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1999/3/12-13 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:15582 Activity:nil
3/12    Several junior programming openings in San Francisco (e-commerce
        web development).  You should know some html and javascript and
        be familiar with Windows and Unix, but being able and willing to do
        a little bit of everything is more important than deep knowledge
        of specific platforms.  (We also have some senior openings which
        need more depth).  For info see or
        email me.  --phr
1999/3/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:15583 Activity:low
3/12    Does anyone have a simple pthreads example written in C I could look at?
        \_ Ya, look on the EE122 web site.
           \_ That more has to do with socket programming than phtreads.
        \_ pthread_mutex_lock(&mutex);
              (read, if work is a critical section, it destroys life) -nick
1999/3/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15584 Activity:nil
3/11    There's ssh and scp.  Is there sftp?  I want to interactively get
        and put a file.  scp is rather inconvenient.
        \_ DataFellows ships an sftp but it's just making an ssh tunnel
           to the ftp-cmd channel for you to use.  It only secures the
           command channel and requires that you have some account on the
           remote machine.  Due to the design of the ftp protocol, it
           is difficult to secure the data channel, though there are ways to
           do this that involve a bit of work on the part of an administrator.
           \_ I'm sure you could just write a little script called sftp that
              would establish a secure channel and tunnel ftp automatically.
              \_ no, you can not do it with a simple shell script for
                 the data channel.  The command channel is simple, data is
                 not with most of the unix ftp clients available.
              \_ in many cases, you need to hack the ftp client from source
                 (or edit raw binary for the truly fooful) to get it to
                 use arbitary host:port's for the data channel (you need to
                 use ftp's passive mode btw).  There is a way to combine both
                 the data and command channel for easier forwarding through
                 a novel use of a socks proxy.  This is the "bit of work" to
                 which I earlier referred.  --jon
                 \_ Most people only really care about securing the command
                    channel because of the password.  If you were working
                    on something top secret, however, that would be a diff
                    story and you should just use the inconvenient scp.
                 \_ How about:
                    ssh -f -L
                       sleep 20 </dev/null >/dev/null
                    as adapted from the fetchmail manpage?
           \_ What about writing an expect script to transfer files using
              ssh?  For example, if I want to get a file to my machine
              from soda I can do:
              ssh soda -C cat filenameOnSoda > fileNameOnMyMachine
              You can use the same trick to send a file.  You could
              write a script that would also let you do ls and other
              stuff too.  -emin
              \_ the nice thing about a "secure ftp" is that you
                 amortize the cost of the SSH authentication process
                 over the transfer time of a number of files rather
                 then once for each file transferred, and yet you
                 can still deal with files on a individual, interactive
                 basis.  Doing ls via another ssh-wrapper would just
                 add to the number of ssh-authentications needed, which
                 for some users is a high cost.  --jon
        \_ Try SRP. It provides a secure ftp and ftpd, along with a few other
           cool security features.
                \_ Can someome who has looked at SRP explain what it is about?
1999/3/12-13 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:15585 Activity:nil
3/12    THE COUCH RIDES TONIGHT!  Join the bike parade 5:30 PM downtown
        Berkeley BART to ride at 6 PM.!!!!!
           (it's our SIXTH birthday and there's a party afterwards)
1999/3/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:15586 Activity:high
3/12    My dick is big!
        \_ Any pics?
                \_ So fucking small.  Can't tell what that site has.
1999/3/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15587 Activity:high
3/12    Anyone know any unix-based programs that can check
        mail from pop accounts?
        \_ postillion
        \_ Netscape Communicator.  Also look for other gui programs at
        \_ fetchmail
        \_ pine
        \_ mutt --sly
        \_ how about a program which creates a secure IMAP "channel"
            (i.e. I don't want to download the messages) -nick
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