test_1_05.exe
        \_ and  /tmp/gamespyinstaller210std.exe to actually find net games
        \_ Please, please please don't put large files in /tmp.  It's a
           memoryfs mounted filesystem.  (translation: fill it up and you
           fill up memory on soda)  Put large files in /csua/tmp
1999/5/11-12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15791 Activity:moderate
5/10    Why is it that dict (aliased to
        lynx -dump <DEAD>\?!*|<DEAD> more
        ) doesn't work anymore?
        \_ man viagra
        \_ unalias dict or give a useful bug report (Do you get an error?
           What behavior do you get instead of "working?")  Would you be
           satisfied if your project was just marked "F. Doesn't work" and
           the grader didn't tell you anything more?  Would you know how to
           fix it?
           satisfied if your project was just marked "F. Didn't give me
           nookie" and the grader didn't tell you anything more?  Would
           you know how to fix it?
                \_ I'd venture to say that anyone who has taken an intro EE
                   course at Berkeley lately knows that this is how assignments
                   there tend to be graded. -brg
1999/5/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15792 Activity:nil
5/10    Ban kchang from lwall!  Mail root!  Mail Politburo!
        \_ Not technically possible without removing functionality.
                \_ uh... get a life?
1999/5/11 [Uncategorized] UID:15793 Activity:high 52%like:15827
5/11    Support the second Gas Out on May 18!  Boycott Chevron for their
        disregard for the consumer's protest and poor maintenance at their
        refinery!  Also, walk, bike or take public transport whenever
        \_ blame a company for not respecting a boycott?  please hurt me now!
            \_ No!  Blame the company for starting the price hike in the first
               place, closing down the refinery, and excusing themselves by
               using the supply and demand theory crap.
1999/5/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Startup] UID:15794 Activity:nil
5/11    Announcing the CSUA Recruiting Network!
        Alums:  Do you work for a company that's always looking for new people?
                Send CSUA member resumes to your recruiters and earn
                recruiting bonuses!  (And if you decide to donate some of it
                back to the CSUA, we won't complain.)
        New grads:  Very few people are hired for just sending a resume to HR.
                Instead give it to alums who can put it on the inside track and
                who can help you find out what positions are available.
        \_ Okay, where are the resumes located?  We are looking for QA, UI
           engineers -- szs
        New grads:  Very few people are hired for just sending a resume to HR.
                Instead give it to alums who can put it on the inside track and
                who can help you find out what positions are available.
1999/5/11-13 [Finance/Shopping] UID:15796 Activity:nil
5/11    recommend really cheap company that provides pager service?
        \_ Do you mean cheap as in the pager service is low priced
           or cheap as in the company is really cheap and wants to
           rip you off?
        \_ low priced.  not looking for anything fancy like
                alpha-numeric.  just cheap.  how hard can that be?
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