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1999/2/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15440 Activity:nil
2/19    Something is wrong with both "dict" and "webster".
        \_ gee now that's a useful bug report...
1999/2/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15441 Activity:nil
2/18    Anyone out there try to recompile the kernel with RedHat 5.2?
        I tried to, including firewall/IP-masquerading, and there was a file
        missing during the compile. Please post, or let me know. -noah
        \_ gee what a helpful problem report.
        \_ Replace the missing file.
1999/2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15442 Activity:nil 50%like:15439 57%like:15731
2/19    I would like to wish everyone on Soda a very happy day,
        and a great weekend!
        \_ If you don't see me again on Soda this year, I wish everyone happy
           day, a great weekend, a wonderful month, and a super year.
                \_ And you are...?
1999/2/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15443 Activity:high
2/19    I can't remember what was the command to convert text into an
        ASCII graphic...  Any clues?
        \_ use a scanner?
           \_ No no no.  i mean that Unix function that takes a text
              string say Hello and outputs text made up of letters and
              symbols and stuff.. it was posted on motd before..
              \_     _  _          _                   _         _
                    | \| |___   __| |_  _ ___  __ __ _| |_  __ _| |_
                    | .` / _ \ / _| | || / -_) \ V  V / ' \/ _` |  _|
                    |_|\_\___/ \__|_|\_,_\___|  \_/\_/|_||_\__,_|\__|
                     _  _ ___ _  _   _ __  ___ __ _ _ _
                    | || / _ \ || | | '  \/ -_) _` | ' \ _
                     \_, \___/\_,_| |_|_|_\___\__,_|_||_(_)
                \_ figlet?
                   \_ that's not it.
                        \_ piglet
                           \_ sniglet
1999/2/19 [Reference/Celebration] UID:15444 Activity:nil 66%like:15768
2/19    Happy birthday lila.
1999/2/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15445 Activity:nil
2/19    Is something wrong with "dict" and "webster" commands?
1999/2/19-21 [Uncategorized] UID:15446 Activity:nil
2/19    I don't know why this question keeps getting erased, but why are
        "dict" and "webster" not working?
        \_ Encyclopaedia Britannica changed their dictionary CGI,
           which webster/dict uses. it's been fixed. -jwang
           \_ dict has now been replaced by a much better dictionary client.
              webster remains unchanged.
              \_ What is the name of the new client?
        \_ I dont why root never gets mail like this.
1999/2/19-21 [Uncategorized] UID:15447 Activity:kinda low
2/19    It's still lila's birthday.
        \_ You only care because you think it increases your odds of scoring.
           \_ lila's only 20!?
                \_ "only"?  That's old enough.  You have an age 21 minimum on
                   getting laid?  Is this some bizarre Catholic thing?
1999/2/19-21 [Uncategorized] UID:15448 Activity:kinda low
2/19    Speed of light reduced to 38mph in a Bottle of Bosons!
        \_ You can now say that you drive faster than the speed of light.
        \_ Physics police: I think you meant "propagation speed of light",
           or something similar.           NOT the same thing.
           \_ thats how a physicist would use "speed of light", and for what peo
              ple generaly refer to as the "speed of light" would be the speed
              of light in a vacuum.
              -arrogant cs guy who pretends to know physics police
        \_ They actually expect to slow it to 120 feet/hour. Here's a more
           complete story:
           \_ cool link. One of the things they didn't state is that it sounds
              like this may allow for ultra-high-res visible-spectrum
              microscopes and telescopes
        \_ I guess "Warp Speed" is a reality now
                \- in an interesting personal note, einstein's son taught here
                and S.N. Bose's grandson went here. --psb
1999/2/19-21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15449 Activity:low
2/19    Don't buy from Site For Sore Eyes.  Besides being incompetent,
        overpriced, and complete liars ("Your insurance will cover it."),
        their service sucks and their warranty is virtually useless.
        \_ Try "For Eyes".  Prices are fairly reasonable and service is
           very friendly.  They also have a good warrenty on their stuff.
        \_ "For Eyes" will also fix your b0rken eyewear free of charge
                even if you didn't buy it there...if it can be fixed.
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