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1999/2/22 [Health/Disease/General, Politics] UID:15458 Activity:high
2/20  Gene Siskel has died. How'd the fat guy outlive him?
        \_ So is Siskel & Eibert just going to be Eibert? Either thumbs up
           or thumbs down.
                \_ He's got two thumbs.
        \_ Jolly fat man lives long.
        \_ Lots of hard drinking, drug abuse, and whoring.  That was enough
           to keep his body unhealthy enough that even cancer wasn't willing
           to live there.
           \_ was he seeing whores, or was he whoring out his body?
           \_ don't you have any respect for the dead?
                \_ Dumbshit, the fat guy isn't dead.  The fat guy is the guy
                   out whoring and drinking and drugging it up.
                   out whoring and drinking and drugging it up.  I have
                   respect for the dead but none for morons.
1999/2/22 [Politics] UID:15459 Activity:high
*********** my first time nuking themotd... have some respect for the dead
        \_ Yeah whatever, the skinny guy is dead from brain cancer and the fat
           drunken, whoring, drug abused is still alive.  Fuck you.  If I
           cared, I'd bring it back from the RCS archives, but I prefer the
           personal touch.  FUCK YOU AND THE SKINNY DEAD GUY!  So there.
           \_ Must you sound like such a prick?
             \_ yes. deal with it.
        \_ It's great that some of you can use this motd forum to talk
           tough and feel good about yourselves by insulting others, because
           I doubt many of you have the balls to say half this stuff to
           people in person. -peterl
           \_ actually, I think john salomon would
1999/2/22-24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15461 Activity:high
2/22    Is there an equivalent to the UNIX command '| more' in VMS?
           \_ Besides the Soviet Doomsday machine, who the hell uses VMS?
           \_ On older systems, you can
           $ <commands producing lots of output>
           on new (v7.1ish systems) you can
           $ PIPE <commands producing lots of output> | MORE
           You can put the assignment of MORE in your http://LOGIN.COM,
           so it will be there every time you log in.  Or you
           could just use the POSIX command interpreter and
           forget about all this nonsense. -brg
           \_ Holy shit.... And I thought a lot of unix stuff was arcane.
1999/2/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:15462 Activity:nil
2/22    Can anyone give me access to (or run a binary for me on) a K6-III
        running FreeBSD or Linux?  --PeterM
        \_ Whats yer binary?  Rootkit?
           \_ No, it's a plasma simulation, I want to benchmark a K6-III.
              I don't bite the hand that feeds me either.  Messing up someone
              who helps me seems stupid. --PeterM
1999/2/22-24 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15463 Activity:nil
2/22    Trying to decide if we need another T-1.  Can anyoned recommend
        software for monitoring the amount/percentage being used? -crebbs
          \_ MRTG rules, and it is free!  -ERic
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