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1999/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:15636 Activity:nil
3/22    For fun, here is a site that teaches you money origami.
        <DEAD><DEAD> --marc
1999/3/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15637 Activity:nil
3/23    Sys Admin jobs at fast growing (soon to go public), fun, young
        Berkeley company which is doing good in the universe (I don't have
        a social conscience myself but some of you might).
        See /csua/pub/jobs/scilearn. You can ask me any questions or send
        me your resume.   -crebbs
1999/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:15638 Activity:nil
3/23    Let's say your boss is an incredibly aattractive single woman,
        what can you do to stir up the romantic interest?
        \_ tell her about your stupid posts to the motd.  she'll be impressed
           for sure.
        \_ wear a g-string to work
        \_ don't get involved, period.
1999/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:15639 Activity:moderate
3/23    Can someone give a list of good ISP's?
        \_ Offhand, I'd reccomend Mindspring (though I don't know how their Bay
           Area service is), and Ricochet (Slow, but Wireless).
        \_ Go DSL (PacBell comes to mind)
        \_ Try:
           I too want to know other peoples experience.
1999/3/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:15640 Activity:low
3/23    What do people here think of the Apple Darwin project
        ( I know RMS is bitching
        about it, but it seems to me that it's just sour grapes.
        \_ what else would you expect from RMS?
        \_ Bwah-hahahaaa.. They STILL can't pull off OS-X by themselves,
           so they've decided, "Hey, if we make it 'opensource', it will
           magically happen, and we won't even have to pay the coders!"
        \_ I'm involved in a discussion on Apple's publicsource list.  There
           are a number of difficulties with the license, which I hope Apple
           will resolve soon.  See
           Search for "Apple" on to find several articles with
           discussions about the license (and other issues).  -- schoen
1999/3/24-25 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:15641 Activity:very high
3/24    I'm tired of putting together PCs for people.  What PC packages
        should I recommend instead?  I was telling most people "HP or
        IBM, ideally Gateway" for a while until a buddy who works at an
        Office Depot told me "A lot of our returns are HPs" and I've
        been doubtful ever since.  What about Dell?  (These are PCs for
        like families and stuff.)
        \_ I'd recommend Dell.  They have superb customer service and
           30 day money back guarantee.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  You should
           ask them about DSL access in your area and they can install
           AOL (since this is a family PC).  There's a reason why most Dell
           customers are repeat buyers.  Because they LIKE the service
           and the products.  It's not always the cheapest but then "you
           get what you pay for."  Their dead on arrival rate is the lowest
           in the industry I think.
           Their customer service is so good that I'm actually involved in
           product design.  I told them I'm not upgrading my laptop until
           they produce a laptop that has a 15" display and is less than 1"
           thick.  They're working on that.  - one happy dell laptop owner
           thick.  They're working on that and I'm part of the focus group.
                                  - one happy dell laptop owner & employee
        \_ none of the major brands are a good choice, especially HP.  It
           was no small pain disabling their sound card (it never goes away
           completely), and you're limited on gfx choices.  The custom
           dell might be ok.  Personally I prefer local vendors that
           supply a variety of good parts - near the
           San Mateo bridge toll plaza is excellent - can order by web -jor.
        \_ - Digital Studio is the way to go with i-link to
           control your electronic devices such as VCR, TV, and camcorder and
           optical digital out for dolby digital and digital recording.
                \_ I don't own a tv, vcr, camcorder, or anything digital. What
                   should I buy?
1999/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15642 Activity:nil
3/24    How can I get the xterm windows in KDE on Linux to be transparent?
        I downloaded the them es, but they only modify borders, & desktop
        \_ Use eterm instead. -- schoen
1999/3/24-25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15643 Activity:low
3/24    Whats a good online place to look for reduced price games?  Last
        years stuff.  None of the local software stores have a reasonable
        bargin bin, and dealing with EBay auctions sucks. - seidl
        \_ looking for anything in particular?  If I have it, I'd just loan
           it to you.  No big deal.  You'll play whatever for a week or two
           and give it back. Happiness for everyone.
           \_ Well, I'm in Colorado, but I'd happily pay shipping to
              borrow somehitng and return it when I'm out in the BA this
              summer.  But its hard to contact you with no name - seidl
        \_ I'm actually interested in the answer to the question also.
           Is there a good reduced-price games shop online?
        \_ Look for used game dealers on the net. There are a few, but I
           forgot their URL/800 #
1999/3/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:15644 Activity:insanely high
3/24    I take it U.S. Russian relationships aren't going to well right now.
        \_ Hey, we had to test those 2 Billion dollar bombers somewhere.
        \_ Doesn't matter. They complain, we withold the food/food aid, they
           shut up.
                \_ and then lob a few nukes to prove they're still important.
        \_ First Iraq, now Yugoslavia.  Maintaining world order, all right!
           But who's going to stop us if someday we start bombing other
           countries for a bad cause?
           \_ someday start? why are we bombing yugoslavia again?
              \_ I thought we're stopping the Serbs from killing Albanians. No?
                 \_ exactly.  there's a pretty systematic killing machine
                    there right now, killing by ethnicity.  for once i
                    am pleased to see that we are doing something about it.
                        \_ When we do something about it, you can be pleased.
                           Air strikes have never changed any government's
                           policy about anything.  Hello?  Iraq?  7+ years?
              \_ Help the Albanian terrorists kill Serbs is more like it.
                \_ Now, now... both sides are in the wrong.  Don't play
                   favorites with history.
           \_ I thought Clinton only bombs other nations when his own ass
              is in trouble and he needs to divert attention.
              \_ Must be that Hillary was going to file for divorce so he
                 had to bomb someone and start a world war to distract the
                 press and public.
              \_ Didn't you see the X-files? Saddam was some schmo they
                 found in Iowa that waves his magic wand whenever they
                 want to distract the public's mind.
              \_ so whys he in trouble now?
                 \_ See? Its working. We dont know why he is in trouble.
                \_ Clinton IS in trouble over China.  That's why we bomb.
                   \_ Sign your name below if you are spying for China
                      \_ me! me!
                      \_ Me too!  -Chinese spy allowed to hire other Chinese
                         spies as my assistants on top secret nuclear projects.
1999/3/24-25 [Finance/Banking] UID:15645 Activity:nil
3/24    What exactly is "money market"?  How is it different from regular
        savings account that earns interest?
                \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
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