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1999/1/30-2/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15326 Activity:moderate
 1/30   Is there a way to prevent someone, or if it's easier an entire
        domain, from seeing your finger information if you're logged in or
        \_ ask root to disable fingerd.  its a stupid 'service' anyway.
        \_ What's the account that you want to exclude from?
        \_ from the finger manpage --
     If the file ``.nofinger'' exists in the user's home directory, finger be-
     haves as if the user in question does not exist.
        \_ I meant just a specific user, not blocking out everyone.
                \_ No, because you have no way of knowing where the finger
                   really comes from (many versions of finger allow
                   'forwarding' connections, i.e. 'finger joe@csua@uclink'
                   looks like it's coming from uclink, not the real user).
                   \_ This behavior is deprecated and may gradually start
                      to go away, though.  Some fancy fingerds like cfingerd
                      do what the original person asked for... and I think
                      GNU fingerd lets users change the output of fingering
                      their accounts.
1999/1/30-31 [Computer/HW, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:15327 Activity:nil
1/29    Anybody know if there are "ultra-slim" notebooks with a large 15"
        display?  I've looked at ultra lights from Sony and Dell but they all
        have like 11" displays.  I want an ultra-slim with a large display.
        \_ if you consider 1.4 inches thick "ultra-slim" then the HP Omnibook
                4100 is for you. The display is 14.1 inches. There is nothing
                that slim with a 15" screen as far as I know.
1999/1/30-2/1 [Consumer/Audio] UID:15328 Activity:kinda low
1/30    does anyone know how to tape record mp3s?  I can't figure out
        what to use as a connector between the headphones output on my laptop
        (which has my mp3s) to the microphone input on a boombox.
        \_ Record it to a WAV file first.  Then use MP3 encoder to convert
           WAV to MP3.  That's one way.  - nd
           WAV to MP3.  That's one way.  - ndi
           \_ I don't think he was talking about recording from a tape to
              generate an MP3.  I think he was talking about recording
              anything from his computer onto his boombox taperecorder in
              which case all you do is use a mini audio cable to Y RCA
              cable (unless the boombox also has a mini audio port.  In that
              case just get a mini-mini audio cable).
                \_ Or mini-RCA
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