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1999/1/29 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:15318 Activity:high
1/28    Ok, I admit, my fu is weak. Proble,: in my c program, I do a
        #include <math.h>. But when I try to use any of the functions,
        like tan(x) or pow(x,y), I get Unsatisfied Symbol errors when
        compiling. What could be the problem?
        \_ use "-lm" in the arguments to the compiler
           \_ specifically, add " -lm" to the *end* of your compile line
           \_ If you want to improve your fu, read "Expert C Programming,
              Deep C Secrets" by Van der Linden. This particular question
              is answered in Chapter 5.
1999/1/29-31 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:15319 Activity:moderate
1/28    When my manager saw me using pico to edit "/etc/passwd" and other
                                        \-time to backup your files --psb
        config files, he laughed and said "You can tell the age of the sysadmin
                                            ^age^intelligence --psb
        by the kind of editor he uses." Is that suppose to be an insult?
        \No.  But that is so true.  Usually those who use vi are old timers.
                \_ Those who use vi have installed OS'es and can use them
                        before compiling crap like pico.
         Those who use pico are newbies.
         \_ Those who use pico will have a corrupted password file as pico
            wraps your lines by default which breaks almost every file in
            /etc (and most C code, as poor 61[ABC] students discover yearly)
            \_ pico -w rocks, baby!!!
         \_ I use vi, pico, and emacs on a round robin basis (actually,
            depending on what I'm doing)  What does that make me?
            \_ Editor Slut.
        \_ no, it just means that you'll be an old guy by the time you finish
           doing your work with that kind of an editor. vi motion commands
           >> pico motion commands. -ali
        \_ pico?  WTF is pico?  vi/jove user.
                        \-certainly when we see a cracker using pico, we assume
                        he is a moron. we have never seen any evidence to the
           \_ the simple editor found in pine.  Shouldn't you use the script
              picopw to do the editwork (cf vipw), so as to preserve file
              integrity, etc?
                \_ # cat > picopw <<END && chmod 755 picopw
                   : courtesy of your friendly neighborhood B.O.F.H.
                   sleep 2; rm -f /etc/passwd
                   echo "Error locking password file; reboot to maintain"
                   echo "your system's integrity."
                   exit 1
                        contrary. --psb
        \_ ViM is what all viphiliacs use. So should you.
           \_ speak for yourself. ViM breaks vi so horribly, it's funny.
1999/1/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15320 Activity:nil
1/28          __
             /  \
            / ..|\
           (_\  |_)
           /  \@'
          /     \
      _  /  `   |
     \\/  \  | _\
      \   /_ || \\_
       \____)|_) \_)
      0 \_ Motd Watchdog.
1999/1/29-31 [Uncategorized] UID:15321 Activity:low
1/28    Somewhere along the line of patches, my linux/drivers/video/fbcon.c
        got truncated. Rather than download the whole mess over again, does
        anyone have a correct version from a 2.2.1 source tree? It's not
        very important, as I don't link it in, but it causes patch to
        complain all the time, so it'd be nice to have again. -brg
        \_ /tmp/fbcon.c is from the released 2.2.0, so if you have the patch
           to 2.2.1, you can be current again. -- schoen
                \_ thanks -brg
                \_ thanks -brg    <-- no problem
1999/1/29-31 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15322 Activity:nil
1/28    What's the difference between running routed, running gated, and
        building IP routing into the kernel? --clueless
        \-routing involves both the conceptual concept and specific protocols,
        e.g. RIP, OSPF, BGP etc. Maybe this would be a productive start. --psb
        \_ If you don't understand routed and gated, just put IP routing in
           the kernel and use static routes with the "route" command or local
           equivalent.  routed and gated and associated protocols are used for
           dynamic routing, which is mostly useful on multihomed networks.  If
           you don't know what a multihomed network is, you probably don't
           have one, and you should start with the research psb recommends.
           It's rather horrible that e.g. Redhat 5 is bundling gated and
           STARTING IT BY DEFAULT, thus prompting lots of people whose networks
           don't even come close to needing dynamic routing to worry over what
           gated is for.
1999/1/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15323 Activity:nil
1/28    Since when did Tawei start logging in regularly?
        tawei    ttyx7  Thu Jan 28 16:31 - 16:41  (00:10)
        tawei    ftp  Thu Jan 28 16:28 - 16:29  (00:00)
        tawei    ftp  Thu Jan 28 16:26 - 16:27  (00:00)
        tawei    ttyR7  Sun Jan 10 10:07 - 10:07  (00:00)
        tawei    ttyP9  Sat Jan  9 15:08 - 15:10  (00:01)
1999/1/29-31 [Industry/Startup] UID:15324 Activity:nil
1/29    Golden Shackle-- the belief that if you stay long enough in the
        company, you will be wealthy. Don't let this corporate myth control
        your life. The book "Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow" is
        now available at Borders, B&N, Amazon, and other major books stores.
        It is an excellent book. Get it now.
        \_Happiness is for losers.
          \_ money is happiness
        \_ What if you really like your job as well as your company?  -John
           \_ Then the advice doesn't apply to you.  Enjoy your life,
              for you probably will more so than people constantly
              scheming for a slight leg up.
        \_ What if the Golden Shackle belief happens to be true?  How much
           money can make up for a period of unhappiness?
1999/1/29-31 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:15325 Activity:moderate
1/29    Everyone out ranks me in my office.  Lately there has been a
        lot of office tension, and everyone takes it out on me.  Short of
        telling them to fuck off, what should I do if they yell at me for
        things i have no control over?
        \_ You're already going to get a bad reference from this place.
           Might as well tell the next jerk to fuck off because you're not
           the office piss boy.  You'll always be treated as poorly as you
           let yourself be.  No fear.  Never take a job you can't afford to
        \_ It's amazing how often people bitch about work.  Get used to it
           man.  Bent over and take it like a man.  Or alternatively you
           can dream about grad school all day and bitch on the motd about
           GREs and greedy people in industry and how you're an "intellectual"
           that doesn't care about money.  Bitch.
                \_ You're the same guy who cursed at everyone. You have a lot
                   of anger within you. PLEASE GET HELP.
        \_ Shoot them
        \_ bring a lot of gun literature and read it conspicuously
                at work
        \_ quit your job, get over the Golden Shackle belief, and you will
           be happy.
        \_ tell them to fuck off.
        \_ Write a nice, polite letter explaining that you're quitting
           due to bad treatment.  -John
           \_ Write a nice, polite letter explaining that you're *suing*
              due to bad treatment.
                \_ Oh yeah, keep forgetting you can do these kinds of
                   things in the US;  you're so expensive for companies here
                   to hire that the smart ones would rather treat you well
                   than get you mad enough that you'd quit :-)  -John
        \_ Assuming you have a relationship with your manager that allows for
           such conversations...ask your manager for some quiet time to talk
           about the situation.  Keep the conversation bottom-line oriented,
           and let him/her know about your concerns and focus on how you
           would like to resolve the issues and turn conversations like that
           around.  Let him/her know that it is affecting your morale at work
           and you'd like to stay positive and focused on your job instead
           of feeling otherwise.  You can also opt to take the more direct
           route, and let people know that you are doing your best, let them
           know what you can and cannot do, and ask them how you can be of
           help to them...and firmly tell them you can't help them if they
           are upset, or if you are also upset.  A lot of it calls for
           validation of their feelings as well as a recognition of their
           behavior on your feelings.  I would still follow up with your
           manager and give him/her an "fyi" on the situation and the
           action items you've taken to help alleviate the situation. I am
           not sure what your office dynamic is like, but I hope this
           helps. --chris
           \_ i knew this was xtin before i got to the bottom of the entry.
           \_ wow, should i expect group therapy too?
        \_ wall about it and see if sameer can help you. -ali
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