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1999/4/4 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:15692 Activity:nil
4/2     A while ago someone said that the difference between .so files and .a
        files is that .so files are used for dynamic linking while .a files
        are for static linking.  Then what is the difference between .a files
        and .o files?
        \_ The .a file is a bunch of .o files, packed together with ar(1).
           Most compiler tools understand .a files and let you use them just
           like .o files.
1999/4/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15693 Activity:kinda low
4/2     How can I exceed my quota by writing to /dev/null? It just happened...
        \_ mv all you files to /dev/null, it saves a lot of space!
        \_ also  cat /dev/null > your_file
        \_ because /dev/null didn't exist or was just a plain file, and if
           you cat it, you will probably see what you wrote to it? -ali
1999/4/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15694 Activity:very high
4/2     Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
        \_ Stop walling or compiling or reading motd.publics and go watch
           this movie.
        \_ But just don't let the Matrix go below 65 miles an hour, or it'll
        \_ WOW! Keanu's acting wasn't the worst in this Shatner-fest! The story
           was great!The visuals gave me wood!
        \_ It would ave been cooler to have Jet Li play Neo than Kantactnu
           \_ They have to sell the movie; unfortunately, not EVERYone in
              the U.S. appreciates Jet Li's action.  Besides, Keanu does a
              fantastic job of portraying that "huh?" look of confusion
              every Doubting Thomas needs.  Also, he looks better in that
              coat; Jet's just too short, like it or not.
           \_ But he's supposed to seem like an inept dweeb who just happens
              to have this really cool mystical ability that's unrelated to
              physical skill or intelligence, which he did a good job of
              portraying, i thought
              \_ No physical skill or intelligence?  The innate ability was
                 supposed to give him super-human physical skill, even beyond
                 his programming.  Did you even pay attention to the movie
                 or just jerked off during the entire thing?  What Keanu did
                 do well was the discovery of his abilities. -mlee
           \_  "Kantactnu"?  This has about as much wit as one can expect
                from someone who doesn't even understand the most rudimentary
                basics of casting that must necessarily exist in a BUSINESS
                like Hollywood.  I don't know whether or not to congratulate
                the pathetic effort of this blind Jet Li fan or to laugh at
                it.  -mlee
        \_ Movies synopsed:  Terminator II, Dark City, The Abyss, Soylent Green
           ... add your own.
           \_ the futurological congress, neuromancer, H.R. Giger...but it still
              kicked ass.
        \_ There is no spoon! The Tick meets Star Wars? -muchandr
        \_ O.k. this movie isn't actually good?  Someone out there tell me
        that this sucked, because i know that it must have.  In fact, if i
        had to bet i'd wager it was even WORSE than Johnny Nemonic. -crebbs
        \_ I found it entertaining.  Definitely worth matinee I paid. -dbushong
        \_ The movie is good.  Get over Fear-of-Keanu-Syndrome, and see it!
        \_ Reports of this movie being good are greatly exaggerated.  -PeterM
           \_ You must be an "agent".
        \_ Listen dudes, the movie was entertaining.  It did its job.  Don't
           read too much into it.  The action sequences, the gun fight, kept
           me awake.  It wasn't the best I've seen, but it wasn't the worse
           either.  If you want to learn something from a movie try
           watching some PBS special.  Stop the bitching and whining will ya?
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