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1999/2/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:15484 Activity:insanely high
2/26    Does anyone even care that Clinton might have raped a woman?
        \_ Does anyone even care the Pat Buchanan raped a kid and is a Nazi?
        \_ Everyone but the brainwashed ultra leftist Clinton supporters.
        \_ As long as the economy is in good shape, Clinton could start
           killing people and no one would care.
           \_ He has been killing Iraqis and Serbs all along.
                \_ Among others.
        \_ Why didn't she press charges? Isn't 21 years a long time? --dim
           \_ She said because she felt guilty, and also she would
              have destroyed her life by going against the then powerful
              Clinton.  Remember, this was 1978.
              \_ doesn't make sense.  After alleged rape, she went
                 to a Clinton fundraiser two weeks later.  Personally,
                 I avoid people who even look at me funny, don't know
                 what I would do if they raped me.
                 \_ Ever been raped?  Get raped and you'll understand.
              \_ And Clinton was powerful in 1978?
                \_ Yes.
           \_ What's the statute of limitations say?
              \_ 6 years
        \_ I care but there is this innocent until proven guilty thing
           \_ It's worth knowing.  Yes innocent until, but you'll never know
              if it gets blown off.
           \_ And OJ Simpson is innocent.
                \_ Klinton still raped my dog!
            \_ If OJ is so innocent, why are they auctioning off his stuff?
1999/2/26-3/30 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:15485 Activity:nil
2/26    Help, someone keeps subscribing me to mailing lists. It is
        overly easy to sign someone up on these web mailing lists.
        How do I keep from getting these mailing lists? Thanks.
        \_ Maybe someone as a personal vendeta against you. Have you made
           enemies with anyone recently? I'm not sure how possible this
           is but I've heard web browsers being able to transmit certain
           information stored on your machine via javascript or cookies
           or something like that (don't know much about it myself). My
           advice is that if the mail comes from a legit source email
           them back asking them not to mail you anything anymore. But
           usually it's illegit spam mail in which case you should
           complain to that person's ISP's postmaster or just ignore it.
1999/2/26-3/30 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15486 Activity:nil
2/25    What's the difference between the Celeron 300a PPGA and slot1?
        How good is ppga for overclocking?
        \_ ppga is supposed to be $10 cheaper for Intel to make, but it
           ends up costing the same to us.  Last I heard they discontinued
           Slot 1 300As.  ppga goes into a motherboard with a ppga socket, and
           these motherboards aren't as common and often have a sucky
           chipset and are otherwise below average.  As for overclocking, I
           heard all 300As suck at overclocking nowadays (ymmv).  Don't buy
           ppga, don't overclock either type of the current batch of 300As -
           Get a Celeron 400 Slot 1:  I put together two computers for a
           business with this and they're running dandy.  My boss at my new
           job has been nice enough to let me put together my new workstation
           and it's going to have this CPU in it. -jctwu
1999/2/26-3/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15487 Activity:moderate
2/25    Sun opens solaris, checkout,4586,2215357,00.html
        \_ just rumors again, like last months -- remember:
           \_ Understandably. Netscape took several months to release its
              source code for free after they had initially announced it.
              The reason being that they had to remove proprietery code
              that belonged to RSA and Sun (SSL & Java) and not to them.
              Solaris probably has portions that does not belong to Sun.
           \_ If commercial operating systems (I don't consider Windows
              to be a real commercial operating sytem) are not open
              source how do system administrators fine tune their kernels
              like in Linux or FreeBSD? I haven't had much experience with
              non-GPL operating systems.
                \_ Via kernel config files?
                   \_ Wouldn't that make for one overbloated kernel?
                        \_ Your sa fu is weak.
                        \_ Uhm... no.  How do you figure that?
              to be a real commercial operating sytem) are not open
              source how do system administrators fine tune their kernels
              like in Linux or FreeBSD? I haven't had much experience with
              non-GPL operating systems.
                \_ I prefer it when no bogons 'tune' my OS, then complain
                   about the bugs they introduced.  There are admin
                   command for most legitimate tuning these days
                \_ Via kernel config files?
                \_ Old fashioned OS'es (Ultrix, HP-UX, SunOS) provide .o
                   files and config files that you can use to rebuild kernels.
                   Modern OS'es set configuration variables& load modules
                   dynamically, so recompiling is not necessary (nor is
                   including a compiler).
                \_ You have confused your terms.  FreeBSD is not GPL.
                   "Non-open source" doesn't mean sysadmins can't have source,
                   Sun/DEC/etc. have gladly sold source license for $$$
                   for years, but you can't redistrbute the source or your
1999/2/26 [Uncategorized] UID:15488 Activity:nil
2/27    GO PAT GO!  Retake the country for real Americans in Y2K!!!
1999/2/26-3/30 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15489 Activity:moderate
2/26    AMD outsells Intel in Janurary. Kewl.,4,32972,00.html
        \_ Of course, if Intel sold its products below cost (like AMD
           is), that might not be the case.
           \_ its all about market share man. Do you think MSIE would be
               where it is now if microsoft wasn't giving it away Free?
               Hell in some cases they're paying people to use it!
               \_ Which is strange--MS is being hammered, and AMD is
                  being praised, even though they lost $100M last year
                  and are losing money with every chip they sell.  If
                  Intel did the same thing, they'd be attacked just as
                  MS is.  And now, AMD comes up with the K6-III, which
                  will lose them even *more* money per chip (and they
                  don't really want to sell many of them).  Whatever.
                  \_ They only lose money because they have terrible
                     manufacturing processes. Intel doesn't make any
                     money on the low end chips either. MS gets hammered
                     because they have a monopoly. AMD is forcing intel
                     which basically had a monopoly ot lower its prices.
                     \_ Actually, you have to design for manufacture as
                        well as manufacture well.  Yes, Intel does make
                        money on the low end chips (trust me).  It's
                        just not as much as on the high end chips
                        (obviously).  AMD has stated that they have to
                        achieve an average selling price (ASP) of about
                        $100 to be profitable.  Currently they're
                        selling at *much* less than that.  It's the only
                        reason they're selling anything at all.
                        \_ How long can they stay afloat by losing money
                           this way?  Intel after all has much more cash.
                           \_ AMD has other not-as-high-profile
                              products that we never hear about
                              because the news media doesn't think
                              that those products are sexy enough.
                              Perhaps those are the products that
                              are keeping AMD afloat.  Besides,
                              Amazon isn't making much money and
                              their stock is (or was? I don't
                              remember) worth rather a lot.  Success
                              is defined by something like the
                              Calculus of FITR, and I'm glad nobody
                              relies on me to make a critical
                              business decision that will increase
                              business success.  Business is all a
                              load of goat droppings anyway, and we
                              should all go live on farming cooperatives.
1999/2/26 [Uncategorized] UID:15490 Activity:nil
      \_ peace, man! wanna share a joint?
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