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1999/2/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:15348 Activity:nil
2/2     Hello, a while ago I asked about volunteer opportunities around
        the bay area.  I have found a site that has an extensive list of
        volunteer opportunities.
1999/2/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15349 Activity:nil
2/2     Has anyone had luck with foreign language text translation?
        Should I stick to babelfish or is there software that is
        a bit better than "Yo quiero Taco Bell" = "I want I mark bell"?
        \_ Doubt it.  "Taco" is used many different ways in different
           dialects.  In Chile I heard it used as high-heel, and as a
           traffic jam, but never as something you eat. Regional
           dialects will always be a pain for translators (human or
           otherwise) --emarkp
           \_ Yo quiero taconera.
1999/2/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:15350 Activity:nil
2/2     Earlier someone said something about Friday night swing dancing
        at Hearst Gym.  Does anyone know the exact time and location?
        \_ /csua/pub/swing for maggie's email on the matter --pld
1999/2/3-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15351 Activity:nil 77%like:15371 70%like:16037
02/01   CSUA Politburo Meeting: This Thurs. Feb. 4th, 5:00pm, 337 Soda
1999/2/3-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:15352 Activity:high
2/3     I just got DSL connection at home and I have this comment: IT ROCKS!!!!
        Fuck 56K modem and ISDN. DSL ROCKS!!! DSL is faster, cheaper, and
        a whole lot better than ISDN. Idiots use ISDN. Smart people use DSL.
        \_ I live in Soda Hall lab, and I have this comment: IT ROCKS!!!
           Fuck DSL, camping in soda RULES!! Direct Internet connection is
           faster, cheaper, and a whole lot better than DSL! And I can also
           check out the chicks(however scarce) in the lab too! Beat that!
        \_ No, ISDN is not stupid for everyone.  We're just lucky to live
           within a reasonable distance from a local hub (I'm assuming
           you live in Berkeley).  Although, I'm sure DSL will become a
           bit more widespread than it is today.  In the mean time ISDN
           is still some people's only viable option.
        \_ That's what people used to say about cable modem until more and
           more people using them.
           \_ Difference being cable modems is and always has been a shared
              medium. DSL is dedicated.
              \_ Well, your connection to the telco is dedicated.  Whether
                 or not they allocate sufficient bandwidth for your subnet
                 block is another question...  --dbushong
                 \_ yeah, but the ATM VC to the DSL concentrator box is
                     dedicated (yeah, technically the ATM trunk between
                     the switch in the CO and the DSL concentrator is
                     shared too).  And the network gateways are ultimately
                     a shared resource as well.  Its just easier for cable
                     modem providers to oversubscribe than DSL providers. -ERic
        \_ Ah yes, those people who are screwed because they're not
           close enough to a main office to get DSL?  Sure, those people
           are stupid too.  Duhuh...
        \_ Please, can we all get along?
        \_ Nice, aaron!  Did you happen to mention how much rent you are
           paying to live 1 block from the PacBell substation?
                \_ aaron has $$$ (and Asian chicks). No problem for him.
                  \_ You're saying he trades in Asian chicks for DSL and rent?
        \_ Hey dude, whats the bandwidth that you see going to campus?
1999/2/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Computer/SW/Graphics, Consumer/TV] UID:15353 Activity:high
2/3     Is it legal to make a copy of a rented videotape (like one from
        blockbuster) for personal viewing at a later time? I rented a
        video and it came with some anti-copying system that made the copy
        all scrambled. I want a refund. Is that justified?
        \_ are both your bain cells firing today?
        \_ I'm wondering... are non-Cal students allowed access to CSUA,
           because I'm really really praying this is not a Cal student.
           \_ Whats wrong with the question?
              \_ it's incredibly asinine
                 \_ your assismine
                 \_ Actually it's just stupid.  There is no way to
                    scramble a copy.
                    \_ Are you sure? I remember reading about technology
                       that did just that. --dim
                    \_ Sure there is - many VCR's, especially dual-tape decks
                        detect a code on commercial videos and refuse to copy.
                        It is illegal after all.
                        \_ Um, there is a video signal out.  Plug that
                           into another VCR instead of your TV.  There,
                           you're done.
                           \_ twink
                           \_ if onlyt it were that simple. On commercial
                              videos they embed an anti-copy signal in the
                              vertical blanking interrupt. Newer vcr's see
                              that signal and refuse to write a useable copy
                              of the whole signal. -ERic
                              \_ Take CS150 with Fearing and you'll build
           \_ Does the word piracy mean anything to you?
                                 an NTSC signal reciever and you can write
                                 your own serial video capture software
                                 recording low quality video at .5 frame/sec
                \_ They'll enforce it on your ass if they catch you trying
                   to sell pirate videos.
                                 rate with no sound.
                              \_ How new is "newer"?
                    \_ Mainly this copy protection method works by modulating
                        the tracking so that the copy is all messed up.
                        The name escapes me at the moment...*vision* something.
                        But it sometimes will also interfere with playback,
                        which I assume you could get refunds for.
                        \_ Macrovision.
                        \_ Oh, and DVD's have this built in as well.
        \_ No, it's not legal.  However, that law is not enforced in
           any way, shape or form.  The video maker has every right to prevent
           you from copying the tape.  You can't get a refund.
        \_ Crime is a crime is a crime.  I suggest you report your loss of
           5 sheets of acid on your claim form the next time you get robbed.
                \-you know a friend's parent was involved [as an attorney]
        in a case where a man didnt pay a ho because there was no contract
        between him and the ho, becuase of the "against public policy" defense
        to contract formation. there is a lot of pretend-lawyering about the
        legality of collecting gambling debts too. --psb
        \_ "a friend's parent".  Sure.
                \_ pimps and bookies don't worry about legalities, they
                \_ Gee, thanks for the insight.
                just break your thumbs or legs. -jor
                \_ Gee, thanks for the innsight.
1999/2/3-5 [Computer/Domains] UID:15354 Activity:high
2/3     Can someone explain why Internic, with its domain name monopoly and
        shitload of revenue, now can't handle the volume of domain name
        registration? I've had to submit form multiple times just to get
        something done.
        \_ They're blaming it on domain speculators. -ERic
           \_ Domain spammers suck. Some folks get a big ol' list of domains,
              run whois on each, find the domains on hold, and automatically
              send off registration letters for every one it finds. 100,000
              domain registrations popping up in the queue could slow things
              down somewhat...
                \_ Gee, you'd think that $3.5 million in cash, which is what
                \_ Gee, you'd think thatte $3.5 million in cash, which is what
                   InterNIC would get if someone did this for 100,000 domains,
                   would be able to pay for more staff.  -tom
                   \_ problem is they generally don't pay for the domains, they
                      just register them and wait for the internic to bill.
                      When the internic puts the domain on hold for lack of pmt
                      then they just reregister it, and the cycle continues..
                    \_ They should just start banning people.  Like, you need
                       to sign up to get an InterNIC ID and then use that ID
                       to register names.  You pay for the ID.  You can lose
                       your ID for being an asshole.  End of story.  You can't
                       get your ID activated until payment clears and can't
                       have an ID "on hold".  Payment would be like $5 just to
                       generate paperwork and get info on these pricks.
           \_ Internic just can't handle the stress             -dom speculator
1999/2/3-5 [Science] UID:15355 Activity:nil
        Can I get one that plays mood music?
        \_ Black Magic Woman
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