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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1999/3/3-10 [Uncategorized] UID:15519 Activity:nil
3/2     General Meeting: Tuesday, March 9th, 7pm in 105 North Gate
            Special Guest Speaker on E-Commerce - New Members Welcome
            \_FREE PIZZA will be provided by the speaker!
        \_ HELP SESSIONS planning meeting to follow, at one of our
           fine northside eating establishments. Come get involved!
1999/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:15520 Activity:nil
3/2     I'm logged in through ssh and this keeps popping up.  Anybody
        know what's going on?  am I being attacked?  How?
        Message from syslogd@xyz at Tue Mar  2 17:00:35 1999 ...
        xyz syslogd: discarded 128 unwanted packets in secure mode
        \_ Someone is sending syslog packets to machine xyz.  This isn't
           really a problem; if you don't like the message, you can modify
           /etc/syslog.conf on xyz to send the messages somewhere else.
1999/3/3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:15521 Activity:very high
3/2     After months of denying it, US government finally has
        been exposed that she has been using UN as a disguise
        of her spying operations in Iraq.  Wouldn't it be funny
        that it turns out Iraq has been telling the truth all along
        and US has been lying.
        \_ Separate the posts with a blank line, twink.
        \_ double-twink. Of COURSE they were. Any intelligent person
           would figure they were. But leaking this is literally
           "a breach of national security". Someone may deserve
           to get executed for treason on this one. Someone employed
           by a newspaper. The US agent(s) may still be in the area.
        \_ Uhm, yeah, so what?  The US was spying on Iraq?  BFD.  I sure
           *hope* the US was spying on Iraq.  It would be totally stupid
           to do otherwise.  You had a point?
           \_ I absolutely agree.  There is only enough room for 1
              aggressive country with weapons of mass destruction on
                \_ Take your commie leftist multi-polar one-world pro-UN
                   bullshit elsewhere.  This is America and I'm an American
                   and fuck all you anti-American, pro-foreigner wimps.  Go
                   have some pot stickers and vodka and think back longingly
                   to the way the world would have been if either communist
                   or fascist dictators had taken over the world.  Without
                   a strong America, you'd be goose stepping on your way to
                   Brainwashing 100a if you were even alive.  More likely,
                   you'd be dead or in a camp or in the army depending on
                   your GoodThink and genetic structure.  Asshole.
                   \_ Attention: the gift store is all out of Bort license
                      plates. I repeat, we are all out of Bort licesnse plates.
                 \_ All hail the Lincoln Brigade!
        \_ Buy a bumper sticker and chill out, dude.  -John
1999/3/3 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15522 Activity:high
3/2     I got this "11 CDs for the price of 1" deal from BMG Music Service
        in mail.  Are these CD club things real?  Are they traps?  Thanks.
        \_ BMG is pretty good because you only have to buy one.  Columbia
           house is bad because you have to buy more than one.  However,
           keep in mind that you still pay shipping for the 10 "free" CD's.
           When you factor that in, the free CD's come out to be about
           $2.50 each, I think.  It's still a good deal, though.  - mikeym
           house is bad because you have to buy more than one.  Keep in mind
           that you still pay shipping for the 10 "free" CD's.  When you
           factor that in, the free CD's are about $2.50 each.  It's still a
           good deal, though.  - mikeym
           \_ I got dicked by Columbia House once;  they did not respond
              to multiple requests to cancel my "membership", even after
              after I sent back multiple CDs with "CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP"
              letters (I'd fulfilled my part of the deal and bought the CDs
              I had to, which were pretty good.)  They kept sending me discs
              and ignoring my phone calls, so I just started keeping them,
              which is when I got hit by lots of nasty letters.  A few
              angry phone calls eventually set them straight, but it was
              a big pain in the ass.  -John
              \_ Does BMG use the same trick to make money?
                \_ They both take an enormously long time to respond to
                   cancellation notices (like 3 months).  However, you can
                   respond to their mailings on-line.  CH also has this
                   new thing were you do not need to respond to their
                   mailings unless you want to receive something.
                        \_ BMG is starting that now too
        \_ bmg thinks e-mail spam is a valid form of advertising. boycott them.
        \_ I've joined both BMG and CH multiple times -- unless the system
           has changed recently, BMG CDs average to $3.50 each, including
           shipping, and CH Cds are $5 each.  BMG has a pretty small
           selection, though, and so now I generally use CH.  -niloc
1999/3/3 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:15523 Activity:very high
3/3     Just curious, what is a decent salary for BS/2yr/UNIX/NT
        programmer??  How much would getting MS add?? Thanks
        \_ About $12 an hour.  Half that with an MS b/c you must be stupid
           to think that an MS makes you a better coder.
        \_ Most co.'s look to your salary history to determine how much
           they're going to get screwed for.  You need to back up an MS
           with solid job references.  Otherwise mostly the clueless will
           hire you and you won't like your job as much.  Having the CS BS
           and some experience will get you in the door -- mostly they're
           trying to weed out all the weirdos at the interview. $50-60K.
           $58-75K w/MS.
           $58-75K w/Masters.
           \_ $50-60k? Is this for a new CS BS grad? What about
              new EECS BS grads, since the avg starting base is $40-$50k
              or is this avg statistic just not true?
              \_ There is no CS BS degree at Berkeley. You get an AB in CS.
                 \_ Try a BA.
        \_ Master of Science or Macrosift?
1999/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:15524 Activity:nil
3/3     Are there any Bay Area companies offering smart-card related
        jobs, or at least working on smart-card related stuff?  Thanks.
1999/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:15525 Activity:nil
3/2     Added iso-latin-8859-1 compliance to wall. Bugs to smurf.
1999/3/3 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:15526 Activity:kinda low
3/2     Don't you people get bored of this shit?
        \_ I suggest a .hushlogin if you're bored of the motd and then you
           can go fuck off alone somewhere.  Thanks.
           \_ I suggest you notice that there is plenty of useful stuff
              in the MOTD, and stupid trolls detract from it.  -tom
              \_ trolls like tom.
1999/3/3 [Finance/CC] UID:15527 Activity:high
3/3     Can anyone recommend a good credit card?  I like Discover because
        you get around  1% of what you charge back.  Unfortunatly most
        places have stopped taking Discover.  The Visa card which gives
        you frequent flier miles is good too, but you have to pay an
        annual fee.  Are there any other good cards out there?  By the
        way, I don't carry a balance so I'm not interested in APR.
        Thanks. -emin
        \_ i hadn't noticed that places had stopped taking discover...
           in fact, i'm using my discover card in more places than ever
           now.  who has stopped taking it?
           \_ I am on the east coast now, so we might shop at
              different places. -emin
        \_ I like the Citibank Visa card that gets you 2% or maybe it's 2.5%
           of your purchases back toward any car, new or used.  You will
           eventually buy a car most likely, and this is the greatest
           percentage reward I know you can earn.  Ford & GM used to have
           cards that would give you 5 %, but only good toward a new
           Ford or GM, respectively.  The Citibank card demands no loyalty.
           \_ Ride bikes save money save the planet live longer
                \_ Yeah whatever.  Shut up idiot.
                \_ Live in third world courntry and you save even more.
                   You can even survive with your $10 a week income, too.
        \_Try the credit card search service, which will
        identify the best card for your needs.
1999/3/3 [Health/Sleeping] UID:15528 Activity:high
3/3     Study shows that not getting enough sleep (+9 hours a day) will
        affect your growth and immune system and will ultimately affect
        your health. Lately, I have been getting 10-11 hours of sleep.
        Is there any case study on over-sleeping and your state of health?
        \_ i haven't seen any studies on over-sleeping.  all i know is
           that it tends to make you sluggish and tired if you sleep too
           much.  it seems to confuse your body into not being able to
           energize itself for the waking state.  different people need
           different amounts of sleep though.  for some people 6 hrs is
           fine.  others need 10...
        \_  Wait, can anyone who makes a decent living by working
            sleep more than 8 hours a day except weekends?  Also I thought
            8 hours is the healthy standard.
        \_ Very few people on soda are young enough to worry about
                stunting their growth.
        \_ A healthy standard is 7 hours of sleep and 1 hour of sex
           (preferrably threesome) per day.
1999/3/3 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15529 Activity:high
3/3     What are the cons to overclocking say a Celeron 300 to 550 Mhz?
        \_ Celerons are clock-locked at 4.5.
        \_ Celeron 300As are clock-locked at 4.5.
           450 ~= 4.5 x 66 bus
           550 ~= 4.5 x 125 bus

           PCI bus is 33 MHz, but the board only comes with 1/2 and 1/3
           dividers. 125/3 = 42 MHz, ~ 25% over-stress on PCI cards.  Most
           likely this will fail because one or two PCI cards will choke;
           graphics cards heat up, too.  Christ, 450 is fast enough.
           \_ What's a good 112 MHZ mainboard? If the board manufacturer
              knows that the divider won't line up with PCI standards
              why do they release it? Why can't dividers be differant than
              1/2 or 1/3?
              \_ people think "oh, it can support 112/125/133" it must
                 be cooler than this one that's "slower".  Most PCI cards
                 are ok up to 112 MHz (1/3 divider), ~10% stress.  I heard
                 the new Coppermine is going to do 133 MHz bus (1/4 PCI
                 divider) -- the divider things are hard-wired and are
                 expensive to make variable or to put more on
           \_ dual celeron 400 over-clocked on 75mHZ board gives 450mHZ
              how comparable is this to a  pII450
              \_ is this a troll?
1999/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:15530 Activity:nil
3/3     Does anyone know of any sodan who commited suicide?
        \_ I did.  Early last summer.  But I'm still walling, FROM
           BEYOND THE GRAVE!!1!
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