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1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15491 Activity:nil
2/26    Check out: telnet, login world (then type your name)
        comments to bfeaster@csua  (80x25 vt100/color emulation required)
1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:15492 Activity:low
2/26    Anybody seen the new Lotus Notes R5 commercials?  With people holding
        the "I AM" sign. What is the name of the song and the artist?  It goes
        like "I am super man, I can do anything..."
        \_ rem
        \_ it's a band called clique.  REM covered the song.
           \_ however people keep thinking REM sold out to Big Blue...
                \_ They lost their religion.  Now they have lost their
                   integrity.  NEXT! - tpc@BigBlueBorgium
        \_ Thanks!  You guys rule.
1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:15493 Activity:nil 75%like:15481
2/25    MST3K canceled check out
        \_ what's MST3K?
           \_ look at the URL above.
        \_ After the next season.  Catch it while you can.
        \_ Oh, let's face it -- MST3K has pretty much sucked ever
           since Joel left.
           \_ NO WAY! The riffing became more sophisticated and the skits
              became more elaborate an funny. Mike is great, besides the
              fact that he's not Joel. Do you still watch the show?
1999/2/27-3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15494 Activity:low
2/26    A moment of silence for Glenn Seaborg
        \_ now let's hope the college of chemistry has the wisdom and money
           to hire another round of future nobel laureates.
                \_ seaborg -> go bears!
        \_ Amen.  Seaborg was one of the greats.  And the best damn Bear fan
           there ever was.
1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer, Recreation/Computer] UID:15495 Activity:nil
        fun with teletubbies.
1999/2/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:15496 Activity:high
2/27    Is there a win98 equivalent to "cat file1 >> file2"?
        \_ COPY FILE1+FILE2 FILE3
        \_ COPY /b FILE1+FILE2 FILE3
           DEL FILE2
           REN FILE3 FILE2
           would be my best guess -brg
           \_ What about "type file1 >> file2"? --dim
              \_ sssh, that'd be too easy.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:February:27 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>