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1999/2/17-18 [Reference/Celebration] UID:15429 Activity:high
2/16    Happy Chinese New Year!  -chaos
            \_ Lunar
                \_ A year is a year.  Whether the calendar is solar or lunar
                   based isn't meaningful for the Happy New Year! thing....
                   The Chinese aren't the only people with a lunar calendar.
                   In fact, except for the Roman calendar, I don't know of a
                   calendar making people who didn't have a lunar calendar and
                   the Romans only had one at the start of their decline.
                   Well, I suppose the pre-European South & Central Americans
                   had a really complex calendar system but no one knows how
                   it really worked anymore.
            \_  1. Not all lunar calendar started on the same dayu.
                2. It is technically incorrect to call Chinese calendar, used
                in much of east Asia, a lunar calendar.  It is solar-lunar
        \_ Gung Hay Fat Choy!
           \_ Who're you calling fat!?!
              \_ You!!!
        \_ varying the length of lunar years to make them approximate
                solar years counts not
                \_ If you lived in a lunar year calendar culture, you would
                   *not* say, "Happy Lunar New Year!" anymore than you would
                   say, "Happy Solar New Year!" living in a solar year
                   \_ speak for yourself
                        \_ I was doing ok speaking for you.
                   calendar culture.  My point being it doesn't matter the
                   type of calendar when wishing one a HNY because the
                   calendar is internally consistent.
1999/2/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:15430 Activity:high
2/16    Only 5000-7200 tigers left in this world!  Save the species.
        \_ In the wild, or total?
        \_ Only a handful of sensible homo sapiens left on Earth!
          \_ theyre doomed anyway.
                \_ The tigers or the people?
                   \_ And if you're a person born in the year of the Tiger?
                      \_ then I will hunt you for your warm pelt
                         \_ meow meow meow meow
                            meow meow meow meow
                            meow meow meow meow
                            meow meow meow meow
                            meow. meow. meow!
                            \_ meow at the cops!
                                \_ NO, BARK AT THE COPS!
                                   Fools jump out of cars to count dogs and
                                   give tickets to kids for TOO MANY DOGS.
                                   \_ What are you taking?  Me too?
                                      \_ Gosh, I wonder hasn't been reading
                                         the paper for the last year or so...
                                        \_ I read it everyday.  Rather than
                                           the snittish reply you could have
                                           just answered.  Actually, it's
                                           quite likely I was reading the
                                           paper everyday before you could
                                           read but that's not your fault.
                                        \_ stock up on tiger balm while
                                           you still can.
1999/2/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:15431 Activity:nil
2/16    Anyone out there have any experience with the local ADSL ISPs?
        How is PacBell compared to any of the others out there?
        \_ well lately pbi's been having lots of outages.  OTOH, they've
            been forgetting to bill for service too.  Heh.-ERic
        \_ i use tycho (via covad) and have been nothing but thrilled
           with their service.  one tiny, short outage in the last
           four months.  the staff is totally on top of the tech
           and stuff, not your typical bonehead isp staff.  wuick
           turnaround, and currently offering free installation.
           i've known them for a number of years, too, so that's
           a disclaimer as well as an additional recomendation.
           they don't suck             --caliban
1999/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:15432 Activity:nil
2/16    Anyone want a perfectly good couch/endtable?  We're moving,
        and don't want to take them with us.  They're in San Jose, so
        if you want them, let me know and come and get them. -brianm
1999/2/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:15433 Activity:nil
2/17    cs174 wants for a reader, mail dag@cs if you qualify
1999/2/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:15434 Activity:kinda low
2/17    Is "High Output Management" by Andrew Grove any good?  I'm definitely
        getting "Only the paranoid survive" but I'm not sure if I want to buy
        "High Output" also.  Recommendations?
        \_ ask HKN, the CSUA is all low power.
           \_ what the heck does this mean?
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