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1999/2/9-10 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA] UID:15377 Activity:nil
2/8     Does the haas school do transcripts of commencement addresses?  I'm
        interested in what Andy Grove said at the MBA commencement a couple
        of years ago.  Thanks.
        \_ I don't think so, but they have been videotaping the recent
           commencement ceremonies. -- yumin (Haas '96)
1999/2/9 [Science/Biology] UID:15378 Activity:nil
2/8     Last night's PBS educational program shows that in order for species
        to survive, they must have a wide range of bio-diversity. The male
        specie usually try to spread their "seed" as far as possible, and as
        diverse as possible. Could this explain Asian Fetishness (creating
        genetic diversity) and high rate of marriage/divorse (genetic volume)?
        \_ Human beings do the same thing that any other species do, but at a
           much longer extended time.
        \_ fool. It has more to do with "obedient asian women" stereotypes,
           and being sick of putting up with white bitch feminazi crap.
1999/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15379 Activity:nil
2/8     What happened to the CSUA programming contest? If you guys
        do it again, can you make it not so hard.
                     \_ that's what she said
        \_ it has languished due to nobody running it. Anyone? -jones
1999/2/9-10 [Transportation/Car] UID:15380 Activity:nil
2/8     I am going to Europe for 3 months (or more) and want to store my car.
        Where's the good place round here that stores only cars and such (not
        U-Haul or Public Storage)?
1999/2/9-10 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:15381 Activity:kinda low
2/8     Last year I applied for CMU graduate school. Just today, a professor
        left me a message and wanted to talk. Do people call professors in the
        East Coast by their first name (like UCB) or last name? Thanks.
        \_ Congrats!  I don't know the answer, but if I were you, I'd play
           safe and call him "Professor <last name>".  -- yuen
                \_ Whoah whoah, don't congratulate me yet! As far as I'm
                   concerned, he could be making a rejection call. I know, bcuz
                   for undergrad, I actually got a rejection call instead of a
                   small envelope.                      -industry sux person
        \_ Last name, until you actually go there and are in their research
           \_ Title and last name, until they ask you to address them
              otherwise -kube
1999/2/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:15382 Activity:nil
2/8     Cisco Systems Infosession Thursday 11 Feb from 7-9 PM in the
        Wozniak Lounge. We'll be giving a brief presentation and
        answering questions, along with having a raffle for Cisco
        7500 router. Pizza and Beer afterwards.  Show up and bring your
        resumes. ----ranga <>
1999/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15383 Activity:low
2/9     What's the standard Unix way to multithread programs in C?
        \_ The most portable way is POSIX threads; see pthread(3) or
           pthreads(3), depending on your system.
           \_ If you are interested in NT portability in the future,
              I would suggest using ACE:


              I know its not C, but it does give you a high level
              of portability.
                \_ so does perl
                   \_ I have not seen any thread functions in perl.
                      What module are you using?
                        \_ use Thread;  (surprise surprise)  -tom
                \_ NT is POSIX and supports pthread.
                   \_ Do you live in Redmond? The POSIX subsystem in
                      NT is a joke. The performance penalty for using
                      it is worse than if you chose to use Java's
                      green threads.
1999/2/9-10 [Industry/Startup] UID:15384 Activity:very high
2/9     Hey, I got offered a position at a large consulting company
        as a manager.  They want to pay 120k.  Is that good?  How
        much do other managers at the big 5 make?  I graduated
        from Cal in '96.
        \_ i graduated from cal in '97 and i am already being paid 120k.
        \_ Damn, I think I need to be looking for a new job...
           \_ I dropped out from cal. The startup I was in was bought.
              I'm a millionaire.
                \_ furthermore, I have more money, so I am a better person
                   and a happier person. Money is everything.
                   \_ Well, I have wheelbarrows full of money and a
                      *HUGE* penis.  Chicks dig me.  So there.
                        \_ Ah, so you're an even better person. Congrats.
                      \_ You have a huge penis in a wheelbarrow? you're
                         some sicko.
                      \_ I have 5 sheets of acid.
        \_ I graduated from cal in '93 and I am still only making 80K. :-(
           \_ It's okay. This guy is going to hate his job and/or company
              really quickly. I hope it's not Arthur Andersen... --dim
           \_ Dammit, I'm running behind. need that yearly eval now...
           \_ 120k? 80k? 1M? Uh, time for me to look for a new job!
        \_ Congratulations!  That's an exceptional offer for *any* recent
           college grad -- so congrats whether or not you to decide to
           take it. --chris
        \_ Managers make that much in the Big5.  Do you really want to make the
           transition from individual contributorship to management?  It's
           a tough ride (get some training), and being a manager isn't all
           that fun, either.  You have to take it from both ends, and keep
           your sanity all at once.  And...your glory is not really your
           own...but something you receive vicariously through your staff.
1999/2/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:15385 Activity:nil
2/9     motd restored from nukeage.
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