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1999/5/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:15735 Activity:high
5/3     12:01 AM Be at your local Toys R Us. Be the first to buy
        Phantom Menace toys. You know you want it!
        \_ isn't this the kind of thing a website like was
           created for?
        \_ DAMN There were no Darth Maul figures when I finally got in
           and I waited 2 hours!!!!
           \_ I wanted to get a Dark Waiter action figure, but they
              didn't know what I was talking about.
        \_ It's just a movie, people, get a grip and a life!  Grow up!  Do
           something meaningful with the short time God gave you on the
                                                    \_ God is dead
                                                       \_ Wow, you sound
                                                      \_ "and no one cares.
                                                         If there is a hell,
                                                         I'll see you there."
                                                              - NIN
           planet!  At least kill some jocks or something!
        \_ Are you one of those who go buck wild whenever the Star Wars
           trailer appears during movie previews?
           \_ Doesn't everyone?  I have to struggle from getting buck nekked!
              \_ If you are female, stop stuggling.
                 \_ If you are a Berkeley CS female, resume struggling
              \_ If you are female (and not a CS major) stop struggling!
        \_ you guys are idiots, it's a damn movie, and it looks horrible.
           That teenage queen's voice sounds so annoying! Look at you
           herds, masses, mindlessly manipulated by Das Man.
           \_ You wonder why they couldn't get some good looking female
              stars, like Catherine Zeta-Jones....
                \_ Someone described the plot to that movie as:  Lasers,
                   lots of them, and she slithers through them.  Looks good.
        \_ You realize, of course, that if you buy star wars toys, you'll
           turn into a slavering goth and massacre a whole high school...
           \_ I thought that you would turn into Bobba Fet and go around
              killing high schoolers for $$$.
              \_ You mean theres actually someone willing to pay $$$ to
                 kill high schoolers?  Sign me up!
                 \_ I hear they are not that fun to kill, they just
                    stand in one place and let you shoot at them.
                    \_ allenp once showed me a promising game for his Atari
                       ST called "Schoolyard Slaughter."  Very promising.
1999/5/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15736 Activity:nil 58%like:15371
5/2     Next CSUA Politburo Meeting - TODAY - May 2nd, 7:00pm - 343 or 337
1999/5/3-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:15737 Activity:nil
5/2     C S U A    G E N E R A L    M E E T I N G   &   E L E C T I O N S
                      Friday, May 7th - 5:30pm - 306 Soda
                      Come vote for next year's Politburo
             and hear Entrepreneurship Guest Speaker Sameer Parekh
1999/5/3 [Recreation/Activities] UID:15738 Activity:very high
5/3     So we won nine straight rugby championships. Why can't we own any
        other sport like we own rugby?
        \_ "we"?  "we" won a sporting event?  No.  What happened has
           absolutely *nothing* to do with a geeky nerd like you unless you
           have a friend on the rugby team.  Why do you see the sports teams
           as part of "we"?  You think the sports teams see *you* as part of
           anything related to them?  I think not.  Sports loyalty is idiotic.
           \_ Maybe he is part of the team.
              \_ From his general whine about Cal sports as a whole, I think
                 not.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A.
           \_ We, the school Cal Berkeley, won nine straight rugby
              championships.  Get a clue.
              \_ the whole school?  Wow, thats a big team!
              \_ Sigh... so how early did this brainwashing start?
                 \_ I think the point is, the use of "we" can extend to
                    anything school related. We received X nobel prizes.
                    We achieved this or that. It does not imply personal
                    achievement or involvement.
                    \_ The counter point being that there concept of "we" in
                       this case is false and misleading.  There is no "we".
           \_ I'm truly sorry for your close-mindedness. I am not deluded
              enough to actually believe I had anything at all to do with
              their championships. I just enjoy sports and, yeah, so what
              if it's idiotic to feel a tingle of pride and satisfaction
              when one of University of California Golden Bears' athletic
              teams win? To each his own.
              \_ How high is your horse?  I'm not close-minded.  It's a simple
                 truth.  Cal sports has *nothing* to do with the rest of the
                 school.  Tell you what, go check out the football field when
                 the Bears are out there warming up.  They're not human.  At
                 best, they're only vaguely humanoid.  If they're lucky, the
                 combined SAT scores of the entire defensive line is about
                 half your SAT math score.  Their GPAs are all higher than
                 yours though.  They're not students, they're not human, they
                 have little, if anything, to do with you or Cal or anything
                 in the same world as the rest of the campus.
                 \_ As long as we're in the lame arguments territory, can't
                    we say csua geeks are non-human too? Geeks tend to live
                    in their own little world. They get erections from xtrek.
                    No social grace. Like I said, lame argument.
                    \_ Go watch the football players.  You'll feel more human.
1999/5/3-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15739 Activity:kinda low
5/3     Is there a way to make Pnews change my email address from
        foo@bar to something like  If Pnews can't do that
        is there another newsreader that can do that?  I'm looking for a
        text based newsreader, not some giant program like netscape.  Thanks.
        \_ rtfm.
        \_ use pine for news.
           \_ Blasphemy!
              \_ Only heatens would use pine instead of the one true
                 newsreader GNUS!
                 \_ pine users can spell.
1999/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:15740 Activity:kinda low
        Once again, the media must assign blame...
        \_ It's what they're there for.  Can't wait to work 12 years plus my
           degree from an acredited school before I can be a "professional"
           software engineer.  And who the hell ever heard of that creed or
           the random .org that's spouting off about it?  What do I do for my
           first 12 years when I'm not a professional?  Who will pay me to do
           non-professional work for 12 years?  It's just stupid.  Companies
           that follow that shit will die and rightly so.
           \_ You never heard of ACM or CPSR?
                \_ No.  I haven't worked as a non-professional for 12 years,
                   yet.  When I've earned my way into professional standing,
                   I'll join up, sign the ethics document and know all about
                   it.  Having been out of school for only 7 years now, I'm
                   not yet ready to work professionally so I haven't concerned
                   myself with professional .orgs.
                   \_ Hmmm, I knew about those before I was even near industry.
                        \_ heard of sarcasm yet or was that not listed in any
                           recent ACM bulletins?  Reading Comp. 1A for you.
                      Did you follow any of the political issues in computing
                      (Clipper, crypto export, CDA, etc.)?  ACM, CPSR, EFF,
                      VTW, CDT, IEEE were always putting out statements,
                      releases, summaries, analyses... (I don't agree
                      with the CPSR on professional licensing, but I still
                      think some of these .orgs have made a different.)
                      \_ ...have made a different _what_?
1999/5/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:15741 Activity:low
5/3     The ultimate item for sale:
        \_ who would want sucha fucked up planet?
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