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1999/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15435 Activity:high
2/17    Are there any people w/ wearables at Cal/csua? -sly
        \_ I wear 'em everyday.  Except Sunday.
           \_ what kind?
                \_Are these like GrrrAnimals?
1999/2/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15436 Activity:moderate
2/17    running slackware linux V 2,  I can ftp as anonymous but NOT as a
        user.  I can telnet in as a user but, once in, if i type "login"
        and the SAME username and password it won't let me in, but I CAN
        "rlogin."  WTF??
        \_ Your shell isn't listed in /etc/shells  --dbushong
            \_ Oh, they are listed.  (Shells plural since none of the
                users can ftp or "login" regardless of what shell they
                are using).
        \_ Also, some ftpd's have their own shells file.  This may not apply
           in your case, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
1999/2/18-19 [Computer/HW] UID:15437 Activity:very high
2/18    This is pretty badass:  <DEAD><DEAD>  -John
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> for the original.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> for the original.  It's like PC Anywhere but free
           and puts a _huge_ load on the server, but it does work multi
           platform.  There's a client and a server for X, Windows, and a
           bunch of other whacky platforms.  Source available.
           \_ It seems like a replacement for your original X-server
              all together which would suck if you were running a commercial
              X-server like MetroX.  I'm not exactly sure how it displays
              apps using both X and VNC protocols at the same time.
                \_ It doesn't replace your X server.  Go read the docs, I'm
                   not going to explain to you what they already make very
                   clear.  The concept is extremely useful, the problem is
                   the server is piggy on certain OS's which shall remain
                   nameless.  But it _does_ work.  I use it when desperate.
1999/2/18 [Uncategorized] UID:15438 Activity:nil
2/18    What's the difference between *.php pages and *.cgi pages? As a
        sys admin/web meister at SGI I am pretty familiar with *.cgi, but
        what is *.php, and where can I read about them? Thanks.
1999/2/18 [Uncategorized] UID:15439 Activity:nil 50%like:15442
2/18    I would like to wish everyone on soda a happy day.
        \_ well I will wish them all a _rainy_ day. -ERic
           \_ i will go on a hunger strike and boycott the outdoors until
              stops raining.
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