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1999/3/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15591 Activity:insanely high
3/14    Money is a measure of success.  How many waller is a millionaire?
                 \-the key word here is "a" --psb
        \_ I have a million lira
        \_ I think some CSUA geeks joined Inktomi -- they should be

                 \-the key word here is "a" --psb
           pretty well-off now.
                 size is godo for th other person. who gives a damn about
                \_ Norby joined early enough to get in good, but has
                   probably spent a good chunk on his son's medical bills.
                        \_ what's wrong with his son?
                \_ Remember most startups that IPO big don't let insiders
                   sell their stock for quite a while after IPO, so while
                   they may be millionaires now, it may not last until they
                   can sell...
        \_ Money is a measure of dick size.  How many wallers have big dicks?
           \_ I have a big dick, but feel no need to make much money.
           \_ I always assumed it was inversely proportional. Why do you
              need money if you have a big dick?
              \_ contrariwise, who needs a big dick if you have money?
                 size is good for th other person. who gives a damn about
                 the other person anyways?
        \_ I would be if I hadn't given all my spare change to your
           mom at 25 cents a pop... -John
           \_ Sucky, fucky one dollar GI.
                \_ No, that's for the 5-for-$1 special  -John
        \_ How many waller speak better grammar than he do?
           \_ Me do.
           \_ Me speaking gooder english for you.
           \_ FISH
        \_ Puts hand in meat grinder is measure of success.  How number of
           csua-er is one-hand?
           \_ MMMMMMMM FISH
        \_ A million bucks ain't worth what it used to.
        \_ truly the wisdom in the motd rivals the most profound philosophical
           writings.  You should feel privileged every time you login.
           \_ Me do.
              \_remember: do, or do not. there is no lie.
        \_ Translation of all the above BS: No one on Soda who has any money
           is talking.  sameer is my first guess for a Soda millionaire.  -ax
           \_ There are at least 2 (paper) millionaires on Soda.  There are
              many more if you count former CSUA members who are no longer
              on Soda.
                \_ I think the keyword here is 'waller'.
           \_ Ain't he broke now?
         \_ hey, I got a million! (problems) -nick
        \_ Some guy sold me a large bridge for cheap.  That should be
           worth some cash by now, shouldn't it?  -John
1999/3/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:15592 Activity:low
3/14    After sifting through unhelpful man-pages and web pages which are
        literally replicates of the pthreads man pages I finally found a
        decent tutorial (that isn't a broken link).  For those interested:
        \_ Sun sells a good Intro to Pthreads book.
           \_ I found this book quite useful (esp. the dicussion about thread
              synchronziation). ----ranga
              \_ What is the title of this book?
1999/3/15-17 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15593 Activity:high
3/15    Costco is not having their TDK rebate. Anyone know where I can
        buy CDRs (that come with jewel cases) for a buck each?
        \_ various other CDR manufacturers have CDR rebates at various
                points in time.  Maxell might have one, but the store
                i bought them at was out when i bought them, and hasn't
                mailed the rebate form to me yet.  i have enough leftover
                jewel cases to just buy a spindle at this point --oj
        \_ Fry's usually has 5-packs of CDR's w/ Jewel Cases for $4.98 -peterl
           \_ But be careful and test them.  I got a batch of 40 that
              were defective.  Good thing Fry's has a good return
              \_ The 5-pack for $5 is the CMC brand.  I've successfully
                 used them on a few different brands of burners, but
                 definitely just try one 5-pack first. -peterl
                 \_ I've mostly had success with them too, but I got
                    that bad batch and it was a real pain trying to
                    figure out what happened until I realized the CDs
                    were garbage.  After replacing them (with otherwise
                    identical CDs) they worked fine.
           \_ Where can you get cheap CDR's in Berkeley? Radio Shack sells
              5 for $10 (Sony), but that's still not that cheap.
        \_ speaking of good media deals, I want to buy a big sack of 90
           min blank cassettes.  what have yall found to be a nice blank
           at a cheap price that comes in quantity?  -maxmcc
                \_ It depends on what you want to use them for.  Music?
                   lectures?  Linda Tripp?
                        \_ music, bass-heavy music.  - maxmcc
                           \_ Buy a computer with 18GB hard drive for
                              < $1000.  That will give you 291 hours of
                              mp3s.  Use that.  --dbushong
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