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1999/3/11-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15578 Activity:high
3/11    New Star Wars Phantom Menace Trailer is out! -jlee
        Avoid the rush at the site
        \_ can someone put a copy of soda somewhere?
        \_ ohmygodthatissofuckingkewlicantstanditimgoingtohavetokillmyself!!!
        \_ eh.  it looks interesting, but where's the wit of the original? -tom
        \_ greasy haired star wars comic book collecting dork gotta watch the
           trailer - is this a stereotype or for real?
        \_ New trailer in /usr/tmp/ --marc
        \_ New trailer in /csua/tmp/ --marc
        \_ And for those of you not el8 enough to have quicktime already
           installed, /tmp//QuickTime30.exe exists for your warez hosing
           pleasure. -ERic
           \_ what does e18 mean?
              \_ it's EL8, not E18. sound it out. l8rs.
                \_ that's not warez
              get the crack - play it full screen, and loop in the office!
              \_ How do you input the reg number it generates into qt30?
                 \_ Control Panel->Quicktime
1999/3/11 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15579 Activity:kinda low
3/9     What is this srp thing at Stanford about?
           \_ I saw the URL, but I don't understand what it is.
              Can someone explain?
              \_ SRP is a protocol for logging into a computer remotely
                 without giving away any information about your password
                 to people snooping the network.  This is harder than it
                 sounds; see the URL above for details.
1999/3/11 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15580 Activity:high 66%like:15562
3/11    Asshole anti-anti-censor's ""troll deleted" troll deleted" deleted.
        \_ When they were talking about "nurturing your inner child" they
           didn't mean all the time.  Grow up.
1999/3/11 [Politics] UID:15581 Activity:high
3/11    I wish my mom dead!!!
        \_ not until I'm done with her...
           \_ Then I feel sorry for you.  I wish you kill her when you're done.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:March:11 Thursday <Wednesday, Friday>