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1999/2/16-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:15417 Activity:low
2/15    Anyone know anything about JDK-1.2 (a.k.a. Java 2) under Linux?  Sun
        made a press release in November claiming they were releasing it "next
        week" but I see neither hide or hair of it since then, just a pointer
        to who claim they'll give an update on how it's going
        when they get around to it..   --dbushong
        \_ What I'm curious about it why Sun doesn't just take the Solaris
           javac source code and port it over to Linux and FreeBSD straight
           rather than licensing it to blackdown.
                \_ Control, baby, control!  He would wields the source, holds
                   the power!  What would happen to M$ if they released
                   Windows' source?  (other than getting laughed at by
                   millions of hackers)
                       \_ It takes a monopoly of billions to hold us back
                   \_ Uh, if Sun ported javac straight to Linux and FreeBSD
                      they wouldn't be releasing the source to anyone.
                        \_ Hard/software sales, baby, sales!
                \_ probably because Sun doesn't want to maintain Linux code,
                   since it's not their OS.  Plus when they license out
                   Java the licensee gets source to modify.  Then they pay Sun.
                \_ javac is written in Java. You probably meant JVM
1999/2/16 [Transportation/Car] UID:15418 Activity:insanely high
2/15    I just bought a new car. The dealer install for fog light costs about
        $300. Here are my questions. EXACTLY how effective are fog lights,
        are they worth $300, and is the "do-it-yourself" kit ($150) easy to
        install? THANKS.
        \_ I smell a riceboy... but anyways, fog lights are effective as
           long as they are yellow and mounted low. Installation
           difficulty varies according to how much is pre-wired in your
           car. Usually, it's Switch-Relay-Light, and some grounds.
           \_ The PC term to use here is rice rocket.
                 \_ So as long as there's a worse racial epithet any lesser
                    one is ok to use?  I see....
           \_ Racist.
              \_ Calling other people "riceboy" might be racist. I'm not too
                 offended myself because there are much worst racial slangs
           long as they are yellow and mounted low. Installation
           difficulty varies according to how much is pre-wired in your
           car. Usually, it's Switch-Relay-Light, and some grounds.
                 than that one. But you've go to admit that those lowered
                 super modified 60hp Honda Civics with an unplugged muffler,
                 anti-white people Lambda frat decals, annoying fog lights, and
                 punk ass looser drivers make us normal Asians look bad.
                 \_ amen to that!  Idiot asian punks who customize honda
                    civics/accords really make normal asian guys look BAD.
                    Why do you behave like such dorks?  This is not HK or
                    Taiwan pal, stop acting like idiots.
                    \_ It's funny to see people from SanFranSissyBayArea
                       call other people punks.  Whether you are asian,
                       white or whatever, and whether you drive a Jeep
                       Cherokee, Honda Civic, Volkswagon, or BMW, to people
                       from other parts of the country, you will always be
                       a sissy punk ass.
                    \_ You may think you are normal, others think you are a
                    nerd a geek, a cheap donot like them, they do
                    not like you.  You call them names, they call you names.
                    So you think you are better, they think they are better.
                    You think they are idiots, they think you are a dumbass.
                    Everyone's got an opinion, everyone's got his/her own
                    preferrence.  Anyway, you can buy after market fog lights
                    and have them installed elsewhere, most of the time, you can
                    have it cheaper than the dealer...Dealers always try to rip
                    u off.
                    \_ You're absolutely right.  Everyone's titled to have
                       an opinion. (unPC stuff removed) But the fact
                       that even the Heurestic Squelch took out an entire
                       page for a rice racer parity shows you how totally
                       stupid the concept is.
                 \_ So as long as there's a worse racial epithet any lesser
                    one is ok to use?  I see....
                    \_ no, I'm just saying that "riceboy" is a fairly lame
                       insult. It was as if a four year old said "you're
                       stupid".  You just don't give a damn.
                       \_ Die pre-schooler!!!
                \_ I'm chinese, and I use the term 'riceboy' quite liberally.
                   I frankly don't understand this counterculture.
                 \_ Males in Hong Kong and Taiwan don't even do stuff like
                  this. AFAIK this is a North American Asian thing only.
                   \_these mods are quite the rage here in japan, tho -vann
        \_ fog lights are VERY effective for annoying the shit out of other
           drivers. that and those blue tinted lights, white brake lights,
           and those other modifications that make your engine louder.
        \_ If the fog gets so thick you need special lights, maybe you
           shouldn't be out on the road?  Don't forget driving isn't just
           about not hitting the other guy, it's about not getting hit and
           the guy who slams into your trunk will crush in your rear no matter
           what kind of lights you have on the front.
1999/2/16-17 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:15419 Activity:moderate
2/15    I'm thinking of buying a Roof Rack. Which brand is better, Yakima or
        Thule? Which lasts longer, easier to mount/unmount, and have good
        accessories? THANKS!
        \_ yakima uber alles
        \_ Yakima seems to have better accesories support.  That's why
           I ended up buying one.  And a round bar looks better than a
           square one, IMHO.  Only complaint -- wind noise, but I'm sure
           every rack has that problem.  -nev
        \_ Yakima is very easy to install (the foot and clip come in one piece)
           and the bar is 30% thinner than Thule, which makes the door fit
           better. Yakima is a lot more aerodynamic. However, it is slightly
           more expensive ($15 more for the system). Thule is bigger, stronger,
           and cheaper (typical Ameri-Swede engineering). Yakima is smaller,
           looks better, works better, installs better, but more expensive
           (typical Japanese engineering).
           \_ try Yakima, Washington engineering though the actual
              company is in California
           \_ many pro. cycling teams use yakima.  one team car fell off
              a cliff with yakima rack full of bikes.  car was totalled.
              rack was put on another car with bikes and they went on their way
                \_ I find it funny that a lot of environmentalists and
                   ultra left-wing bike Nazis at SF want everyone to ride
                   bikes instead of drive, when they themselves use cars to
                   transport their bikes. Godamn Mass Hypocrit
                   \_ i doubt many of the "left-wing bike Nazis" use cars to
                      transport their bikes.  these people actually use their
                      bikes as transportation.  it's mostly the people who
                      bike for sport, not lifestyle, who feel the need to use
                      cars to transoprt their bikes elsewhere.  however, there
                      isn't really anything hypocritical about using a car to
                      car to take your bike somewhere far away to ride.  not
                      many of those "bike Nazis" would argue that you shouldn't
                      be allowed to go anywhere that you can't bike the whole
                      way to...
                   \_ The term "bike nazi" is kind of like calling peaceniks
                      the orchestrators of the holocaust.  The history of the
                      forced dependency upon the autombile is intimately
                      related to fascism and the two World Wars.  Car Nazi
                      is a more appropriate term for *anyone* who drives a car.
                      \_ Can you explain more on how dependency was forced.
                         I've never heard of such a thing.  Thx.
                      \_ Uhm.. what the fuck are you talking about?  What does
                         it take to get into that state of mind and how do I
                         get some?
                         \_ Read a book sometime. Start with _City_of_Quartz_
                            by Mike Davis.
1999/2/16-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15420 Activity:moderate
2/15    Windows Refund Day was fun, though it did not produce any refunds.
        You can see just what Microsoft had to say to us at
        and various press coverage and such, as it develops, at
        Microsoft carefully declined to answer our questions on how to get the
        OEMs to follow its license agreement and provide refuns.  -- schoen
        \_ yeah, that was fun. My co-worker showed me my picture on the
          front page of the business section of the Chronicle. --vchang
        \_ what kind of bullshit is "PCs sold with Windows preinstalled are
           optimized for the Windows operating system by the PC maker to
           guarantee the best customer experience. " How dumb do they think
           linux users are.
           \_ The question is how dumb they expect the AVERAGE consumer is.
        \_ Is my interpretation of the first url skewed, or are they
           basically saying that the OS is an integral part of the
           computer, not a separate component?  -John
           \_ It's just from the marketting noise department.  Has nothing to
              do with linux folks and everything to do with getting a chance
              to get the press to pass this crap along to the public.
           \_ It's probably what they ARE trying to say... MS tried to
              argue that Win95 ran slower without IE pre-installed and
              thus it was an integral part of the OS that couldn't be
              removed. They don't think the Linux users are dumb, they
              just think there are too few of them to count. -bz
              \_ Of course Win95 can't function without IE. It's a lot like
                 how a car can't function without its 10 disc changer or
                 how a commercial jet can't function properly without its
                 big screen projector. What were those DoJ people thinking.
1999/2/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:15421 Activity:moderate
2/15    Did /csua/bin/motdedit ever work?
        \_ It was never very well written, and doesn't work at all with
           editors (like vi) that lock the file they're editing.  Even if
           motdedit did work, there would be no reason to use it with vi,
           since vi already does everything motdedit tries to do.
        \_ I'm using it right now.  I'm not exactly sure how it's different
           from regular emacs though.
1999/2/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:15422 Activity:very high
2/15    Does anyone find something wrong with these directions?  I got a flat
        tire and the instruction manual said to lower the car jack first
        before screwing in the bolts after replacing the tire with a spare.
        Wouldn't that cause the spare tire to be unevenly bolted in or does
        that not matter?
        \_ OH MY GOD. This must be from a Soda female. All the females, when
                                          \_ Sexist twerp
           stranded or have problems, go to the instruction manual and start
           following the directions, step by step. No wonder there aren't many
           female mechanics, cuz they're simply mechanically challenged.
                        \_ So you automatically knew to lower the tire?
           \_ OH MY GOD.  This must be from a Soda male.  Only soda males can
              be such jerks.  -- another Soda male.
        \_ The instructions are correct. You don't want to tighten the
           nuts while the car is on the jack. That's dangerous! Tighten
           them by hand first and then lower the jack before tightening
           them well. --dim
           \_ Why would it be dangerous? Intuitively, it seems more
              reasonable to do it while the car is off the ground so the
              wheel won't be crooked when you tighten the bolts.
                \-you shake the car.
                   \_ You shake your bootie!
                      \_ You shake after you whizz...
        \_ You always need to put on and off the bolts while the wheel is
           touching the ground.  Otherwise, you can't torque the bolts well
           as the wheel will spin, OR, you may knock the car off the jack.
           Dim is correct.  Put the wheel on, and hand tighten the bolts,
           which will keep the wheel aligned, THEN lower the car and torque
           the bolts.  -nweaver
           \_ Exactly -- use only non-wrench force while the car is
              precariously propped up on the jack. Also, consider
              tightening the bolts again after driving a short
              distance on the new wheel.
        \_ Just ride bikes!
                \_ Fucking idiot.
1999/2/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:15423 Activity:nil
2/15    Strange, more just core dumped on me. I didn't think a program that
        simple and primitive could do that.
        \_ FreeBSD "more" is really a hacked copy of an old version of less.
           Have a look at /usr/src/usr.bin/more.
1999/2/16-17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15424 Activity:high
2/16    What's  good non-BS-sounding response to an employer's "tell me
        about yourself" type question?
        \- I have a gun.
        \_ uh, telling him about yourself?  -tom
        \_ It's not a trick question.  Just give a quick, non-boring
           bio of yourself, and if you can, make it relevant to the job you
           are applying for.  -ax
        \_ I was on campus on friday recruiting and interviewing.  My
           suggestion for you is to have a better attitude about the process.
           It's not a B.S. question.  It's a way of figuring out if a
           candidate can speak fluent english and communicate.  I would care
           less if you kicked ass in all of hilfinger's projects or that
           you can code 5000 lines a day.  If you have no social skills,
           cannot work in a team, cannot communicate your ideas, cannot speak
           fluent english, I will not hire you.  Period.  It's that simple.
           I don't hire assholes with high IQs.  You would drag the whole
           team down with your attitude.  I would rather hire somebody who
           is not as smart but works hard and is a team player.  Not afraid to
           seek help and not snobbish about offering help.
           \_ Darn, then you would really heir me. what's the job description?
           \_ From my experience, this is pretty much true. The interviews
              I've gone through where you go through 4-5 people, at least
              one person does almost exclusively non-technical stuff, such
              as your hobbies, how you handle conflict, and finding out
              your demeanor.
              \_ can you retype this last sentance so that the first bit
                 actually merges into the last bit and makes sense?
           \_ IMHO:  That's a really poor question to ask in terms of
              provoking answers that will realistically determine
              interpersonal/cultural fit at an organization.  "Tell me about
              yourself" is just about the most general, vague question to ask,
              and any effective interviewer will know that vague questions
              you resolved it" or "Give me an example of..."  I think the issue
              at hand is more that the question itself is generic rather than
              about the candidate being a "non-team player."  And you should
              sign your name. --chris
              generate vague answers.  Better than that is to ask something
              behavior-based or like "Tell me about a time when...and how
              you resolved it" or "Give me an example of..."  The question
              _is_ a BS question...and the issue is not about the candidate
              not being a team player, which you have just naturally assumed
              as a recruiter.  And you should sign your name.  --chris
              \_ Am I the only one on the fucking motd that is getting a little
                 tired of chris's "How to be a corporate stooge" lectures.
                 Well, that's MYHO, anyway.
                \_ Pretty much.  I like the how-to-stooge lessons.
1999/2/16-17 [Recreation/Humor] UID:15425 Activity:moderate
2/16    this is the funniest shit I have ever heard, maybe: --maxmcc
        \_ a bad URL is the funniest?
           \_ evidently so...
1999/2/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15426 Activity:low
2/16    Can someone remind me what "Pegasus" was the code name for?  I
        received some mail that's sent from "Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v3.01a)".
        \_ Pegasus is an actual mail program.
           <DEAD><DEAD> -jives
           \_ Oh, I thought it was Pen Windows or WinPad or something.  Never
1999/2/16-17 [Transportation/Car, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:15427 Activity:high
2/16    Why did my post get deleted? Here it goes again:
        I just got a new car and I'd like to install a fog light bcuz it is
        cool man. Okay, now, the dealer wants to install it for $300 bucks.
        However, if I install it myself, it will only be $150. Here's my Q:
        Exactly how well do fog lights work (30% farther? 50% farther??), and
        how hard is it to install it yourself? I'm pretty good with wiring, but
        I've never taken apart car parts, panels, etc. THANKS MAN!!!
        \_ Um, I believe people already did answer it (and then misc. stuff)
           Don't think you'll get any more than that.
        \_ because it was flame-bait the first time, and still is.  asshole.
        \_ Why does this post remind me of kchang?
           \_ Because KCHANG IS BACK MAN. First person to figure out how
              he's posting to the motd gets to squish him (again).
1999/2/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:15428 Activity:nil
2/16    The O'Reilly book you always wanted
        \_ how do we get this into the top 100?
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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