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1999/2/8-10 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:15370 Activity:very high
2/7     I'm looking to purchase a laptop in the next 3 months. Something like:
        PII 233 || AMD K6, >=64MB RAM, >=4GB drive, >=13.3" active
        matrix, V.90 modem, Fast Ethernet, >=CD, etc. The closest
        thing I can find is the Quantex T-1330 with a PII266 for
        $1899. I'm pretty much looking for a good deal (I'm open to
        clearance stuff). i.e. a store that can exclude a copy of
        Windows would be cool since I have my own licensed
        copies. Anyone recommend any other value packed brands and/or
        stores? Thanks. -slow

        I just got a IBM thinkpad 1450 (the midlevel i-series) with Pentium266
        64MB ram, 13.3" TFT (awesome) fast CDrom, modem, and incredible
        wuality for only $1799...I also installed RedHad in a mere 30
        minutes on the boot-from CD BIOS option, and highly recommend this
        laptop. Get and IBM, they are great, tough, fast, blah blah ginger.
\_ i am a troll. delete me.

        consider it done.  - tom
        \_ tom can delete trolls.  too bad trolls can't delete tom.
          \_ He's just afraid of anything he can't easily attack on a personal
        \_ which part of PII did you mistype or not understand?
           \_ PII = larger chip = more heat dissipation + more power
              consumption = less battery life + a computer that gets really
              hot because all laptops have crappy fans.  And I'm pretty sure
              that, unlike Quantex (or whatever you call it), IBM actually
              does a decent job in designing their I/O subsystem which would
              mean faster speeds.
           \_ ok, so why don't you look up the AMD specfpu or specint!
              if you want a piece of crap get a "Quantex"
              \_ I wonder why original person didn't say K6-2, but the fact
                 remains that your suggestion wasn't "up to spec".  Actual
                 SPECint95/fp95 measurements aren't generally done on
                 laptops, so I'm actually curious how they compare.
                 Further research shows no K6 or K6-2 CPU95 results posted
                 at <DEAD><DEAD>; PII/Pentium ~= 1.6 in CINT95 ratings, at
                 equal clockspeeds.  --tsang
                 \_ Hm, SPECint95 has got to be out of date by now.  Every
                    3 years, chip makers find some devious way to trick
                    the latest version of those benchmarks so every 3 years
                    they have to come up with a whole new set of tests.
                    I wonder where SPEC98 or 99 is.
                    \_ in progress.  You can ask IBM's technical rep
                       ( to SPEC...  --tsang
        \_ Toshiba 8000 or 7000
        \_ Isn't the PII a 25 watt chip? If you don't want the
                flaming laptop of death, it might be better to go with a
                CPU that runs cooler.
                \_ or one that doesn't suck up your lithium battery in 5 min.
                \_ I understand the newest PII takes less power than Pentia.
                   But, just to be annoying... go PowerPC G3/G4.  --tsang
        \_ Even the P233MMX-equipped TP770 makes for a rather
           warmer lap than usually desirable.
1999/2/8-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15371 Activity:nil 58%like:15266 52%like:15343 77%like:15351 58%like:15736
02/01   CSUA Politburo Meeting: This Thurs. Feb. 11th, 7:00pm, 337 Soda
1999/2/8-10 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:15372 Activity:high
02/08   Berkeley Critical Mass this Friday Feb. 12 -- rain or shine --
        Gather 5:30 to ride at 6 PM from the downtown Berkeley BART
        \_ Will Critical Mass ever lobby the City of Berkeley or the
           County of Alameda or the appropriate governmental body
           for better paving of roads? --Jon
           \_ No, they won't, because cars would also benefit from such
              an improvement.  --sky
              \_ Oh, that's right, Critical Mass is composed of a bunch
                 of idiots, like Jason Meggs. --Jon
          \_ Well, see, Critical Mass is a bicycle the extent that
            it makes bicycles visible, it lobbies for just about anything
            bicycle-related...but other groups such as BFBC and BCLU lobby
            for better paving  on major bicycle routes (which is only fair as
            bicyclists subsidize repaving and suffer more for poor paving--
            the primary reason roads go to hell is heavy vehicles, and the
            pavement comes from general funds).  --idiot Meggs
            \_ California is building roads faster than they can be fixed.
        \_Sixth Birthday party in March!  (March 12th, 1999)
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15373 Activity:nil
2/8     In WinNT, what's the difference between cmd.exe and  Thx.
        \_ cmd.exe is a Win32 program and supports minimal extended features;
           do a cmd /? for more info. I believe in NT is a DOS
           program. -slow
           \_ whereas "" *IS* DOS, if you boot from it.
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15374 Activity:low
2/8     RIP my #1 whiteboy, my Ace, Malcom Russell Hart.  Maybe someone
        can explain to me God's plan on this one.  --maxmcc
        \_ Who?
           \_ Cal student killed in an avalanche; see the Daily Cal
        \_ No, but maybe you can make a memorial web page so other people
           can find out about him.
                \_ That is a good idea.  I am no web designer, but I will
                   put up some stuff, and try to scan some pictures later
                   today or tomorrow.  It will be at
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/Domains] UID:15375 Activity:low
2/8     Can anyone recommend a good & cheap web hosting provider to park domain
        names?  All I want to do is have a page up for a domain name, don't need
        a lot of disk or cgi access. Thanks. --shieh
        \_ My provider is only like 8$/mo and 25megs. decent support.
        \_ Avoid autobahn.  They're too cheap & stupid to know what a tape
           drive is used for.
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/Domains] UID:15376 Activity:low
2/8     Does anyone have any experience dealing with internic in a non-email
        way from Fall 1996-Spring 1997?  Specifically domain name transfers,
        but other things would be useful too.  - seidl
        \_ Internic is STUPID & INCOMPETENT and its employees need2B sodomized
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