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1999/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15332 Activity:low
2/1     Anyone know how to make lynx accept all cookies by default?
        \_ Replace the body of the function HTConfirmCookie in HTAlert.c
           with "return true"
        \_ I was hoping for a solution that didn't involve recompiling,
                but thanks anyway
                \_ Try -cookies as per the man page.  This wasn't that
                   difficult.  People, please use what God gave you.  Try
                   to make some minimal attempt before asking.
                   \_ But -cookies will _turn off_ all cookie handling, not
                      accept all cookies.  Won't it?
1999/2/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15333 Activity:very high
2/1     where is the html version of the motd, and if there isn't then can
        someone get on it? thanks. - anonymous lazy ass
        \_Hey, it's still 1/31, not 2/1
        \_<a href = ""motd</a>
        \_but html commands don't work =(
        \_ there is no such thing as an HTML command.
          \_ ok, but there's such a thing as a tight ass. it doesn't
           parse html in the motd
                \_ i don't see the need for such a capability.
                   if you feel differently, justify with examples. -jwang
                 \_ is the success of the internet a good example? html
                    clearly allows for more ways to experss oneself. http
                    addresses are often cited in the motd, alone. a
                   communally edited "daily" web page for csua would rock,
                    tho i suppose there's no "need" for one.
                    \_ Then stick a world writable file in your home.  The
                       last thing anyone wants is to be defacto required to
                       use a fucking browser to read a unix motd.  Sheesh.
                       And, btw, no, the internet is not a good example.
                       The WWW might be, though.  I encourage you to start
                       your own daily updates to your own files.
1999/2/1-5 [Uncategorized] UID:15334 Activity:nil
1/31    x11amp 0.9 for linux is here with a new GTK look. <DEAD><DEAD>
1999/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15335 Activity:kinda low
2/1     I found plenty of offline browsers for the PC at
        but NONE for unix.  Anybody know of an offline browser that d/ls
        an entire web site on your HD for solaris?
        \_ wget is your friend
1999/2/1-2 [Science/Space] UID:15336 Activity:very high
2/1     You know these geeky scientists you see on TV that work at NASA/JPL,
        cheering at that Roverbot thingie on Mars and shit? Just out of
        curiousity, how much do these scientists make?
        \_ Depends on the field, the project, and the position. Figure
           roughly $75,000 (new postdoc) to $120,000 (position with
           more responsibility). I think that's about what most professors
           make, but I'm not sure. These people aren't doing it for money,
           though. Most can make a lot more in industry. --dim
           \_ dim needs to be sodomized
              \_ Don't project your homosexual fantasies onto me please. --dim
           \_ are you on crack?  postdocs make WAY less that 75k.
              \_ Which one of us has a e-mail address? I know
                 what I'm talking about. Management gets screwed the most.
                 High level managers make $150,000 to MAYBE $200,000 if
                 you include the salary they also draw from CalTech. --dim
              \_ To dpetrou/nweaver/ali/grad students: If you guys are so
                 smart, WHY are you guys in school when you could already
                 be making motherloada $$$ ????
                 \_ ali is in industry
                        \_ Interval != industry -muchandr
                 \_ Maybe some smart people want to be in school because
                    they like it?
           \_ Man, these scientists are STUPID. I don't have a Phd and I'm
              already making 110K as a hot shot sys admin. I kick ass.
              \_ where? I think your lying.
                 \_ of course he's lying; he's got sysadmin ego syndrome.
        \_ scientist my butt, they're mostly community college grads/drop outs
           \_ how do you know?
1999/2/1-3 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:15337 Activity:very high
2/1     I'm looking for a terrorist organization to join so that I can become
        a rabid protransit freak and blow up BART so that it can be replaced
        by something decent.  Any suggestions?                  -lila
        \_ BAMN, CalPIRG, CSUA...
           \_ SAS, ASUC...
              \_ AUA, CSA, AAA...
                            \_ a-a-a-a!  -militant kirby
                                \_ urg nig!  rugga grf  -militant furby
        \_ BART needs a dozen RAF-style assaults. I am starting a cell.
           Muni is beyond salvation.
                \_ I'll join.  I have the whole unshaven militant eurotrash
                   terrorist thing going...  -John
        \_ You think BART's not decent?  Wait till you try Muni.  They *often*
           stop their trains 28 blocks away (20th Ave.) from the destination
           (48th Ave.) without any advance notice, and tell you to wait for
           the next train in an unlit neighborhood.
           \_ i was comparing BART to decent rail transit, not MUNI.  neither
              system is really decent, despite being a whole hell of a lot
              better than public transit in most places in this country.
        \_ It's better than anything they have down in L.A.
           \_ exactly...if you're from the west coast of the U.S., you
              probably wouldn't know a working transit system if it bit
              you in the ass.  that someone would even bother comparing
              one shitty pathetic california transit system to another
              illustrates this.
        \_ komiteh@csua is recruiting. please mail resume and references.
           admission is competitive, so please only apply if komiteh if you
           feel you will meet our rigorous selection criteria. -ali.
         \_ Where do I list giving oral sex in my resume;
                skills or objective? --monica l.
                \_ Interests.
                        \-Hobbies --psb
                                \_ Extracurricular activities.
                                   \_ Political activities.
                                      \_ profession
                                        \_ She didn't get paid.
                                           \_ She didn't get laid either.  "No
                                              pay, no lay."
        \_ Ha ha, ours works.  -John
1999/2/1-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15338 Activity:very high
2/1     Usually for two couples having a group wedding, how many bestmen are
        there?  It looks like I and a friend may get married on the same day
        and we both have the same bestman in mind.  Is it common to have
        only one bestman in a group wedding?
        \_ who cares?  do what you want.  -tom
           \_ tom needs to be sodomized
             \_ by yer mom.
           \_ I love reading tom's comments. Laughter is the best medicine.
        \_ in some cultures it is customary for the best man, if he is to be
           the same best man at both weddings, to father children with both
           maids of honor, as he has achieved the sole alpha male status.
           \_ You can't have a "group marraige" in California. The Christian
              lobby says marraige is "between one man and one woman."
              \_ Just Say No to government-sanctioned marriage
                \_ Marriage is a civil ceremony in this country.  Get real.
        \_ Group *wedding* not marriage.  Group weddings are pretty
           untraditional anyway, so you'd be breaking new ground.
           Definitely do what you want.  I personally think you should each
           have your own day, though.
        \_ You're going to _share_ your wedding?  Are you mad?  This has got
           to be the dumbest (ok, second dumbest) thing I've ever heard.  So
           you're saying this marriage doesn't mean anything more to you than
           a double date to McD's with fries on the side?
           \_ are the fries still dripping with hot grease?
           \_ The Moonies do it all the time.
                \-which side are you on? --psb
                        \_ Ours.  --Sun Myung Moon
                \_ Yup.  They do.  Thanks for making my point.
1999/2/1-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:15339 Activity:nil
2/1     Oh shoot, some junior university has the World's smallest web server.
        \_ Maybe the Post-PC people on this side will compete with them...
1999/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security, Recreation/Media] UID:15340 Activity:low
        At&t phone service over cable tv cables.
        \_ would you trust people who can't even keep up their own web site?
           and who can't promise a representative will get back to you
           sooner than "sometime in the next 24 hours"?
1999/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15341 Activity:high
2/1     finger
        finger: tawei: no such user
        \_ Is tawei currently under Soda's witness protection program?
         \_ Yes. "man finger" for information on how to join.
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