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1999/3/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15646 Activity:high
3/24    "Every graveyard in Belgium has a little row of crosses with the
         date 1914, and a caption, Fussilie' par les Allemands. Every
         graveyard also has a somewhat longer row with the same caption, and
         the date 1940."
         \_ every grave yard also has corpses, so what?
         \_ What are you talking about?
            \_ fo rthose who dont speak french, I believe that says
            "ass-pounded by germans", but I have no idea why
             this was written here.
1999/3/25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15647 Activity:nil
3/24    Windoze 98 question:  the "new" option doesn't show up when i
        right-click on the desktop.  Also there is no "new" under file in
        the menu bar in any drive/folder.  In short there is no way to
        create a new folder except through DOS (no problem there). There
        is NO security on this  computer (other than what comes standard
        with win98 and which may have been accidently set).  Any ideas as
        to what's wrong / how to fix it?
        \_ how to fix it?  reinstall the os.  if that doesn't work, buy
           a new computer.
        \_ what's wrong with Windows?!?! dont get me started...
        Umm, never mind.  It came back.  Gotta luv win98.
1999/3/25 [Uncategorized] UID:15648 Activity:nil
3/24    Who was asking about the lame branded IE5 spinning icon?
        C:\program files\plus!\microsoft internet\signup\ielogos.bmp on
        my machine.  Using zdnet branded client if it matters.  -reiffin
        \_ I want to change my IE5 icon to that "throbbing N" from old
           Netscape browsers . . .
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:March:25 Thursday <Wednesday>