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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1999/4/2 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:15684 Activity:high
4/1     Im interested in putting together a team of cs dudes to
        setup an online voting system for the next asuc elections.
        If interested, mail me. --sly
        \_ weren't the asuc elections online already, like 3 yrs ago?
           \_ What's the site? Is it set up such that people can vote
              online, or was it just a listing of the winning and losing
              parties? --sly
1999/4/2 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15685 Activity:nil 50%like:15687
4/1     Informal Soda Salary Survey.  Please join in.

        Title                   Years Experience        Salary/Hourly rate
        Sr. Solaris Admin       7                       $80/hr
1999/4/2 [Uncategorized] UID:15686 Activity:high
4/1     Does anyone wall on soda?  What do I have to do if I want to "listen"
        to the wall messages beside setting mesg to y?  I've man'ned wall and
        the manpage only mention about broadcasting instead of listening.
        \_ man wallall
        \_ wall -y
1999/4/2-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Industry/Jobs] UID:15687 Activity:very high 50%like:15685
4/1     Informal Soda Salary Survey.  Please join in.
        \_ Do you want the nominal or real hourly rate?
           (i.e. no over-time, work 60 hours a week).
                \_ If you're on a salary, put that down, not including
                   options, etc.  If you're a contractor, put down what
                   you get per hour.  The amount you work is assumed
                   to be ~40 hours per week.  If it isn't, put a note
                   that you work >> 40.

        Title                   Years Experience        Salary/Hourly rate
Hrs/wk  Title                   Years Experience        Salary/Hourly rate
        English Majorz          3                       $6/hr + food (sometimez!)
        CEO of MSFT             ~20 years               Let's see I own 1b
                                                        shares of MSFT.  The
                                                        stock moved up $3
                                                        yesterday, which means
                                                        I made $3b yesterday.
                                                        That works out to be
                                                        $375 million per hour
                                                        (8 hr a day).  Or about
                                                        $6.25 million a minute
        CAD Engineer            1.5                     $53K/yr + stocks + opt
                                                        or about $100K a
                                                        second.  More than
                                                        what any of you and
                                                        any of your descendants
                                                        will make for the
                                                        next 1000 years.
                                                        shares of MSFT.
                                                        \_ not including
                                                           options, etc.

        Drug Dealer             High School + 2 ys      $250k/yr + marijuana
                                                        option.some occupational
        Sr. System Admin        4 + EECS/C              $97k/yr + bonus +
                                                           weak options
60      IT everything guy #2    3                       $36k/yr + pain
        Sysadmin                BS from UCB + 0 yrs     $65k/yr
        IEEE engineer @SunMicro MS from Stanford        $62K /yr starting
        Student Intern @Sun     0, no degree            $48k/yr
                                \_ makes that stanford MS look pretty worthless
        English Majorz          3                       $6/hr + food(sometimez!)
                \_ go away tpc you're not funny.
        English Major:          2 50-60 hours/week      $50k/yr + stocks
        English Major           4                       $85K/yr + great stocks
        Gradushit student       4.5 (shit!)             $15k/yr (shit**2!!)
                 \_ oh, and yes, >>40 hours/week
        Sr. Solaris Admin       7                       $80/hr
        Sr. System Admin        6                       $85k/yr + uberstock
        Sr. System Admin        3                       $83k+stock+ann. bonus
        DBA                     5                       $102k/yr + stocks
        TAOS Whore              5                       $90k/yr + "SAR's"
        Another Taos Whore      4 + EECS/C              $97k/yr + overtime +
                                                         weak options ("SARs")
        TAOS Bitch              5                       $125K/yr + 5K bonus +
                                                        "SAR's" + overtime
        TAOS Whore #3           2 + EECS/C              $75K/yr + S*R's +
        TAOS Assistant Crack Ho on Move Team    0       $18/hour
        Software Engineer       2 + MSCS                $82K/yr + 7K options
        Software Engineer       ~1 + EECS               $68K/yr + Great Stock
        Software Engineer       ~1 + EECS/C             $55K/yr + bonus
        Software Engineer       ~2 + EECS/C             $64K/yr + options
        Sr. C/S Engineer        4                       $75K/yr + stocks
        CAD Engineer            1.5                     $53K/yr + bonus
                                                        + stocks + opt
        Bitch of The Man        All my life             free + no beating
                                                        before dinner, if I'm
        web front end grunt     4+                      $55k + $1.4m in stocks
        Web Developer (Taos)    1 + EECS/C              $80K/yr
        \_ caught them in a frenzy of desperation
        Microsoft Janitor       1                       $90K/yr + super stocks
        Beggar outside M$       2                       50cents/min + see Gates
                \_ not quite as good as Gate$ who makes > $550/sec
                   \_ But at least the beggar gets some.
        Software Engineer       2+                      $75K/yr + Great Stock
        Mathematician           3                       $58K/yr + stock
                                                        (not bay area)
        Sr. Engineer (software) 7 (including co-op)     $80K/yr + stocks
        \_ Sheeeeeit, I'm making too little.
        Student Intern          0                       $48k/yr, but no benefits
        Start Your Own Company  2                       -$150K/yr
        consultant              4                       $70/hr
        IT everything guy       2                       $70k/yr + stocks
        IT everything guy #2    3                       $36k/yr + pain
        all my friends who work on crab boats(HS dropouts) $60-$120k/yr
        Husband                 2                       -$30k/yr - freedom
                \_ only if you marry lame - my wife is +$70k/yr
        Consultant (software)   3                       $88k/yr + bonus
        Consultant (hardware)   10                      $150/hr
        Sys Admin (econ degree) 1(real)5(resume)        $47/yr +tinystock
                                        \_ On behalf of honest peoople
                                           everywhere, fuck you.  --sowings
                                           \_ well hey at least he's not
                                              making that much...
                                           \_ diff could be grad school
                                           \_ based on what he's making, they
                                              don't believe his resume either
                                          \_ gotta remember if its a gov't
                                              job (i.e. UC) the benefits are
                                              great and the hours are like
                                              half time.
                                              \_It's not, and they never
                                                looked at my resume which
                                                I will soon be sending out
                                                because, it is low $'s.
                                                because, it is low $.
                                                \_ How do you know your resume
                                                   wasn't looked at? And why'd
                                                   you lie in the first place?
        Jr Sys Admin            2                       $46k + options
        Software Engineer       10                      $55k + bonus + options
1999/4/2 [Uncategorized] UID:15688 Activity:nil
4/1     Does anyone fistfight on soda?  What do I have to do if I want to "watch"
        the fistfight beside setting env to RACETRACK?  I've fingered mlee and
        the PSB only mention about broadcasting instead of listening. - tpc
        \_ man psb
        \_ wall y
1999/4/2 [Finance/Banking] UID:15689 Activity:nil
4/1     Anyone willing to sell/loan out some CRACK (and PCP
        if you have it) to a poor game needy graduate student?  - seidl
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:April:02 Friday <Thursday, Saturday>