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1999/3/23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15632 Activity:nil
3/22    Netscape 4.51 is out!
1999/3/23 [Politics/Foreign] UID:15633 Activity:nil
3/22    Call your representatives in the government to protest against
        US invasion of the soverign state of Yugoslavia.  You cannot
        bomb a country because it refuses to secede an integral part of
        its territory.
        \_ unpalatable as it may be, killing Yugos by NATO will occur.
           In the final analysis, I think this will turn out to be a good,
           albeit painful thing ...
1999/3/23-24 [Computer/Theory] UID:15634 Activity:very high 77%like:15625
3/22    Anyone willing to drive down to Stanfurd on Wednesday?  Andrew
        Wiles is giving a lecture there at 7:00pm.  Me and a friend of
        mine would love to tag along :).  -- ilyas
        \-whos is the target audience of the lecture. where is it at?--psb
          \-general audience.  Some auditorium (I don't remember, but
            the brochure is around the CSUA office).  Tickets are $8.50,
            I think.  -- ilyas.
                \_ This is a lecture about... what?  Getting your cats and
                   dogs to get along better?
                   \_ "Better Breasts and a Tight Tummy in Ten Days --
                       With Your New Personal Trainer, Andeeeeeeeeeee!!"
         \_  Isn't this the guy who proved Fermat's Last Theorem?  --PeterM
          \_ He's the guy that proved the Tiniyama-Shimura (sp?) conjecture,
             which Ken Ribet proved implied FLT.
                \- Taniyama-Shimura and it was in the other order
                chronologically, but both proofs are quite recent.
                does anyone know how to explain what a modular form is
                to people with only 50a/50b math? i've explained a structure
                of the proof [with a lot of black boxing when it came to stuff
                i didnt understand] but i had a lot of trouble trying to
                explain the fundamental idea of the mod form. --psb
                \_ meow meow meow meow
                   meow meow meow meow
                   meow meow meow meow
                   meow meow meow meow
                   meow. meow. meow!
                \_ i have a math degree from berkeley, have published in math,
                   and dont have a clue what you are talking about(because i'm
                   into geometry, and have only had 113 algebra.) I think you
                   just justified the above post about your obscure posts.
                   \_ Infidel bastard!  You have defamed the mighty psb!  Your
                      children will grow up to fellate dead goats for money
                      and LIKE IT!!
                        \_Is there much money in fellating dead goats?
                          I also have a math degree from Berkeley and have
                          no idea what psb is talking about.
                          \_ why did I tihnk this was gonna read
                             "and am looking for a job" after the Berkeley
                                \_ funny.  My brother has a math degree
                                  From trinity College, Cambridge Univ. in
                                  the UK.  He designs multi million dollar
                                  financial options and can't balance his
                                  checkbook to save his life.  math hmm...
                                  \_ Use a computer to balance your checkbook.
                                     \_ Use one to fellate dead goats.
1999/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15635 Activity:high
3/22    Please help!  I ftp into soda, login successfully, but can't 'get' any
        files because it just hangs.  ls/dir hangs.  Example:

ftp> bin
200 Type set to I.
ftp> get file.tar.Z
200 PORT command successful.
425 Can't build data connection: Operation timed out.
        This happens consistently.  Help, help, help!
        \_ try passive mode, at your ftp prompt, type "passive".  You're
           behind a firewall that won't let the ftp server create the data
           socket back to your machine.
           \_ Sigh... my crummy ftp client doesn't do passive mode.  Getting
              a better one.  Thanks for the info!
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