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1999/3/22 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15623 Activity:nil
3/19    Any opinions on Promise Technology's IDE RAID?
1999/3/22-24 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:15624 Activity:very high
3/22    The world would be a better place if we were all a little more
        like psb.  This is truth: meditate upon it now.
        \_ What about psb in particular?
           \_ All of psb is good and desirable -- pick any aspect you want.
                \-what broght this on? --psb
                         \_ anyone else find this extremely funny?
                  \_ your existence?
                     \_ Did he say something really profound recently?
                        \_ Does psb ever say anything that's *not* profound?
                           \_ If psb ever says anything that seems less than
                              profound, withdraw for a period of study and
                              deep inner meditation.  Only then will you gain
                              enlightenment and divine the true meaning of
                              the statements of Master psb.
                                \_ What does psb look like? I want to ask her
                                   out on a date if she's cute. -csua nerd
                                   \_ psb is _HOT_.  Men *and* women alike
                                      often find themselves unable to resist
                                      his overpowering attraction.
                                \- er, the only thing remotely obscure
                                i think i have said online recently had
                                to do some aspects of 11/12th century law.
                                did that bring this on, or something else?--psb
                                \_ maybe the "destroy most white people" quote?
         \_ it's called "picking and choosing"
                \_ Partha just sounds like a girl's name.  Anything ending
                   in 'a' should be a girl's name.  Maria, Pamela, Partha,
                   Monica, Mala, etc.
                   Monica, Mala, Martha, Siddhartha (oops) etc.
                        \- domt blame my me or my parents. blame the english
                        language. in sanskrit there is a M and F version of
                        the word but they map to the same thing in low-res
                        english. the F version isnt a name for complicated
                        reasons that require knowledge of hindu mythology --psb
1999/3/22-23 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15625 Activity:moderate 77%like:15634
3/22    The world would be a better place if we were all a little more
        like psb.  This is truth: meditate upon it now.

        Anyone willing to drive down to Stanford on Wednesday?  Andrew
        Wiles is giving a lecture there at 7:00pm.  Me and a friend of
        mine would love to tag along :).  -- ilyas
        \-whos is the target audience of the lecture. where is it at?--psb
          \-general audience.  Some auditorium (I don't remember, but
            the brochure is around the CSUA office).  Tickets are $8.50,
            I think.  -- ilyas.
1999/3/22 [Uncategorized] UID:15626 Activity:nil
3/22    SCOPE
1999/3/22-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15627 Activity:low
3/22    This motd lacks the bitterness and spite of the usual motd.
        It's like invasion of the motd snatchers.  -ax
        \_ Sorry . . . spending the whole night with yermom all to myself
           just took the edge off my normal Monday-morning bitterness
           (especially since she was giving out good-customer discounts . . .)
        \_ See what I mean!  -ax
1999/3/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15628 Activity:high
3/22    I downloaded Internet Explorer 5.0 from and I have
        an ugly <DEAD><DEAD> logo on the browser and a big annoying S in the
        corner. What kind of crap is this? How do I get rid of it?
        \_ I d/led IE5 for solaris and it rocks!  I like the feature where
           you middle click on a page and that functions as a scrollbar.
           No more going back and forth between the page and the scrollbar!
           This is the best alternative since there are no "scrollbar" mice
           for Sun boxes.
           \_   *shudder*  *twitch*
        \_ dunno how you get rid of it since it happened to me with zdnet.
           I just d/led the ConXion version.  could only
           get on after 8 p.m. though.
        \_ you will have to remove the version you downloaded to get rid
           of the annoying snap stuff. you can download a different
           version like the one from msn. its much nicer looking.
        \_ Is there anyway to dl without dl'ing the small setup.exe
              has all the files local and let you select how big of an install
              you want from the files you originally d/led.  That's how
              it works on Win32, dunno about the UNIX versions.
           which downloads the rest?  That is, can I download something,
           then disconnect, then set up?
           \_ when you run ie5setup.exe there's like a button labeled
              "Advanced".  Try that.  In the end you end up with a directory
              of files (that you can bulk copy to somewhere else); then
              run ie5setup.exe again within the directory. It'll know it now
              has all the files local and let's you select how big of an
              install you want from the files you originally d/led. That's how
              it works on Win32, dunno about the UNIX versions. ie5setup.exe
              is a little buggy, too, for the full, full install (make sure
              it says 62 MB) with all the languages.
              \_ 62MB for a web browser?
                 \_ it's not a browser; it's an os!
                    \_ thank you, Marc Andressen
1999/3/22-24 [Computer/Rants] UID:15629 Activity:high
3/22    Bill Gates' wealth is hoovering around 97 billion dollars right now.
        Anybody plan to celebrate with me when it hits 100 billion dollars?
                                        -MSFT millionaire
        \_ so is that why he's married.
        \_ Disgusting!  Yech!
                                        -MSFT millionaire
        \_ Ah, the Y2MS bug will strike and $100B == ZERO!
        \_ Yeah! I'd like to throw a pie at Bill too!
                                        -MSFT millionaire janitor
                                        \-i am richer than you. --msft janitor
                                          \_ I am yet richer than you!
                                                        - begger in front
                                                          of msft HQ
        \_ I cannot even begin to conceive how much 97B is... it is like
           totally titanic.
        \_ How much of that is not in stock? What is his salary anyway? 500k?
           \_ no doubt much larger than that.  McNealy got $33M last year.
           \_ Most of what Gates owns is in stock. Why do you think his
              "net worth" keeps increasing at this breathtaking pace?
              Magic?  I'd say that, in terms of actual cash, he has no
              more than 1B.
              \_ At least $5B is diversified, so though not cash, it has
                 nothing to do with MS.
                 \_ ~$60M is in his house...
                        \_ he might have spent $60 mill on it, but no one
                           would pay $60 mill for it, so its worth is lower.
                   \_ peanuts.
1999/3/22-24 [Industry/Startup] UID:15630 Activity:high
3/22    Job description posted in /csua/pub/jobs/  --tsang
        \_ just be sure to ask randal why he left, despite high
           monetary reward soon to come.
           \_ so why did randal leave?
           \_ at least this job is in a different department, with
              different scheduling dynamics.  but, yes, getting the
        \_ tsang must be another millionaire on paper.  :-)
        \_ Incidentally, go to and check out the price of
           Bill Gates' latest book: List: $729, Our Price: $504. heh.
              "lowdown" does seem like a good idea.  --tsang
              \_ I don't know exactly what tsang has heard about
                 "scheduling dynamics", but I basically left Amazon
                 because my manager thought they could control my life,
                 and when I looked at switching departments I saw the exact
                 same thing happening everywhere else in the company.
                 (Note that when I asked these questions before I signed
                  the answers I got turned out to pretty much be lies)
                 There are plenty of people who are willing to give up
                 their life in exchange for AMZN stock options, I wasn't
                 one of them.  If you are, Amazon can be an exciting
                 and rewarding place to work.  If your priorities don't
                 all line up on a balance sheet then the most prevelant
                 comment I've heard (from all sorts of people with all
                 sorts of experience) is, "Amazon treats their employees
                 worse than any other high tech company out there."
                 Feel free to mail me if you have any more questions.
              \_ will i get 10,000 shares of AMZN at strike price of $1
                 per share?
                 \_ if the stock price is $1/share the day you join, and
                    they decide to grant you 10k shares...
        \_ What does it mean by "Intelligence can be substituted"?  Does it
           mean if I am dumb, I can substitute that with hardworking?
           \_ No.  Consider the semicolon...  --tsang
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