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1999/2/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:15362 Activity:insanely high
2/4     This is not a troll/flame bait... I'm just too embarrased to ask this
        in person. If Orthotricycline and other "pills" are 99.9% effective,
        does that mean it is 99.9% effective when you shoot "it" in,
        or 99.9% effective when you pull out?
                        \_ No.  Means, over a year, 0.1% of the couples using
                           this contraceptive will get pregnant.
                           \_ So it means over a period of say 30 years,
                              approx. 3% of the couples will get pregnant,
                              right?  I hope it can be lower.
                              \_ You want lower that that for the long
                                 of a time one of you should go under the
                           \_ But shouldn't that percentage also depend on how
                              many times the average couple do it in one year?
                              What's the average number of times then?
        \_ Your asking for sex advice on soda?  pwahahaahah.
          \_ send all bug reports on the new linux kernel to
           \_ You're ignorance is showing.
                        \_ Not as badly as YOUR ignorance of English.
                           \_ Your irony is lacking.
                           \_ Your stupid, you know that?
              \_  Oh I'm sorry.  I forgot that most sodans are geeks by day
                  and major studs by night.
                \_ Like from the movie, geeks only think about sex.
        \_ 99.9% effective when you come inside her. That is the great
        thing about oral contraceptives, you can come in her all you
        want, and she will not get pregnant. Of course, if you are like me,
           \_ if you have sex 1000 times, on average she will get
                 pregnant once.
                        \_ No.  Means, over a year, 0.1% of the couples using
                           this contraceptive will get pregnant.
        and have been spoiled by women who use oral contraceptives,
        you can never go back to using condoms. Such is life.
           \_ So how do you convince your wife to switch to the pill? thanks
              \_ convince her that all those health warnings are lies,
                        \_ If you smoke, the pill kills.  Otherwise it's
                           \_ Um, the cigarette part of that combination
                              is sort of unhealthy as well.
                           a tossup if it kills more than abortions/childbirth
                           caused by not using the pill, and some women lowers
                           risk of cancer.
                           \_ It isn't a tossup.  The pill is by far the
                              safest way to have sex.  A failed condom which
                              causes a pregnancy which causes health problems
                              is more likely than similar health problems from
                              the pill.  The figures are available from
                              Planned Parenthood (and probably elsewhere).
                 and she didn't want children any time soon.
                 It can take months to wear off, and there are different
                 kinds of pills. Some may work well, while others might
                 have side effects.
                 Oh, and also convince her that she would LOVE to spend
                 an hour getting squick out of her insides.
                 \_ Ah yes, the angry tone of a woman who had sex with someone
                    she shouldn't have.  Obviously it was his fault that sex
                    is yucky and dangerous.  Men are evil, etc, etc.
        \_ and if yer a stud you'd pull out just like the porn stars do
            \_ Yeah and all the porn whores are on the pill.
        \_ so what is the .1% measuring?  yearly chance she becomes pregnnt
           anyway, or chance each time?
           \_ Yearly % as an average over some number of couples. --dim
           \_ the people who lie and say they used it right, when they didn't.
                \_ BINGO!  There is no proof whatsoever that the pill has
                   _ever_ failed a couple who actually _used_ it.  Using it
                   when she feels like it or remembers doesn't count.
                   Dropping the extra pills in the toilet or simply lying to
                   her dumb bf/husband b/c she wanted to stick him with a kid
                   doesn't count either.
                   \_ You are a moron.
        \_ Troll replies deleted. Thanks for the answer!
           \_idiot. You deleted some important non-troll ones. Go read
             the link below that someone thoughfully provided.
1999/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15363 Activity:high
2/4     See your favorite Sodan on BTV-25 tonight..8-9 PM..
        Watch a car get flipped down Telegraph..
        \_ Phil isn't real, so he can't be on TV.  -John
                \_ Lying back turtle neck wearing Euroweenie trash!  Phil
                \_ Lying, black turtle neck wearing, Euroweenie trash!  Phil
                   does too exist!  I've run his code!  I've seen his motd
                   posts!  I know people he's talked to!  -philfan
        \_ Tom's on TV! WOW!
                \_ One more reason to not watch TV.
1999/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15364 Activity:nil
2/4     I hate it when my friends become successful             -morrisey
1999/2/5-6 [Consumer/Audio] UID:15365 Activity:high
2/5     Hi, I'm looking for a decent mp3 search engine or site that does not
        suck. is a joke.  Almost all the links are broken.
        \_ Try <DEAD><DEAD>, though it might just be as bad.
        \_ I've always been partial to
        \_ You can also look at
           \_ I just tried all of them.  They all suck.  I'm very disappointed
              at all this.  I thought, hey, I'll download some music and play
              it on my PC.  But no, I can't get anything because all the sites
              are all down or busy.  Shit, even warez is not this hard to
        \_ Hey tom, aren't you going to lecture us about Fair Use?
        \_ stealing music is just as reprehensible as stealing software. -tom
           \_ also reprehensible is the idea that only pirated music is
              available in mp3 format.  there are plenty of artists out there
              releasing quality, freely distributable mp3 tracks.
                \_ Those are not the ones which the bozo above is having
                   difficulty finding.  -tom
           \_ Taking from the poor, giving to the rich is not.  Making
              huge profit through laws that protect the vested and entrenched
              interest of the legit racketeers is not.  Well, guess I am
              talking to the wrong crowd.
                \_ spoken like an SOB without a creative spark in him whose
                        only recourse is to steal from those who try to
                        provide enjoyment to others and make a living at
                        the same time.
                   \_As I wrote, I was talking to the wrong crowd.
                        \_ I believe you wanted a bunch of selfish,
                                black-wearing goths who have no respect
                                for anyone but themselves.
           \_ MUSIC WANTS TO BE FREE.
        \_ Question of legality. Lets say you bought a CD and then either a
           lost it or the darn thing was stolen. Is it still okay to download
           mp3 of the tracks from that cd or is this illegal? From what I can
           deduce I think it is alright, but perhaps I am wrong. Just
           wondering --marc
           \_ Probably fair use.  No case law yet, of course. -tom
              \_ That is illegal.  Tom is incorrect.
        \_ Mp3s are used extensively by people to 'preview' music. As such,
           they're very useful, particularly if what you're looking for is
           only available on expensive import. If this something is also rare
           and out of print, Mp3s are VERY useful. As for ripping artists off,
           know your math: the publisher stands to lose the most in the music
           food chain, the artist the least.
                \-how many apples does it take to make apple pie is not a
                math question. --psb
                \_ yeah I hear Madonna lives in a 2-room shack in East
                   Oakland because she's so poor.
                        \_ she doesn't, and that's why Mp3s won't hurt her
                \_ psb troll removed.
1999/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15366 Activity:nil
2/4     [idiotic morrisey drivel deleted]
1999/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15367 Activity:nil
2/5     Everything from before 2/3 purged.  Old crap removed.
1999/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:15368 Activity:nil
2/5     Industry is full of smart (AND WEALTHY) people.
        \_ Can you make your flame bait at least interesting?
        \_ And I am one of them.
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