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1999/4/5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15695 Activity:high
4/5     If sshd does host authentication for .shosts files why do people still
        say that .shosts is still insecure.  This is assuming that all the
        entries point to a computer that I maintain and I am the only user
        on that system.
        \_ how do i use shosts?  is it the same as rhosts?
        \_ if someone breaks into that system, they can steal the host
           key.  But .shosts is reasonably secure. -tom
           \_ How secure is having tcp-wrappers blocking all external
              connections and running this computer on a ppp dialup
              connection that times out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
              I'd think it would be pretty obvious if someone broke in.
                \_ tcpwappers probably doesn't wrap all your services. -tom
1999/4/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:15696 Activity:nil
4/4     Hello what is VPN?
        \_ Virtual Private Network
        \_ Hi.
1999/4/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15697 Activity:nil
4/4     Has anyone tried sweeten the head of your penis with sugar
        or stuff like that when receiving blow job?
        \_ Yeah, I tried it the other night and yer mom
           said it tasted great.
           \_ Yet another all time high for intelligent content on the motd.
        \_ Try Windex, the window cleaner.  It burns a bit but it has a sweet
           zesty flavor.  Works for me!
        \_ Sherbet... almost froze my dick off, but apparently she liked it
1999/4/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15698 Activity:high
4/4     If you haven't seen it yet, this makes good reading:    -brg
        \_ What is the G in Gnu's Not Unix? Every recursion has a base case
           \_ Not all recursion has a base case.  Try, e.g.,
                (define (foo) (foo))
              Or, more to the point,
                (define (gnu) (cons (gnu) '(is not unix)))
              Every example of recursion _that terminates_ has a base case,
              but recursion need not terminate.  See Hofstadter's _Godel,
              Escher, Bach_ for some discussion of infinite or non-terminating
              recursion, including in acronyms.  -- schoen
              \_ Every correct recursive function has a base case.  The
                 solution to Alan Turing's Halting problem is that if you
                 wrote the program correctly it should eventually terminate
                \_ How is that a solution to the halting problem?  The
                   halting problem is trying to figure out a way to
                   know if you wrote your program "correctly" (your
                   terminology)?  Your "solution" does not tell you
                   how you know if you wrote your program correctly.
                   \_ I thought the halting problem was if your program
                      would eventually finish.
                      \_ The Halting Problem is how you can _tell_.  It
                         happens to be equivalent to one form of program
                         correctness testing, but it's usually stated in
                         terms of the decision problem for programs' halting.
                 \_ What do you mean by a "correct recursive function"?
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