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1999/3/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:15594 Activity:nil
3/16    I've got a bunch of hosts running tcp_wrappers, with a master
        ip/service exclusion list updated via NIS. Apart from the obvious
        insecurity of NIS, does anyone have any experience with anything
        along these lines? (And, no NIS+ and firewalling aren't options)
1999/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15595 Activity:nil
3/16 has the best prices on O'Reilley books.
        \_ But usually out of stock.
1999/3/16-4/1 [Uncategorized] UID:15596 Activity:nil
3/16    Get a life.
        \_ The one I got at Goodwill was defective. No refunds.
        \_ haha, april fool!
1999/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:15597 Activity:high
3/16    Why don't you have to pay tax when you buy things from out of state?
        And why does Seattle Filmworks charge tax?
        \_ You're suppose to pay taxes, just lots of places don't charge
                \_ Out of state businesses can't collect CA sales tax,
                   but you're legally required to pay a "use tax" to CA
                   on out of state purchases.
        \_ The US Constitution has a section prohibiting states from
           interfering with commerce.  This section is interpreted to
           mean that states can't assess taxes on transactions in
           other states.  This is why if you mail-order something from
           Rhode Island and you live in California you pay no state
           sales tax.  However, if you mail-order something from
           California you pay sales tax.  Seattle Filmworks might
           have a California branch or office so you might still have
           to pay California sales tax but you won't pay Washington
           sales tax.  I think that is how it works, but I'm not a tax
           lawyer.  Any tax lawyers on soda who can comment?  -emin
           \_ I'm not a lawyer but I don't get taxed in Washington state
              when I show the store clerk my Oregon driver's license (doesn't
              work for restaurants though).  But California doesn't seem
              to care about charging sales tax to out-of-staters. --jeff
        \_ The more important question here is why you'd want to buy
           anything from Seattle Film Works in the first place . . .
        \_ The pics-on-the-web feature is nice.  And I've had no problems
           with quality.  -tom
        \_ The resolution on that is terrible, and I've had a lot of trouble
           with scratches on the negatives with them.  Just not worth the
           premium for that.  -jor
                \_ the resolution is fine if all you're doing is putting
                   them on the web.  -tom
           \_ But you can pretend that you're using 3L33T3 YUPP13 SUP3R F1LM!1!
1999/3/16-17 [Finance/Investment] UID:15598 Activity:high
3/16    Anyone with experience with online trading? Is it reliable? Good?
        Bad? Is etrade all that?
        \_ if you hang out on the stocks newsgroups you'll find that etrade
           has by far the most complaints. I trade with DATEK and it's ok
           for light trading, but if you're into daytrading you definitely
           don't want to trade online, EVERY service has failed badly at one
           point or another.                            -nolram
        \_ etrade sucks.  waterhouse seems OK.
                \_ Waterhouse is good.  Only problem is you can't purchase
                   IPO stocks online.  I guess it's a safety feature to prevent
                   users from buying volatile stocks.
           \_ Etrade does NOT suck.  How often do you trade?  If you're a
              long term buy and hold type of investor that likes a lot of
              research and information and powerful features, then etrade is
              a good choice.  It's not the cheapest, but then again, do you
              want the cheapest?  You get what you pay for, you know.
              want the cheapest?  You get what you pay for, you know.  They
              have good connections in the industry so you have access to
              IPOs.  Take a look at to see independent rating
              on online brokers and banks.
              disclaimer:  I am an account holder AND an investor in etrade.
                \_ Etrade sucks if you ever attempt to call customer service.
                   I've also not found anything in the research which isn't
                   available and better organized at  I am
                   cancelling my e-trade account after they failed to send
                   me a brokerage transfer form after asking at least three
                   separate times and being told "it's in the mail".  -tom
           \_ Etrade crashes a lot
1999/3/16-19 [Uncategorized/German] UID:15599 Activity:nil
**/**   Mail root for -administrative- questions. For assistance, mail help.


      Das Soda ist nicht fuer warezhosen oder mailspammen.  Ist easy
   pissenoffen die rooten und overloaden das wallall mit die fuck-youen
  und die yer-momen.  Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei das majorfuckentwinken.
      Das diskhoggen pornseeren keepen das bandwit-hosen hands in das
            pockets muss.  Relaxen und watchen das wallflamen.

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